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Robert De Niro, Greg Kinnear and Rebecca Romijn are in talks to star in a new horror-thriller. The trio are set to appear in Godsend, which will be directed by Nick Hamm whose previous films include The Hole and Martha Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence. Godsend is about a couple (Kinnear and Romijn) whose son is accidentally shot. They enlist the help of a scientist (DeNiro) to try to bring their child back to life. Filming is expected to begin in November [2002, RRF] reports http://www.hollywoodreporter.com

FANGORIA caught up with Rebecca Romijn over the weekend, and she told us a little about her upcoming horror gig. "I have a movie coming out called GODSEND, where I play just a normal mom who has an 8-year-old son," says Romijn. "It's with Greg Kinnear and Robert De Niro. [My son] gets cloned by De Niro. I went straight from X2 to that. It was nice to go in and be with a small crew and learn everyone's names, not have to wear makeup and all of that."

Unlike most Hollywood stars, Romijn has no problem using the "h" word. "It's a thriller-horror movie," Romijn enthuses. "It's about cloning. It started out as science fiction and now it's just science non-fiction-reality." Distributor Lions Gate hasn't set a release date for GODSEND, from director Nick (THE HOLE) Hamm and writer Mark (THE NIGHT CALLER) Bomback, quite yet, though it is likely to hit theaters this fall.

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