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In 'Godsend', opening in theaters April 30, Rebecca Romijn and Greg Kinnear play loving parents who lose their eight-year-old son Adam (Cameron Bright) in a freak accident. Distraught and willing to do anything to bring their child back, they are approached by Dr. Richard Wells (De Niro), an expert in stem cell research, to clone their child. The couple enters a Faustian pact with Wells and, through an experimental -- and illegal -- process, Adam is reborn. But when the new child passes the eight-year mark -- the age when he first died -- the nightmares begin, and everyone must face the consequences and dark secrets behind the Godsend clinic.

"In an odd way I could understand the dilemma of the parents," De Niro tells ET. "If you really thought about it and you had that opportunity and you believed that it could happen, I think that it's very plausible."

For Rebecca Romijn, working on 'Godsend' was a welcome departure from the femme fatales and blue-skinned supervillains she's played onscreen to date.

"I got to play a mom, which is something I've never done before," says Rebecca, who added that working with acting legend De Niro was like going to "the most exciting school ever" every day and sometimes she had to pinch herself. "It was something different."

Transcript of the interview

Interviewer: First of all, tell me about this movie.

Rebecca Romijn: It is about a couple, played by myself and Greg Kinnear. We lose our eight year old son at the beginning of the movie and then Robert De Niro plays a doctor, who comes and clones our son for us and then we flash forward eight years, where the cloned son is now starting to have these strange, scary nightmares and we are not really sure what is going on with him.

Interviewer: What attracted you?

Rebecca Romijn: I went straight from X2, which was just this huge over the top production into that, which was a much smaller, a much smaller movie, where I didn’t again have to spent any time in the make up chair and I just got to play a mom, which is something I have never done before and off course I’m not a mom, so I…, you know, it was fun, trying to figure that out.

Interviewer: The fact that you are working with Greg Kinnear and Robert deNiro. Do you feel like you go to school every day on some level?

Rebecca Romijn: Well, yeah, in the most exciting school ever.

Interviewer: Really?

Rebecca Romijn: When you are working with great people, you know, it is such a nice experience cause they really automatically bring you up and you can sort of sponge off of them.

Interviewer: Are you want to become intimidated by someone like DeNiro?

Rebecca Romijn: A little bit, you pinch yourself, like the full first several days that we were together, like my God, it is really him.

Interviewer: There is a double in here.

Rebecca Romijn: Right. He is such a great guy, you know. Mellow and low key.

Interviewer: But how does he unarm that? How does he take that away? He knows when he walks into a room, people go, Oh my God, that is Robert DeNiro.

Rebecca Romijn: Sure and I think people don’t quite know what to say to him, but he is really low key, really mellow, laughs a lot and I like to laugh a lot, so we had a really good time. He is real, he likes to hug, at the end of the day he goes and hugs everyone. He is a really sweet guy.

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