Episode 8


Episode 8, November 25, 2009 (Paint and Pleasure) [Pictures]

As Roxie works on a painting, she has a vision about getting hot and heavy with Darryl Van Horne, who is sponsoring an art event exhibiting her work. The party will feature a bevy of wealthy collectors as well as a powerful New York gallery owner. Darryl presents Roxie with a beautiful necklace to wear to the event. It happens to be the same one she’s wearing in the vision where she and Darryl get busy.

Joanna catches Jamie getting dressed at Penny’s place. She says, “You’re secret lovers. That’s what you are. Just like the song.” Feeling like Joanna has been taking her for granted lately, Penny blows off her BFF’s invitation to the art show. But she’s more than happy to accompany her no longer secret boyfriend, Jamie. Too bad she doesn’t know her date plans on killing the host. Guess every party has a pooper.

At the party, Roxie meets big city gallery owner Greta Noa (guest star Rosanna Arquette) and promptly freaks out. When Darryl tracks her down, she’s genuinely touched by how much he believes in her. Roxie realizes they are standing in the hallway from her vision and, well, let’s just say she decides to fulfill that steamy prophecy.

When Darryl suggests they move things up to his bedroom, Roxie says, “Not now. I’m finally focused. I gotta get out there and kick some ass.” Things go much better during Take 2 of the “Roxie meets a big city art dealer” scene. Greta informs Roxie that every piece of art at the show has been sold. Way to go, Roxie!

Kat has been hesitant to pursue a relationship with Will because she doesn’t want to hurt Raymond. But when she catches her ex-hubby getting chummy on the balcony with his art party date, Kat has a panic attack. She gasps for air as the winds around her intensify. Vases tip off tables and champagne glasses fly across the room. The winds become so strong that a piano is lifted off the floor and Raymond’s date is blown off the balcony.

Calm is restored once Kat catches her breath. Raymond, who was able to grab hold of his date before she fell, tells Kat that he knows she was responsible for what just happened. Will tries to comfort Kat. She admits to him that she’s the one not ready to date. He tells her he’s willing to take things slow. It’s a really sweet moment when they gently take each other’s hand. Still, they should probably steer clear of any balconies for awhile.

The only person who gives Joanna the time of day at the party is Max Brody, the arrogant reporter who took her job at the Eastwick Gazette. That changes when Joanna lures a party guest out to do a little dirty dancing. Max looks a little jealous especially after Joanna uses her powers of persuasion to convince the guy (whose name is Guy) to take her upstairs and have sex in a bathtub. Of course, when we discover that the guy named Guy is gay, we’re thinking Joanna’s power over men knows no boundaries.

When Penny catches Jamie trying to sneak out of the party without her, she realizes that he doesn’t care for her as much as she thought. When Joanna makes a post-party stop at Penny’s place, the two friends reconcile and decided to share their stories of shame over a bag of chips.

The reason Jamie was trying to skip out of the festivities is because he snuck into Darryl’s bedroom and placed a drop of liquid from a lethal potion onto a pillow. Later, when Roxie and Darryl plop down on his king-size bed to continue what they started downstairs, it’s her head that gets dangerously close to the pillow, not his. Fortunately, there’s some chit-chat before any num-num. Roxie quickly realizes that Darryl is the one who bought all her paintings. It’s a total turnoff and Roxie storms out.

Moments later, Greta saunters in. She takes over where Roxie left off. While basking in the afterglow, Darryl says they haven’t missed a step since their liaisons on the yacht way back when. When Darryl rolls Greta over, he sees that she’s convulsing and spitting up blood. Oh, and by the way, Roxie returns home to find one of her paintings has suddenly started dripping blood. Yes, art really does imitate life.

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