Episode 2


Episode 2, September 30, 2009 (Reaping and Sewing) [Pictures]

There's an old saying that warns: "Beware of strangers bearing gifts." Well, there's nothing stranger than a gift from Darryl Van Horne.

When Darryl crashes a girls-only get-together, he gives everyone a present. For Kat, it's a sexy, silk nightie. For Joanna, some cheap perfume. Okay, we admit, those gifts aren't too strange. But for Roxie, he has a set of spirit dice. If you roll one, you can see the past. Roll two, you can see the future. Roll all three and you can affect the very course of fate itself, which will likely lead to chaos. Told ya. Strange.

Roxie is having premonitions about Jamie, the new guy in town. In her vision, she notices a branded scar on Jamie's hip as he throws her in a ditch while trying to bury her alive. Roxie can't escape Jamie in reality either, as he rents the apartment above her shop. When Jamie helps Roxie change a tire, she notices that he doesn't have a scar on his hip. She also learns that Jamie came to town to write a book on the history of Eastwick. Maybe this guy isn't the monster she thinks he is.

But Roxie still has to deal with another confirmed monster. Gus, the lowlife who attempted to rape her daughter, haunts Mia and taunts Roxie. Our favorite visionary artist also has relationship problems with Chad, who wants to be her "boyfriend" officially. Unfortunately, he keeps catching Darryl getting a little too chummy with her. As they argue about their future together, Roxie admits she can't give Chad what he wants.

Kat is having her own relationship issues. Raymond is discharged from the hospital after recovering from a lightning strike to the chest which may have been caused by his loving wife. Kat wants Raymond to move out of the house but ends up in bed with him. She believes their night of passion is goodbye, but he reads it as hello. When Darryl gives Raymond his old job back at the candle factory, it looks to us like Kat may give him another chance after all.

Joanna and Penny do some digging into the true identity of Darryl Van Horne. While going through the archives at the Eastwick Gazette, they discover a millionaire named Sebastian Hart drowned off the coast of Eastwick Bay in 1984. The picture in the paper looks like a young Darryl Van Horne. Joanna tracks down the writer of the article who can't recollect much about Sebastian Hart. He does, however, think he was afraid of him.

Joanna and Penny break into the Eastwick Historical Society to find a file full of Sebastian Hart info. An attack dog springs from the darkness and tears the contents to shreds. The only salvageable clue is a picture of a young Darryl/Sebastian flanked by three beautiful women; one of them a young Bun. Remember how Bun has been in a coma ever since Darryl came to town? Well, she's awake now and we can't wait to hear what she has to say.

Joanna discovers that one of the other women in the photo is someone named Eleanor Rougemont (guest star Cybill Shepherd). When the ladies show up at Eleanor's house, she says she killed Sebastian Hart. Joanna tries to use her powers of persuasion for more info, but Eleanor says, "You really think that's going to work on me?" Even though she slams the door in Joanna's face, we're pretty sure that we'll be seeing Eleanor Rougemont again.

The entire town shows up for the Eastwick Harvestfest. Chad is there with a date, which is enough to make Roxie realize she's not ready to give him up. That younger girl doesn't stand a chance against our Roxie, who is soon dancing the night away with her new "boyfriend."

As we know, Joanna has always wanted a very specific boyfriend. His name is Will and he's been pursuing her lately to no avail. Joanna is afraid his desire is not real. At the festival, Will asks Joanna to dance and says, "All I know is that I can't stop thinking about you and that feels pretty real to me." It does to us, too. Before Joanna can respond, Darryl cuts in asking her about her investigative journalism endeavors. He warns, "Sometimes it's probably safer to let sleeping dogs lie."

Remember how we said everyone was at the Harvestfest? Well, Jaime chose to watch the party from the window of his new apartment where something pretty freaky happens. He heats up a branding iron and presses it to his hip. The burn leaves a marking on his skin that matches the one Roxie saw in her vision. Uh oh.

Roxie has other things on her mind as she glares at Gus who wears a smug look, as if he's untouchable. Joanna and Kat also look at Gus with disdain as he silently taunts them from high atop a festival structure. Then, Gus stumbles backwards and falls out of sight. The ladies rush to find him hanging from the lights. Did they cause this to happen? Later, we see Darryl fondling some spirit dice as he pets the same dog we saw at the Eastwick Historical Society. Maybe he was right. Maybe it is safer to let sleeping dogs lie.

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