Episode 5


Episode 5, October 21, 2009 (Mooning and Crooning) [Pictures]

Darryl Van Horne tells a tale of a legendary wild moon known as Luna Solvo, which is Latin for “the moon releases.” According to Darryl, the night of this moon is near and it threatens to unleash the inner-hedonist lurking inside the good people of Eastwick. Sounds like a party!

Kat makes a list of things she wants to do now that she’s single. The only thing Darryl finds remotely list-worthy is Kat’s desire to be a sexy lounge singer like Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys. So he hops onto the piano and starts tickling the ivories at the Eastwick Inn. But shy Kat can’t go on with the show.

Chad offers to help Roxie harness her psychic powers. Their makeshift experiments are put on hold when they head into town to look for Mia, who skipped curfew. It’s going to be hard to find her during this night of Luna Solvo. It seems that all of Eastwick is out wreaking havoc. Businessmen are painting graffiti on buildings, senior citizens are making out with twenty-year-olds and, of course, a party’s not a party without streakers.

Roxie seems to establish a psychic link with everyone she meets on the street. This is a total turn on for Chad. The two of them end up doing it in an alley. They are ready for Round 2 of sex in the city streets, but a member of the Eastwick P.D. shows up for some “quickie interrupus” followed by a trip to the town jail.

Back at the Eastwick Gazette, Joanna needs another juicy story to prove she’s not a fluke. With so many unanswered questions about Darryl Van Horne, Joanna thinks maybe that’s her story. She wants to see how good Darryl is at dodging the questions when the whole town is asking them. Joanna’s accusatory story is going to be on the front page. Penny is so excited that she kisses her BFF right smack on the teeth. When these two ladies finally break their lip-lock, Penny gives her flustered friend a slap on her derrière and exits the room.

Mia has been keeping the fact that she likes Josh a secret from both her mother and her friends. But when she sees Josh under the full moon, they rush to each other and share their first kiss. Later, they are both arrested for vandalism, as they were toilet-papering the school. Fortunately, there’s room in Chad and Roxie’s jail cell. While in lockup, Mia admits to her mom that the reason she didn’t tell anyone about Josh is because it would ruin her reputation. Unfortunately, it’s a small cell and Josh hears the whole thing.

Luna Solvo takes its toll on Kat as well. Remember how she was too shy to live out the whole Fabulous Baker Boys fantasy? Ancient history. Wearing a ridiculously risqué red dress (just like the one Michelle Pfeiffer wore), Kat takes microphone in hand, slides atop the piano and belts out a sinfully sexy rendition of the song Spooky.

Kat’s performance is totally hot. We’re talking scorching hot. It’s so hot that the flames of every candle in the restaurant rise to a searing, soaring, scorching level. Soon the Eastwick Inn is a raging inferno. After the fire is doused, a hunky volunteer firefighter tells Joanna how amazing she looks in her dress. It took us a minute to realize the hunk in question is Will. You heard us. Joanna’s Will! The guy looks a lot different in uniform. Under the full moon, Will pulls Kat close, kisses her hungrily and she does NOT resist. Uh oh.

The next day, all of Eastwick seems to be asking, “What did I do last night?” Joanna has an instant case of writer’s remorse when she sees the headline on the next day’s paper. It reads: Meet Sebastian Hart. Underneath there is a picture of Darryl Van Horne, who surprisingly now agrees to let Joanna do the interview she’s been seeking. He has legitimate answers to all of her questions. Joanna is humbled. She offers to print a retraction. That offer is rejected and Joanna is fired from the Gazette.

Chad stops by to see Roxie so they can continue with their psychic experiments. FLASH! Roxie has a vision. It’s raining during a funeral ceremony at a cemetery. Mourners surround a casket. Roxie and Mia clutch each other under an umbrella. They stare at the coffin, anguished. FLASH. Roxie is jolted back to reality. Chad notices the distressed look on her face. He asks if she had a vision. She says yes. Then Chad asks if it was about him. Roxie pulls him close and says, “I hope not.”

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