Episode 4


Episode 4, October 14, 2009 (Fleas and Casserole) [Pictures]

Roxie discovers some intriguing details about her new neighbor’s mysterious past and we discover who gave Joanna such a startle the last time we visited Eastwick.

Roxie is still having visions about Jamie. After a little coaxing from Darryl, she breaks into Jamie’s apartment and steals an old book bearing the same symbol Jamie branded onto his hip. Joanna remembers seeing the symbol on the door of Eleanor Rougement’s house. Kat also recognizes the symbol as the one Bun was drawing over and over. Jamie’s book is filled with magical spells and the ladies think it might be cool to take a few of them out for a spin.

Roxie discovers the book was left to Jamie by a mother he never knew. Jamie traced his family roots to Eastwick. He was born there, as was his natural mother. Later, Roxie has tea with Bun, who is suffering from memory loss. Bun sees Jamie’s book and claims it belongs to her. Roxie realizes that Bun may be Jamie’s mother. She visits Jamie and returns the book when he’s not looking. Later, she and Bun run into Jamie on the street. After he leaves, Bun says she remembers holding that boy as a baby.

Penny insists her secret source claims a man named Dominic Savage has some juicy info on Darryl Van Horne. But Joanna is preoccupied. Remember that hand that reached out and grabbed her shoulder toward the end of the last episode? It belongs to her ex-fiancé, Morgan, who left her at the altar. Now Morgan has a new fiancée named Charlene. They are getting married this weekend right there in Eastwick.

Morgan shows up at Joanna’s place claiming he still loves her. It’s pretty obvious to us that she never got over him and they end up in bed together. Oh, and did we mention that this happens at the same time she’s supposed to be on her first date with Will? Joanna uses her power on Morgan to find out why he left her. He rattles off a laundry list of complaints. Oops!

Joanna uses her power to convince Will that she tried to call to cancel their date. She promises to make it up to him by cooking dinner at her place. Morgan shows up at the Gazette office and tells Joanna that he dumped Charlene. Joanna realizes that he’s afraid of commitment and that’s the real reason he left her. She tells him off in front of everyone. Unfortunately, “everyone” includes Will, who says that he won’t be joining her for dinner tonight…or ever. It’s pretty harsh.

Kat is panicked as she thinks Raymond has kidnapped her children. But he returns home with them along with a brand a new puppy. He was trying to put a scare into Kat. A little payback for the divorce lawyer business card he found. Kat does eventually call Darryl’s divorce lawyer, Ivanka. When they meet with Raymond and his lawyer/fishing buddy Bob, Raymond can’t stop scratching. Could it be the result of the spells the ladies were experimenting with in Jamie’s book?

At home, Kat treats the rash that appears on Raymond’s neck. They have a heart-to-heart and Kat admits that she will always love him, but she just doesn’t love “them” anymore. Kat says she fired Ivanka and suggests they try living in the house at different times so as not to disrupt the lives of the kids. It’s a nice little moment when Raymond appears to get onboard with the plan, as they both want to do what’s best for the kids.

Jaime sits in his apartment thumbing through photos he took at Darryl Van Horne’s house. Roxie saw him doing this in a vision, but Jamie says he was doing research for his book by taking some shots of the mansion exterior. But we can see that the photos are actually close-ups of Darryl and Roxie. There’s a knock on his door. It’s Penny. Jaime is her secret source on Darryl Van Horne. She wants to talk business but first things first. Jaime grabs Penny and pulls her into a fiery embrace. Whoa! We didn’t see that one coming!

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