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When we meet Romijn, it's just days before the announcement that she's separated from her husband of five years, John Stamos. She says she's cross-eyed (though not literally, unless we were too focused on the slip-thing to notice) from talking so much about her latest projects. She was game to soldier on, though, extolling the value of conniption fits, the wisdom she gleaned from "Godsend" ' co-star Robert DeNiro and why we should all avoid small children with bad haircuts.

Question: These two movies you're in ... they raise a lot of questions.
Rebecca Romijn: Please, not the cloning thing again.

Question: No, no. Well, first off, you have that childbirth scene in "Godsend" ' and I've always wondered where they get those newborns. Does somebody send them over from the hospital?
Rebecca Romijn: Those were triplets. They were like 3 1/2 weeks old. They put strawberry jam all over them to make them look like they just came out of the oven.

Question: Strawberry jam? You're kidding.
Rebecca Romijn: No. It made me want to ask for some toast and butter.

Question: Next question: Why do all the evil kids in movies -- like the boy in "Godsend" ' -- have bad haircuts?
Rebecca Romijn: There's nothing scarier than a bad haircut.

Question: That's where the evil comes from, don't you think?
Rebecca Romijn: From bad haircuts? It starts there. I feel pretty evil if I get a bad haircut.

Original article: U Daily News, April 20, 2004

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