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Rebecca Romijn spends her down time taking hikes with her dogs. "That's what I do whenever I have free time, I hike with the dogs," says the model-turned-actress in an interview as she's cuddling up to her new toy poodle, Better. "I have two German shepherds at home and I hike with them in the mornings. And I do Pilates."

She adores her dogs, and now, after doing the movie Godsend -- a thriller about cloning -- she wonders if she'd ever do that if she had the chance. "I have an 11-year-old German shepherd at home and he's the love of my life. It breaks my heart to think about losing him and if I cloned him would it really be the same dog? It's almost like it's a simpler version of the original. It doesn't seem right yet -- it's a little scary."

Godsend is a scary tale of a couple (Romijn and Greg Kinnear) raising a young son in the city. When he is killed in an accident and a mysterious doctor (Robert DeNiro) offers them the chance to replace him, they move to the country to raise a clone of the boy. The results are horrifying. But that hasn't stopped the actress from wanting children of her own. "I would like to have children within the next four or five years, certainly," the actress says. Recently, however, she and her husband, actor John Stamos, announced they are separating after five years of marriage. Emotionally unable to talk much about the break-up, the actress continues to give interviews promoting Godsend and her other recent film The Punisher, which she appears in with John Travolta and Tom Jane.

Despite her marital woes, Romijn still contemplates being a mom. She plans to take a year off from acting when she has a child, and isn't worried about losing the baby fat. "I've done Pilates for a long time and I eat really well so I'm not concerned with that. The human body is a pretty amazing thing and pretty adaptable," she says.

"I doubt that I'll ever be a mother of a cloned child, and certainly hope I won't be. I don't have a child and I can't imagine how painful it would be if I did lose one," Romijn says. She understands why her character decides to clone her child and becomes super-protective. "She goes into protective lioness mode, full of denial."

The actress has developed ideas about cloning. "It's far from being a perfect science and certainly this movie touches upon that idea," she says. "I don't think the idea of cloning human beings is a very good idea, but we met this doctor when working on this movie who's working on cloning organs and he's getting really close, and I think that's great for health reasons."

A bit nervous about working with De Niro at first, Romijn says she found him friendly. "He's real huggy," she says. "He wants to hug everyone at the end of the day. He's not perfect. We'd have a couple afternoons where we'd be losing the light and only had a few minutes to get the last shot and it was his shot. With that much pressure sometimes you lose it and fall into that conniption fit-type laughter. He did that a couple of times. Greg and I would do it sometimes and feel very unprofessional so when he'd do it, we'd be like 'Whew.' That was good to see that even he does it."

Romijn says her roles in Godsend and Punisher are different aspects of her own personality, but mostly she likes the similarities of the characters. "It was nice to play a really soft, normal girl for a change for both characters and ... (not) have to sit in the makeup chair especially coming off the X-Men movies and Femme Fatale and these over-stylized, kick-a--, slick action girls."

She's looking forward to recreating the blue-skinned character Mystique for the third X-Men film, but hasn't yet seen a script. "I'm dreading the makeup part but nothing else."

Original article: Houston Chronicle

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