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Question: In "The Punisher," ' you live down the hall from this guy and he practically blows up the building, wall by wall, through the movie. Where was the apartment manager during all this?
Rebecca Romijn: Good question. You never saw him. You'd think the super would show up at one point and go, "What the hell?" ' The other thing I kept wondering was how we all lived in that building for so long and no one snagged the apartment with the elevator inside. The Punisher gets it. It's cool to have an apartment with an elevator that comes through the floor.

Question: What about DeNiro? In interviews he comes across as some kind of shy, slightly incoherent mumbler. Did you learn anything about what makes a guy like that tick?
Rebecca Romijn: When you're around a guy like that, a legend like that, of course you're waiting for any little crumbs of wisdom to be thrown your way. And he is a man of few words. Every once in awhile he'd say something like, "You know Marty (Scorsese) and I used to ..." ' And immediately, when you hear him start a sentence with "Marty and I used to," ' you perk up. "Marty and I used to ... what?" ' And it would be something super-dumb and mundane like "Marty and I used to take naps after lunch." ' And you're like, "Oh. And that worked for you? We should do that! We should totally do that!" '

Question: I always feel better after a nap.
Rebecca Romijn: Who doesn't? Certain things happened that made him more human to me. One day, there was four minutes of light left and it's his shot and he fell into the conniption-fit laughter thing. And there's nothing funnier than Robert DeNiro breaking down in conniption-fit laughter, which makes the rest of us break down into conniption-fit laughter and then the shot's gone.

Question: I haven't had a good conniption fit in a long time.
Rebecca Romijn: I love conniption-fit laughter! I LOVE IT!

Question: Well, they did used to call you the Jolly Blond Giant ...
Rebecca Romijn: Let me tell you something -- and you have the exclusive on this. I made that nickname up for an interview years ago and people keep asking about it. "You used to be the Jolly Blond Giant?" ' No. I totally made it up.

Question: You did a photo spread recently for Premiere magazine, dressing up as four famous movie characters: Bonnie Parker from "Bonnie and Clyde," ' Melanie Daniels from "The Birds," ' Alex Forrest from "Fatal Attraction" ' and Sandy Olsson from "Grease." ' Which part would you have most like to have played?
Rebecca Romijn: Well, any of them and all of them. They were already played to perfection. But the biggest fantasy for me, literally the happiest half-hour of my career to date, was when I got to do Sandy. They put "You" re the One That I Want'' on the stereo full-blast and I got to do that whole dance routine, which I knew like the back of my hand. When I put on those shoes, it was like, "This is the greatest moment of my life!" ' (Laughs uncontrollably.)

Question: Are you having a conniption fit right now?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes! Yes! And it feels so good!

Original article: U Daily News, April 20, 2004

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