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Rebecca Romijn, glamorous supermodel and sexy star of "The X-Men" movies, takes a decidedly bungling turn in her new WB comedy, "Pepper Dennis," about a Chicago TV reporter who will do anything for a story. "Rebecca is tripping over stuff and we're just humiliating her every chance we get," said executive producer Aaron Harberts.

Dennis thinks she's in line for the top job at her station. But when management instead gives the job to an outsider, good-looking, cocky anchorman Charlie Babcock (Josh Hopkins), Dennis becomes even more desperate - and clumsy. She walks into doors, crashes into tables and finds herself in the gutter when her hot pursuit of an interview ends with a header into a mud puddle.

"I wanted to do" the show, said Romijn, who does all her own pratfalls, "because of all the funny things they wrote for the character to do. And partly because of my modeling and partly because of the Mystique character [in 'X-Men'], I've always loved physical acting." The part has also sent her to the real thing for inspiration.

"I really love watching local news now," she said. "The things they make news people do now are unbelievable." Romijn recently watched a spot on a Los Angeles station in which the correspondent did her report from a moving roller coaster. She's waiting for that script to land on her doorstep.

A much more unfortunate art-imitating-life scenario will play out when the cast goes into production today. Co-star Brooke Burns, who plays Pepper's sister Kathy on the series, appeared here yesterday wearing a chic neck brace that she personally decorated with rhinestones. Burns broke her neck in a diving accident in November. Several scary weeks and one operation later, she's left wearing the brace for several hours a day. The producers had already written an episode in which Kathy is in a neck brace after injuring herself in a striptease aerobics class.

The producers also said that they hope to keep a joke about late ABC anchorman Peter Jennings in the pilot, which was filmed before Jennings' death last August. In the episode, Babcock's charisma is likened to that of Jennings since both news men are from Canada. It's not in poor taste and is in fact reverential, said executive producer Gretchen J. Berg. The show will likely launch in March.

Original article: NY Daily News

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