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Wizard: You portray Joan the Mouse in April's (2004, RRF) "Punisher" movie. What's Joan's relationship with Frank Castle, aka The Punisher?
Rebecca: Joan's this down and out recovering drug addict just trying to get her life back together. She lives in this shabby tenement building that Frank Castle [portrayed by Thomas Jane] moves into as he is just getting over the death of his family and turning into the Punisher. He's this mysterious guy doing all this stuff in his apartment and none of us who live in the building can figure out who he is or what it is that he's doing. And I think my character related to him. I identify with him as somebody who just doesn't care about life anymore because he's lost his family and he's drinking heavily.

Wizard: What attracted you to playing this mousy character?
Rebecca: I like playing somebody who is just sorty of a loser. She's a waitress just trying to get her life back together and she's truggling. Of course I've never been a drug addict, but I mean everyone knows what it's like to struggle and to try and change their lives.

Wizard: Will Joan have the same family relationship that she has with the clueless Spacker Dave and the obese Mr. Bumpo in the comics?
Rebecca: Spacker Dave and Bumpo become her family and they are incredibly attached to each other and they are sort
of...they are all they have for each other. And they sort of become the surrogate family for Frank. And they become, I hope if we pull it off, the reason that he does make it. He sort of gets a glimpse that there is something out there to live for, that there are still good people in the world.

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