Episode 6


Episode 6, October 28, 2009 (Bonfire and Betrayal) [Pictures]

In Eastwick, a ritual takes place every Halloween night. Coffins are filled with items representing the burdens people have endured. They are placed under a likeness of a giant witch in the center of a field. The mountain of caskets is set ablaze as the town celebrates by the bonfire. Doesn’t anyone go trick or treating anymore?

When Roxie has another vision of a funeral, Bun reads her mind. She says the funeral was for Roxie’s friend who was killed because of the statue. Say, wasn’t she creating a statue for Darryl Van Horne? Roxie rushes over to Darryl’s house where he is being photographed under the enormous sculpture of himself. The bolts holding the statue in place come loose. The structure falls forward and looks to crush Darryl. Roxie pushes him out of the way just in the nick of time.

Darryl blames Chad for the loose bolts and promptly fires him. This leads to another fight between Chad and Roxie about her relationship with Darryl. They’ll be taking separate cars to the big bonfire on Halloween night. Darryl, meanwhile, realizes the statue isn’t damaged so he plans to move it over to the Eastwick Inn. He later pays a visit to Bun, who feels very uncomfortable around him. Darryl says, “You remember everything, don’t you?” Bun is scared but Mia walks into the room before Darryl can press her any further.

Joanna is bummed about losing both her job and Will. Kat encourages her to apologize to Will one more time. She does and he actually forgives her. But he also says he’s moved on and Joanna wants to know with whom. She uses her power of persuasion to discover Will has feelings for Kat. Open wound…meet salt.

A depressed Joanna crashes on her couch. She reaches for the TV remote and, remarkably, it moves toward her on its own. It looks like our favorite former investigative reporter has just uncovered another hidden power. But before she can test in any further, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Pastor Dunn and he’s packing a handkerchief full of chloroform. Holy kidnapping! The revenge-driven reverend traps Joanna inside a coffin and tosses her into the bonfire at Witch’s Field during the Halloween celebration. No one can hear Joanna’s screams as the flames rise ever closer to her casket.

Realizing that Joanna is missing, Penny, Kat and Roxie mount a desperate search for their friend. Roxie begins to think that perhaps the statue Bun mentioned wasn’t the one that nearly killed Darryl. Maybe it was the statue of the witch at the bonfire and the friend who was killed is Joanna. They spot Pastor Dunn at the bonfire. It’s obvious the rev has tripped a mental switch as he tells them they’re too late.

Kat now knows that Joanna is inside one of the coffins. She also knows that if she doesn’t do something fast, her friend is going to die. Desperate, she climbs up the mountain of burning caskets, but Will pulls her away. An anguished Kat cries out for Joanna. Her tears seem to trigger something. Something that can help: Rain.

As the rain falls, the flames subside. Will climbs up and pries open the coffin which holds Joanna. Thanks to Kat, she’s okay. Now, it’s hard to stay mad at someone who is willing to walk through fire for you. Joanna forgives Kat for kissing Will. Also finding forgiveness that night is Mia from Josh after all the nasty things she said about him. Not so quick to forgive is Chad, who catches Roxie hugging Darryl. It’s actually an innocent embrace but that’s not how it looks to Chad. He leaves Witch’s Field in a huff.

Penny is mad at Jamie because the erroneous information he provided on Darryl Van Horne is the reason Joanna was fired. They eventually make up, partially because they really like each other, but also because Jamie still needs Penny’s help. When Penny asks why he wants so desperately to bring down Darryl Van Horne, Jamie hands her an envelope with a note inside and says, “Because he killed my mother.”

Chad wanders the streets of town and ends up in front of the Eastwick Inn. He gazes up at the giant statue of Darryl Van Horne. It’s too much for him to take. He grabs a nearby metal bar and unleashes a series of violent whacks on it. As Chad turns to walk away, the statue falls forward. He turns just as it smashes into his skull and crushes what we now fear is Chad’s lifeless body. This didn’t turn out to be a very happy Halloween.

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