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At the fancy Ritz Carlton hotel in Pasadena, California, WB stars gathered to give the press the latest news on their current TV shows and upcoming brand new series. In a richly decorated but rather dark, atmospheric room guests chowed down, mingled and chatted. Ah, blonde hair, tall and a great party dress with an interesting diamond cut-out in the back? Must be Rebecca Romijn ... you know, Jerry O’Connell’s girlfriend and that sexy blue Mystique lady in X-Men? She’s got a new comedy show on the WB Called “Pepper Dennis” in which she plays a TV reporter. Let’s do our own reporting thing and get the story…

TeenTelevision: Hi Rebecca. Are you allowed to give the producers of “Pepper Dennis” any ideas for storylines?

Rebecca: Oh, I call him all the time [indicating one of her producers standing nearby]. I come up with all sorts of things that are probably way too specific. Like, at one point, I called him and said ‘will you please put in a whole thing about men who wear flip flops because I really have an issue with that. ‘Can we make sure Pepper can’t stand it when men wear flip flops’? We really get down to the nitty gritty but I find it really therapeutic myself.

TeenTelevision: I dated a guy who wore flip flops to a fancy party. It’s not pretty! [she laughs]. Was there any anchorwoman that you saw growing up that you decided you wanted to use as an example for this character?

Rebecca: I never watched the news with the thought in mind that I might one day play a news anchor but I really get a kick out of watching local news now.

Original article: TeenTelevision.com

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