Episode 9


Episode 9, December 2, 2009 (Tasers and Mind Erasers) [Pictures]

Roxie stands in the middle of a frozen lake when the surface beneath her feet breaks apart dropping her into the icy water below. Relax, it was just a vision. Roxie's actually at home where her hyper-critical mother, Edie, shows up at the front door. At dinner, Roxie yells at her mom for complaining about her overcooked lobster. But Edie didn't say a word. She only thought it. Yep, Roxie read her mom's mind. Anyone else ever wish they knew what their parents were really thinking?

Darryl rushes Greta Noa to the emergency room. He wants Kat to use her healing ways to save her life. Kat is distressed because she can't control her powers. Darryl begs to differ. He believes she's always been a healer. It's why she became a nurse. Kat finally admits to Roxie and Joanna that she has powers, but they failed her when she attempted to heal Greta. This leads to an all-out reveal-fest in which all three ladies give the full 411 on all of their powers. Roxie asks, "So, did we all just admit that we're witches?"

Darryl pays a visit to Bun, accusing her of trying to kill him. He mentions someone named Gloria and tells Bun that he'll keep her secret as long as she keeps his. Bun tells Darryl, "You are never going to get what you want. Those girls are too smart. They'll see through you. Just like we did." So, what do you think Darryl wants?

Joanna takes a job as a bartender. When Max Brody happens into her pub, he mocks the blog she's been writing. Joanna counters by saying she's working on a story about Nathan Wainwright, a corrupt senator who opened up to Joanna online. She's hoping to use this as leverage to get her old job back at the Eastwick Gazette. When she presents the article to Clyde, Joanna discovers that she's been scooped by...guess who? Yep, Max Brody.

Mia and Josh decide to have a few cocktails at Joanna's place while she's out. Afterwards, they take a walk by the lake and Mia falls through thin patch of ice. When Joanna comes home (while trying to ignore tagalong Max), she calls Roxie, who realizes from her vision that Mia is at the lake. Joanna and Max rush to the woods to find Josh struggling to keep Mia above water. Joanna hurries onto the cracking ice as Max tries to pull a human chain of prone bodies back to safety with a rope. But Josh loses his grip and Mia disappears underwater.

Josh dives head first after Mia forcing Joanna to lose hold of his ankles. Things look hopeless until Joanna uses her powers to draw Josh and Mia to her allowing Max to pull them all away from danger. Roxie and Kat arrive to find Mia unconscious. Roxie begs Kat to use her powers to save her daughter. As Kat lays her hands on Mia, a powerful sensation rushes through her body. Mia snaps awake to take a breath which is a huge relief because it means we can finally stop holding ours.

At the hospital, Edie tells Roxie that she used to have visions as a kid. Roxie even predicted that her dad would leave her mom. When that happened, Edie got scared. She didn't understand Roxie, so she shut her out. For that, she's sorry. Kat comes out to say that Mia is going to be fine. Roxie clutches her mom's hand, relieved. It looks like she and Edie are going to be fine, too.

Kat realizes that in order to access her healing powers she must have an emotional attachment to the person in need. She asks Darryl to tell her all about Greta. As Kat listens to his stories, she places her hands on Greta. A sudden sensation ripples through Kat. Then… BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. Greta's hospital monitors kick on and Greta is awake. Kat says, "Welcome back." Cool stuff.

Bun visits Eleanor Rougement, accusing her of being the one who tried to kill Darryl. They eventually realize that Jamie is the one who attempted the Van Hornicide. So, they taser him. Bun tells an all-tied-up Jamie that she and Eleanor are friends of his mother, Gloria. She also says that they know he tried to kill his father, Darryl Van Horne. They eventually release Jamie and show him a knife that can be used to do the job right. But he can't be the one to bring him down. No, there's only one person who can kill Darryl Van Horne. Her name is Roxie Torcoletti.

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