Episode 7


Episode 7, November 4, 2009 (Red Ants and Black Widows) [Pictures]

Roxie has a dream in which Chad tells her to follow the signs. Then…FLASH! She’s awake. She knows that Chad is dead and is later asked by his parents to skip the funeral. Of course, in her vision, Roxie was at the service, so we’re pretty sure she’ll be there one way or another. For now, she thinks she’s found one of the signs Chad was talking about. It’s a hammer with a note on it that reads: Return to Darryl Van Horne.

Roxie returns the hammer, but there doesn’t seem to be any payoff. Darryl wonders why she’s not at Chad’s funeral, as she was there in her vision. Roxie says she was disinvited. Besides, in her vision it was raining. CUE THE THUNDER! Okay, that’s a definite sign and Roxie crashes the funeral. After the service, she meets a woman who had been giving him guitar lessons. He recorded a song for Roxie last week. Guitar girl gives Roxie a CD of the tune. She says, “It’s like he sent you a message from beyond the grave.” Freaky, huh?

Remember how psycho Pastor Dunn trapped our favorite investigative reporter in a coffin and tried to burn her alive? Joanna does. Still, she’s focusing on the positive, namely the fact that she has the power to move things with her mind. But she hasn’t been able to do it since the kidnapping. At the Eastwick Gazette, Joanna meets Max Brody, the arrogant reporter who replaced her. Max wants to do a story about Joanna’s recent ordeal and he follows her all over town, determined to score an interview.

As annoying as he is, Max helps Joanna realize the reason she hasn’t been able to revisit the telekinetic thing is because she’s been trying to get the result without going through the emotional journey first. The basis for this insight is the 1993 comedy Groundhog Day. So our advice to all those who may find themselves questioning the very essence of their existence is to go out and rent a Bill Murray movie, except for maybe Garfield.

Joanna thinks she needs to get back some of the fear she felt with Pastor Dunn. Her solution is to ride a Ferris wheel. See, Joanna is afraid of heights. So is Max, but he’s not about to lose his story. He freaks out when Joanna pushes away the safety rail when they stop at the top. He accuses Joanna of being in denial of her traumatic experience. Max understands that she doesn’t want to talk to him, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t talk to someone. Good thing she has a best friend named Penny.

Eleanor Rougemont (remember her?) freaks out when she sees Darryl Van Horne on TV. She rushes out onto the highway where she’s almost turned into road kill by an oncoming truck. Fortunately, she only has a few scrapes on her arm. When she sees Kat at the hospital, she asks her to use her healing powers. Kat is stunned. How does she know her secret, you ask? Well, Eleanor claims she has a nose for one of her own.

Eleanor listed Bun as her emergency contact. Kat figures that perhaps seeing an old friend will help jog Bun’s memory. Eleanor is less-than-thrilled to see a still clueless Bun, but she invites her and Kat into her home regardless. While there, Eleanor gives Kat a crash course about her gifts and Bun is her guinea pig.

Eleanor jams two long needles into the back of Bun’s neck and chants. Suddenly, a swarm of red ants surround Bun’s feet, much like ones that attacked her before. As Eleanor and Kat kill the ants, Bun suddenly recognizes Eleanor. Her amnesia is gone. She remembers everything. When Kat leaves, Bun asks, “What are we going to do about Darryl Van Horne?” Eleanor shrugs and says, “I think we’re gonna have to kill him again.”

The song that Chad recorded for Roxie is titled I Shall Be Released. She realizes that she has a black widow complex. She feels guilty for not only Chad’s death, but also for the deaths of Gus and her first husband, Danny. As she plays Chad’s CD, she boxes up all the things he left in her room. It’s hard, but probably not as difficult as what she does next. She opens the drawer which holds Danny’s things and proceeds to tearfully box those things up, too. Roxie’s obviously in a lot of pain. But as Chad’s song winds down, it looks to us like she may also finally be “released.”

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