Episode 10


Episode 10, December 16, 2009 (Tea and Psychopathy)
Max needs Joanna’s help with a story. It involves a woman named Gloria who was murdered in Eastwick 25 years ago. The word “witch” was carved into her forehead. She was killed on the same date as Sebastian Hart, the local millionaire who died in a tragic fishing accident. If you remember, he’s the guy Joanna believed faked his death and became Darryl Van Horne. Gloria was poisoned after possibly having had a baby. An autopsy photo reveals that she was branded with the same symbol Roxie envisioned on Jamie’s body just before he placed it there himself.

Joanna and Max head out to Eleanor Rougement’s house to ask about the symbol and Gloria’s murder. Surprisingly, Eleanor is more than happy to chat. It turns out that Gloria did have a baby and gave him up for adoption. Over tea, Eleanor confirms that the baby’s father was Sebastian Hart and further confirms that Sebastian is, indeed, Darryl Van Horne.

Now you’d think Joanna and Max would be jumping for joy at their juicy scoop. Unfortunately, their legs are paralyzed thanks to the poison Eleanor slipped into their tea. Uh oh. Eleanor tosses the two reporters into her basement where they are stuck on their backs almost completely immobilized. We say almost because Max is able to extend his arm just enough to clutch a frightened Joanna’s hand. It would be such a sweet moment if the situation wasn’t so dire.

Kat is totally jazzed about her healing powers. She makes her way around the hospital curing everyone’s ailments. But when her hair starts turning gray and she gets sudden nosebleeds, it’s obvious that her actions are taking a toll on her own health When Raymond sees that Kat has fallen asleep as dinner burns on the stove, he threatens to sue for full custody of the kids. Think Kat’s gonna take that? No way.

Kat uses her powers to send a few falling icicles in her ex’s general direction. Kat says, “Don’t mess with me, Ray. Because if you do, I will mess you up right back.” After Raymond is gone, Kat draws a bath and lowers her exhausted body into the water. As the water continues to rise, a dangerously lethargic Kat continues to sink. Think she can wake up before going completely underwater?

Roxie keeps having visions of a dagger dripping with blood. That can only mean one thing: Somebody’s getting stabbed. Who you ask? We have no idea. Neither does Roxie. When she discovers that Jamie’s father is Darryl Van Horne, Roxie offers to help Jamie spill the news to daddy dearest. She invites the two men over for dinner not realizing that Jamie has plans to murder Darryl. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. His plan is to have Roxie kill him. Wonder if that’ll happen before or after dessert.

When Jamie tries to break the news, Darryl says this isn’t the first time a con artist has claimed to be his son. This ticks off Jamie big time. So much so that he grabs a metal rod and strikes dear old dad on the back of the head. Darryl is down and bleeding on the floor. Jamie tries to convince Roxie that Darryl murdered his mother and he’s an evil being who is not of this world. There’s only one way Darryl can die. Roxie has to kill him.

Jamie gives Roxie a dagger. While holding her at gunpoint, he instructs her to stab Darryl or he’ll kill her. Roxie holds the dagger above Darryl’s motionless body. Then she thrusts it backwards, stabbing Jamie in the leg. Roxie makes a run for it but Jamie catches up to her and traps her inside her shop. Roxie pleads that she’s on his side, but Jamie knows that she can’t be trusted. He raises the dagger, swings it toward Roxie and then…SMASH TO BLACK! Don’t you just love/hate cliffhangers?

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