Sightings 1995-1997


10-17-1997: The Hollywood Film Festival Presents "Allie And Me" (Universal Studios, L.A.)

09-26-1997: Shooting of Friends episode with Rebecca Romijn
NBC's "Friends" will step up its already high beauty quotient when supermodel Rebecca Romijn makes a guest appearance this season.

Romijn, known for her Sports Illustrated and Miller Lite beer commercials and print ads, will play a paleontologist at the local museum who catches Ross' (David Schwimmer's) eye.

Trouble is, when Ross gets to the lovely woman's home, he's completely turned off to her by the mess he finds there.

The episode, which was shot Friday night (09-26-1997, RRF), could air as early as next month.

07-28-1997: Structure Underwear fashion show (Bryant Park, NYC) [Pictures]

06-07-1997: 1997 MTV Movie Awards (Barker Hanger, Santa Monica, CA) [Pictures]

02-27-1997: Premiere of "Private Parts" (NYC) [Pictures]

02-04-1997: Victoria's Secret 1997 Fashion Show (Plaza Hotel, NYC) [Pictures]

02-03-1997: CFDA Awards (Lincoln Center, NYC) [Pictures]

02-12-1996: CFDA Awards (Lincoln Centre, NYC) [Pictures]

02-06-1996: Howard Stern Show
John Stamos and his girlfriend, Rebecca Romijn, came in for a while this morning. Rebecca is in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and has done modeling for Victoria's Secret catalog. John is now starring in a broadway play. Howard was fawning over Rebecca through the whole interview. Tori Spelling also called in during the Stamos interview to plug her CBS movie that's on tonight. She plays a hooker...mmmmm sounds like a good one. Howard was talking about how small Tori's ass is and asked her how big her bowel movements are...and of course the delay was hit at least twice during the conversation so the good stuff was missed. They said something about her doody being the size of a Q-Tip.

02-06-1996: Victoria's Secret 1996 Fashion Show (NYC) [Pictures]

01-23-1996: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Premiere Party (All Star Cafe, NYC) [Pictures]

12-18-1995: Official Grand Opening of the All Star Cafe (All Star Cafe, NYC)

09-22-1995: Macy's 13th annual Passport show at Fort Mason

04-13-1995: Charity Gala "Beauty and the Beast" (Shubert Theatre, L.A.) [Pictures]

02-14-1995: 32nd Annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (The Supper Club, NYC)