Episode 1


Episode 1, September 23, 2009 (Pilot) [Pictures]

Someone mysterious is coming to the town of Eastwick. Something magical is already there.

Roxie Torcoletti (Rebecca Romijn) is a free-spirited, earthy artist who has trouble paying the bills. Don’t all free-spirited, earthy artists have that problem? Scuttlebutt around town is that Roxie is a widowed mom to teen daughter, Mia (Ashley Benson), because she killed her hubby. The guys around here think Roxie’s way younger boyfriend, Chad, has heard the rumors but just doesn’t care because she’s so ridiculously gorgeous.

Joanna Frankel (Lindsay Price) is a talented journalist at the local paper who is typically relegated to writing fluff pieces for her editor. We’ll call him cop-a-feel Clyde. Joanna’s best friend Penny (Sara Rue) reminds her that even though her talents aren’t being fully realized, at least she gets to work with the secret object of her affection, Will (Johann Urb), a photographer at the Eastwick Gazette.

Finally, we have Kat Gardener (Jaime Ray Newman), a hardworking nurse and mom of five who married her high school sweetheart, Raymond (Jon Berthnal). Kat’s been supporting the family ever since Ray was laid off from the local candle factory (he was in charge of wicks). Now all Raymond does is sit around and drink beer.

These three women want more out of life. They simultaneously make a wish by tossing a coin into a fountain as Bun (Veronica Cartwright), the head of the Eastwick historical society, tells the local kiddies tales of women who have special gifts, or special powers, who are drawn together as the magic inside them finally awakens.

When Darryl treats them to dinner at his new restaurant (he bought Eastwick Inn, too), the ladies get a little tipsy from some supposedly mystical water found deep beneath the surface of the Earth. They take a carefree frolic in the town fountain, drawing stares from others, including Kat’s family. When Raymond flips out on her, Kat obediently gathers her kids together and sheepishly heads home.

As Darryl drives Roxie home in his limo, she has a vision. She’s been getting them more and more lately. Roxie believes her daughter is being attacked in a remote area. She insists Darryl take her there. They arrive in the nick of time to save Mia from a sexual assault. Maybe Roxie isn’t having visions. They’re more like premonitions.

Back at home, Kat has had enough of Raymond. She screams that he has, “No fire, no spark, no electricity!” BAM! A bolt of lightning strikes Raymond in the chest. He thinks Kat did it to him. By the look on Kat’s face, we’re thinking she’s starting to believe that, too. Raymond wants a divorce and Darryl promises to help Kat keep her kids. It looks like her wish of wanting someone taking care of her for a change is coming true.

Joanna tests some newfound confidence as she looks Clyde in the eye and demands a raise. He gives it to her, along with all the money in his wallet. Joanna uses her magical power of persuasion on Will to convince him to kiss her. He does, but Joanna pulls away. As much as she wants him, she wants it to be real. This isn’t.

Roxie’s not sure what she wants as she kisses Darryl passionately, and then slaps him. She kisses him again, and slaps him again. It’s all pretty funny. Meanwhile, Roxie’s boy toy Chad is doing his best to become a man to her. Chad’s a pretty cool guy, but do you think he’ll be able to keep Roxie away from Darryl?

Roxie has other problems when a premonition has her physically struggling with a man named Jaime. She’s never seen him before, but seems to know him in her vision. We’re all a little freaked when into Roxie’s store walks Jaime, saying he’s new in town.

Penny has been feeling left out of the cold by Joanna’s new friendship with Roxie and Kat. She doesn’t trust Darryl Van Horne either, and with good reason. Penny discovers that Darryl Van Horne is dead. So just who is this guy? We have no idea. But we can’t wait to find out.

Do you believe in magic? If not, we’re thinking a few weekly visits to Eastwick will change your mind. After all, this trio truly bewitching ladies already has us completely spellbound.

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