Episode 11


Episode 11, December 30, 2009 (Magic Snow and Creepy Gene) [Pictures]

A reflective Roxie flashes back as to how she, Kat and Joanna disposed of Jamie’s body by burying him in a shallow grave. Furthermore, no one has heard from Darryl. Joanna and Kat confess that they are kind of glad he’s gone. Their lives are finally getting back to normal which means nobody has been using their powers.

Roxie is shocked when Darryl shows up just as she’s disrobing. The guy has excellent timing. Roxie tells Darryl that she had it out with Jamie and told him to leave town. But as Roxie talks, we see a flashback of the women clearing out Jamie’s pad, torching all of his belongs and sinking his car in the lake.

Darryl spends the night at Roxie’s. On the couch, of course. Buck naked, of course. Fortunately, Mia is at her grandmother’s this weekend. We say “fortunately” because Darryl and Roxie missed each other. A lot! Guess that’s why Roxie passionately kisses a still-naked Darryl as they roll around on the sofa.

Speaking of naked people, Kat gets caught in the buff by Gene, the son of her handsome new neighbor, a single dad named Colin (guest star Jerry O’Connell). As Kat and Colin chat about the embarrassing incident, Gene is harrassed by a playground bully. Kat watches in horror as Colin goes ballistic on the bully and his mom.

When Darryl crashes the ladies’ martini night, he claims to have come to Eastwick as the answer to their wishes. This isn’t the first time he’s received such a call. Three women named Bun, Eleanor and Gloria summoned him 25 years ago. It was during a time when he was known as Sebastian Hart. Joanna was right all along! But Sebastian and the ladies made mistakes as they experimented with their powers and people started to die.

Gloria disappeared for nine months, during which time she had a baby: Jamie. She returned in a state of mental decline. Gloria poisoned herself and carved the word “witch” onto her forehead. Bun and Eleanor blamed Darryl for her death and tried to kill him. He disappeared, fearing they’d come after him again. Darryl asks that he be allowed to deal with Jamie. Joanna and Kat reveal that they killed him. Darryl now knows Roxie lied to him and Joanna and Kat now realize that Roxie lied to them by not revealing that Darryl was back. They storm off.

To help Penny get over Jamie, Joanna sets up a double date (with Max serving as our Jo-Jo’s companion). Things don’t go well for Penny, who leaves in a huff. Joanna, however, ends up sharing a kiss with Max. The lip-lock is interrupted by a call from Clyde, who gives Joanna her job back at the Gazette. Later, Max makes a call and says, “Everything’s back on track with Joanna and the Penny problem has been resolved.” Hmmm.

Darryl tells Roxie that he’s leaving Eastwick. There’s no reason for him to stay if the ladies don’t plan on using their powers. He asks Roxie to come with him but she says she can’t leave her girls. So Darryl makes plans to go. He shares a goodbye kiss with Roxie. Later, Darryl stops by Kat’s to ask her to keep an eye on Roxie. He interrupts a chat she was having with Colin, who had stopped by to apologize for his behavior at the park.

After Darryl says goodbye to Kat, he catches Colin and Gene staring at him from their porch. As Darryl rides away in his limo, Gene says, “Who’s the guy in the suit?” When Colin says he isn’t sure, the kid totally berates his dad. He asks if he smoothed things over with Kat. It’s obviously that these two have plans for our Kat. And judging by Gene’s creepy, menacing demeanor, we get the sense that he may not be your typical, fun-loving kid.

Penny stops by to congratulate Joanna on getting her job back and to apologize for what went down during the double date. Joanna apologizes, too. Forgiveness is in the air, as Joanna and Kat head over to Roxie’s to ease her depression over Darryl’s imminent departure. Joanna and Kat suggest that if they begin using their powers again, Darryl would have a reason to stay. Sounds like a plan!

Roxie, Kat and Joanna burst into Darryl Van Horne’s home where he welcomes them with open arms. Darryl and Roxie kiss as Kat uses her powers to make it snow inside the mansion. Everyone dances. It’s a warm, spirited, fulfilling final scene as we bid adieu to a truly magical place called Eastwick.

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