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Romijn cast in 'Eastwick' pilot

U.S. actress Rebecca Romijn has been cast as a witch alongside Lindsay Price and Jaime Ray Newman in the drama pilot, "Eastwick."

Romijn, who recently gave birth to twins, is best known for her work on TV's "Ugly Betty" and for her portrayal of blue-hued Mystique in the "X-Men" movies.

The Hollywood Reporter said Romijn will play Roxie, a "Bohemian and sharp-tongued single mother" with magical powers in "Eastwick," which is based on the 1987 feature film, "The Witches of Eastwick," which, in turn, was inspired by John Updike's 1984 novel by the same name.

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Rebecca Romijn takes the family to 'Eastwick' set

The 36-year-old actress - who has three-month-old twins Dolly and Charlie with husband Jerry O'Connell - is currently shooting new US TV series 'The Witches of Eastwick', and has her twins on set so she can nurse them.

Jerry explained: "I watch the kids at work. It's good - they like coming to another place. Although, she had a kissing scene today, and it must have been weird for the other actor, to know she has kids and a husband nearby!"

Jerry, 35, is finding the twins hard work and is worried he won't be able to discipline them when they are older. He said: "Nothing prepared me for what it would be like to raise twin girls. When one quiets down, the other one starts up. At night, I am sleeping more than my wife - who is a saint. She has to get up. "I really thought I was going to be a very strict father about what they could wear, when they could go out and all that. But now that they're starting to smile at me, I just know they're going to walk all over me. If I don't see them for a couple hours, I miss them so much."

Before he became a father, Jerry insisted he was going to be very protective of his daughters. He said: "Just the fact that they're girls, you know? I don't want them to date. They're only allowed to date men who run countries. They're only allowed to date men who are heir to the throne or are currently running a nation."

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Romijn: "Eastwick is different from movie"

Rebecca Romijn has reportedly revealed that the TV series of Eastwick differs from the film version. The 1987 movie adaptation of John Updike's novel starred Jack Nicholson as the Devil, and Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon as three small town women who fall under his spell.

The 36-year-old, who was cast in March as Roxie Torcoletti on the ABC programme, said that there are slight differences between the show and the cinematic version. She told Sci-Fi Wire: "I mean, this is really a different take. It's not just like the movie.

"I play Roxie, who's the same character as Cher from the movie. Huge shoes to fill, but honestly, getting to say that I play Cher, I feel like that's bragging rights there. It's more exciting to say I play Cher than to say I play a witch, which was already really exciting to say."

The X-Men actress added that her character will diverge by having a 15-year-old daughter, while she almost changed the colour of her part's hair in order to look more like the singing icon. She said: "I'm curly. I'm not dark, but I'm curly." Romijn recently admitted that she nursed her twin daughters Charlie and Dolly on the set of the programm.

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Rebecca Romijn is living in Eastwick

Question: Were you a fan of the film?
Rebecca: I was.

Question: Since it was an R-rated film, did you have to sneak around to see it?
Rebecca: I must have seen it on video ‘cause I know I watched it, over and over and over again. I was one of those kids who, once I rented a video, I would just rewind it and keep watching it, all weekend long, until it was due back.

Question: How recently have you seen it?
Rebecca: I haven't seen it recently. And, when I asked (executive producer/writer) Maggie Friedman, right before we started shooting, if I should re-watch it, she specifically said, "Not necessarily. This is going to be our fresh take on the movie and the story."

Question: Is your character associated with the Cher role?
Rebecca: I play Cher. I have bragging rights.

Question: What's your favorite thing about Roxie?
Rebecca: Honestly, it's fun to play a character that feels very, very familiar. It was such a well-written script and, by page two, I knew exactly who that character was. First of all, being a brand new mom, it was really nice to play someone who is like so many mothers from Berkeley that I grew up around.

Question: How is being a mom and working, at the same time? Do the girls come to set with you?
Rebecca: They do, sometimes, yes. It's fantastic. There's a little bit of separation anxiety.

Question: On your part or theirs?
Rebecca: It goes both ways, that's for sure. But, I think probably more mine, at this point. They're very happy, though.

Question: What sold you on this show?
Rebecca: I hadn't planned to work at all, for the first six months, after the babies were born. But, I also told my agents, "If anything comes across your desk that I'll be really upset if I miss out on, please let me know." And, this was literally the only script I read, and I loved it immediately. I just took three weeks to shoot the pilot, and then went home and soaked up baby time until we started shooting.

Question: So, how soon did you go from the delivery room to the set, and how did you get ready for that?
Rebecca: I was about eight weeks out, and I had the babies with me the entire time we were shooting the pilot, which was great because I never had that anxious feeling of, "I've got to get home." I was nursing them, so every three hours, we had to stop and take that break, which turned into an inside joke with the crew. I have a little bit of a hard time looking at myself in the pilot because I'm like, "That lady just had two babies." It's for my own vanity purposes. But, it's hard now because they're not with me on set, all the time. Luckily, my husband is taking a little bit of time off to take care of them. They're on set, here and there, but not all the time.

Question: How is Jerry O'Connell doing as Mr. Mom?
Rebecca: He's doing great. He's got so much energy. He brings them to set.

Question: Have you given him any tips?
Rebecca: No. He's doing really well.

Question: There's a certain amount of wish fulfillment, in being able to play witches, particularly if they're good witches. Would you like to have some powers like that?
Rebecca: I think it would be a little bit of a double-edged sword. And, I certainly wouldn't be burdened with psychic sense. I think it would affect the way I lived my day-to-day life. She can control the elements. That wouldn't be bad to have.

Question: Given your role on Ugly Betty, how much of a relief is it to just be playing a character who is your own sex?
Rebecca: This character is probably the closest character to myself, in real life, that I've ever played. And, it's nice to just play a woman again, after trannies and mutants. It's refreshing.

Original article: IESB.net

ET Online Comic Con Interview

ET Online: You just came from the panel. How did it go? How did the fans react?
Rebecca: I think it went pretty well. It was, you know, you never know, and they seemed to get a kick out of it.

ET Online: Were you nervous about coming here and previewing it in front of these people cause you know that they are hardcore, you know that they are really interested in this?
Rebecca: To be honest, feel like I have friends here. Coming from the X-Men world I feel like I have friends here.
ET Online: You're like a Comic-con fan, right?
Rebecca: I normally have never been here before and I'm so, I love it, I am coming every year from now on, as a fan.

Rebecca: They actually specifically asked us not to re-watch the movie as we were working on the pilot, so and I still haven't re-watched it. I saw it when it first came out and than I actually caught like half of it a couple of years ago, but I can't specifically... I play Cher, which is a pretty exciting thing able to say and also big shoes to fill. But I don't specifically remember choices she made, you know as this character.

Rebecca: As an actor you want to take your own liberty for the characters. You know, I'm trying to create a character from scratch but obviously it is a character that has been played by another person so it's fun. And I feel like it is a character that is most like me in real life.

ET Online: You look fantastic by the way.
Rebecca: Thank you.

ET Online: You are like back in the saddle. How are the baby's?
Rebecca: They are fantastic.

ET Online: They are six months now?
Rebecca: Six-and-a-half yes, six-and-a-half months?

ET Online: Are they crawling around?
Rebecca: They are crawling around. I've got such a lovely energetic husband. He is just like fully on diaper duty right now as I'm headed back to work. I'm going through seperation anxiety but I think they are having a blast.

ET Online Set Interview

ET Online: Explain everybody, how it is different from the movie?
Rebecca: You know... it's... this is our fresh take on it. I mean it was a book before it was a movie as well and... For example in the movie they started off already being friends and we start off in the show not even knowing each other. We haven't discovered that we have powers yet. My character being the bohemian artist who lives outside a town. She is a little bit of an outsider. She is a little more accepting of her powers as they start to show up.

ET Online: How is it like playing kind of a role that is such an iconic role done by such an iconic actress?
Rebecca: I feel like I can brag when I get the same playing witch, but I get to brag even more when I get to play Cher.

ET Online: You know the movie was, it was kind of sexy, you look at every shot like your hair is blowing. Will this be as sexy as the movie?
Rebecca: I certainly hope so and I think we have to obey some of the rules, some of the prime time network rules. We are gonna play inside those rules, but yeah we are gonna push it.

ET Online: If I could make any man in my life do what I wanted it would be to?
Rebecca: Closes drawers behind him in cupboards.

ET Online: If you could have any magic power in your own life it would be?
Rebecca: Teleportation.

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