Episode 3


Episode 3, October 7, 2009 (Madams and Madames) [Pictures]

Roxie sees a ghost, Joanna goes on a stakeout and Darryl Van Horne is confronted by a clergyman with a cause. Sounds like another typical day in Eastwick.

Bun has come out of her coma, but she’s obviously not well. She sits in her hospital bed singing “Three Blind Mice” while continuously drawing an eerie symbol on books, magazines, legal pads or…whatever. Anyone else notice that the symbol Bun sketches looks exactly like the one that Jaime guy branded onto his hip?

Darryl Van Horne has some groundbreaking news, as he’s at the center of a groundbreaking ceremony for the future site of his Eastwick Brewing Company. But before the party can really get started, an impassioned Reverend Dunn storms up with an injunction to halt construction of the suds factory. It’s quite the buzz kill. Dunn believes Darryl is one bad dude. Think the Rev is right?

Joanna is still digging for the truth about Darryl. She tries to use her power of persuasion by asking, “Who are you and why did you come here?” Darryl somewhat menacingly responds, “You don’t want to know.” Here’s the thing. We’re wondering if Joanna’s power actually worked on Darryl. Think about it. Even though he didn’t give her a direct answer, who’s to say it wasn’t an honest one?

Joanna and Penny decide to tail Darryl. They are very excited to go on a “stakeout,” as they are both big fans of the 1987 movie of the same name. Hey, who isn’t? It’s some of Emilio Estevez’s best work! Joanna knows Darryl is supposed to attend a night meeting at a teahouse. The ladies get tired of waiting and decide to go inside where they discover that the teahouse is actually a whorehouse. And guess who they catch as a customer? Nope, it’s not Darryl. It’s Reverend Dunn.

Joanna snaps a picture and brings it to Will, who comes across a bunch of photos of him during the download. Will thought Joanna wasn’t into him but, as we know, it’s only because she didn’t believe his desire was real. She does now and the two are quickly all over each other. But before things go too far, Will says he wants to take Joanna on a real date. That’s the second buzz kill we’ve had this episode!

Mia reluctantly attends a memorial for her attempted rapist. She’s appalled by all the faux tears being shed for Gus. She storms off and Chad’s brother, Josh, follows her. Josh says he and Gus were best friends back in kindergarten. Despite how he turned out, Gus was good kid once who had a nice mom. That’s why Josh was at the memorial. But it’s also because he knew Mia would be there. It’s pretty obvious he likes her.

Roxie is haunted by Gus. She keeps seeing a ghostly image of him. She’s feeling guilty for wishing he was dead but is also grateful that he can no longer hurt Mia. After a failing to find answers from a fake psychic, Roxie almost runs over ghost Gus. She hops out of the car and asks him what he wants. Gus says she only has to say two little words and he’ll be gone forever. We’re guessing Roxie’s reply of “screw you” are NOT the right words, as Gus is still around when she drives off.

Darryl gives Kat the business card of his attorney so that she may proceed in her plan to divorce Raymond. But Kat says they are going to give it another go. Darryl insists she keep the card. Kat politely declines, but the card keeps popping up. When Raymond takes Kat on a date, they end up skinny dipping in a public pool. The water is very cold until Kat gets in. Then it feels like a warm, bubbling Jacuzzi. Hmmm.

When Raymond and Kat argue about her relationship with Joanna, Roxie and Darryl, something pretty bizarre happens. The water begins freezing. Kat and Raymond barely make it out of the pool before the water turns into a solid block of ice. Told ya it was bizarre. After all this, Kat realizes she truly must leave Raymond. When she comes home to an empty house, she sees the divorce lawyer’s card stuck on the fridge. Raymond found it and wrote the words “go to hell” on it. He’s gone and he took Kat’s kids with him.

Joanna’s house is ransacked. She thinks it was Reverend Dunn looking for the photos. But it’s too late. The scandalous pic is on the front page of the next edition of the Eastwick Gazette and Joanna has her first byline. Guess the scandal means the pastor won’t be protesting Darryl’s new brewery any longer. But we’re afraid Reverend Dunn isn’t done with Joanna, as he stabs her picture in the paper while promising revenge.

When Roxie asks Mia why she went to the memorial service, her daughter says Gus had a mother who loved him as much as she loves her. It’s sad that he died. This hits home with Roxie and the two of them pay a visit to Gus’s mother. Mia says she’s sorry for her loss. And when Roxie sees the ghostly Gus standing behind his mother, she says, “I’m sorry, too.” Just like that, Gus is gone.

As Joanna proudly carries a stack of newspapers from her car, an unseen figure grabs her by the shoulder. Is it Reverend Dunn? Or worse? Back at Darryl’s, he sits by a fire staring at a bulletin board full of newspaper clippings and photos. It’s all of Joanna’s research regarding his true identity. He takes the photo of what looks to be a young Darryl and three women, one of them a young Bun, and tosses it into the fire. As the picture goes up in flames, so does the legal pad Bum used to draw all those creepy symbols. Did we mention the flaming pad is resting on her lap as she sleeps in her hospital bed? Yes, it’s just another typical day in Eastwick.

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