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Godsend seems to be straight out of a Stephen King novel, as it tells the story of parents (Romijn and Greg Kinnear) dealing with the untimely death of their eight-year old son. A doctor (Robert De Niro) clones the son, who becomes a menacing young boy. "It's scary and there are a lot of thrilling moments," says Romijn. It also deals with the very current issue of cloning: "When we started the movie we were like, Are we really going to address the ethical question of cloning? We kind of do, but in the end it's just a movie. Also, while we were doing the movie, that weird group the Raelians claimed to have actually cloned a human being. But it's just sci-fi at this point."

Scientific implications aside, it was also a fun movie to make with co-stars such as De Niro and Kinnear. "De Niro is a really low-key, sweet guy with a great sense of humor," Romijn says. "He made me laugh all the time, which is my favorite thing to do." And after shooting X2, it was a relief to be on a smaller set: "X2 was such a huge, over-the-top production with hundreds and hundreds of people whose names I never ever learned. This was a much smaller movie with a crew of 40 and I actually got to know everyone. I did good, honest work every day without having to worry about nine hours of makeup."

Makeup seems to be a huge point of contention for Romijn, who had to endure countless hours of body paint and sillicone in order to transform herself into Mystique for the X-Men movies. In fact, it was a recurring theme throughout our interview. So working on Godsend was a breeze for Romijn.

"I didn't have to wear any makeup," she says. "My hair and makeup went faster that the guys'. My biggest challenge came in trying to sell myself as a mom, but it was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. It felt pretty good."

Original article: Vegas Magazine 4/2004

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