Simone Information


Cast: Stanley Anderson. Derrex Brady, Chris Coppola, Tony Crane (Lenny), Catherine Keener (Elaine), Jay Mohr, Al Pacino (Viktor Taransky), Barry Papick, Jeffrey Pierce (Kent), Evan Rachel Wood, Barbra Rae, Rebecca Romijn, Winona Ryder (unbilled cameo), Jason Schwartzman, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Michael Weston

Costumes: Elisabetta Beraldo
Director: Andrew Niccol
D.O.P.: Derek Glover, Edward Lachman
Prod. Design: Jan Roelfs
Producers: Bradley Camp, Daniel Lupi and Andrew Niccol
Writer: Andrew Niccol

Location: Los Angeles
Release date: August 6, 2002
Shooting Begins: September 7, 2000

Pictures: Simone Pictures


Filmmaker Viktor Taransky (Pacino) finds his career in jeopardy when the lead actress (Ryder) of his latest film abruptly drops out. His ex-wife, studio head Elaine Christian (Keener), fires him and leaves him disillusioned with the entire business.

Then Viktor meets a dying computer genius that helps him create a computer-generated actress to replace his temperamental leading lady. The new starlet, Simone (Roberts), is beautiful, obedient and enormously popular with the public. As Viktor is catapulted back to the frontlines of moviemaking, he decides to keep Simone's CGI secret to himself. Eventually, he decides to retire Simone before the public finds that she's a fraud. However, putting an ending her career will be harder than he thinks.

Original article: ET Online

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