Sightings 2004


12-05-2004: "Man about Town" shooting (Vancouver, Canada) [Pictures]

11-28-2004: Party at Writer-Director Mike Binder's House (Pacific Palisades, CA) [Pictures]

11-20-2004: Juicy Couture Store Opening (Forum Shops, Las Vegas, NV) [Pictures]

11-05-2004: New York City (with Jerry O'Connell) [Pictures]
Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn act just like a couple of love sick teenagers! Exhibit A: the not-so-little memento the Crossing Jordan star, 30, modeled on his neck during a late lunch at New York City's Pastis on November 5 (2004, RRF). "It looked like he had an enormous hickey!" says an eyewitness, adding that the pair, who have been dating almost three months, "are not afraid to show their affection in public. They were kissing and hanging on each other." Even after their meal, the model turned actress, 32 - who confirmed her separation from hubby John Stamos in April and is currently filming the big-screen comedy Man About Town with Ben Affleck - remained suction-cupped to her man's side as they waited for a taxi outside the French bistro. "I don't think they even let go when they got into the cab," says the onlooker. "They just draped their bodies over each other."

11-04-2004: Last Call with Carson Daly

11-03-2004: Los Angeles International Airport

10-24-2004: Los Angeles International Airport [Pictures]
Undercover lovers Rebecca Romijn, 32, and Jerry O'Connell, 30, just couldn't hide their feelings any longer! After a weekend spent cozying up in Calabasas, California - where the actress lives in the former brothel she converted into a home with estranged husband John Stamos, 41 - the couple of two months shared a sullen, early-morning farewell on October 24 (2004, RRF) at the Los Angeles International Airport. Before Romijn jetted to Vancouver, British Columbia (whre she's shooting Ben Affleck's comedy Man About Town), the dressed-down Crossing Jordan star chauffeured her to the airport for a 6:45 a.m. flight. "He seemed so sad to see her go!" says a witness. "They looked like teenagers in a movie saying goodbye for the summer. They just couldn't stop kissing!" Alas, her cinematic career called, and O'Connell was left waving as Romijn rode the escalator to her gate.

09-2004: Canoga Park's Westfield Shoppingtown Mall
Rebecca Romijn is quite the penny-saver these days. First she's spotted scooping up bargains at Target: now she's stocking up for fall at Rampage in Canoga Park's Westfield Shoppingtown Mall. While salesgirls fell all over themselves trying to assist the supermodel, Romijn appeared a bit annoyed at all the attention. Hardly looking like the svelte, sexy fashion fatale for which she's known, her blond locks were pulled back by a bandana and she wore no makeup. Her recently noted weight gain was hardly camouflaged by her tight jeans and tank, which may have had something to do with the fact that she only perused accessories, choosing from an array of newsboy caps, knitted and wool hats decorated with jeweled pins or felt flowers as well as crocheted, faux-rabbit and multicolored scarves. A delighted cashier rung up the bill totaling a whopping $300. With her keen eye for fashion, who's to be the wiser? She'd only get one scarf for that price in Prada.

09-22-2004: Set of Jerry O'Connell's TV Show
Things seem to be still hot and heavy between Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell, 30. On Sept. 22 (2004, RRF), Romijn, 31, dressed in hiphugger jeans and a skimpy pink camisole, stopped by the set of O'Connell's TV show, Crossing Jordan, to watch her beau of two months shoot a scene, says an eyewitness. The minute O'Connell was done shooting, Romijn "wrapped her arms around him and they headed back to his trailer," the eyewitness says. The witness adds that he also "looked absolutely besotted with her." Romijn's estranged husband, John Stamos, filed for divorce Aug. 19.

08-2004: Target Store (Woodland Hills, CA)
Seems that divorce does not agree with Rebecca Romijn. The actress and former Victoria's Secret model was recently spotted bargain-hunting in the Woodland Hills Target store. While the sexpot amiably chatted up the cashier, several customers in line behind her noted that the once-sleek beauty was putting on a bit of weight around the middle. One customer remarked that she looked pregnant, but another waved her hand and said, "Naw, she's just fat." Another commented that her arms looked "prett husky, too." Dressed in a knee-length jeans skirt, a sky-blue blouse, and a multi-hued Pucci-print bandana over her blonde locks, the X-Men actress paid with a credit card, and once out of the store, she lit up a cigarette and sped out of the lot in a black BMW XS.

08-24-2004: 10 Weeks: Don't Get Mad, Get Even! (Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC) [Article]

08-21/22-2004: Chelsea Neighborhood (NYC)
Just two days after her estranged husband, John Stamos, 41, filed for divorce (they separated in April), Rebecca Romijn, 31, spent August 21 [2004, RRF] showing off her new man, Jerry O'Connell, 30, all around New York City. In the afternoon, the twosome ducked into Pastis to escape a sudden downpour, then lunched in a cozy corner. "She kept caressing his face and arm," says an eyewitness. That night, O'Connell treated his new love to Japanese food at up-and-coming hot spot Megu. "They were laughing and being flirtatious," says a fellow diner. "At one point, they were full-on kissing!"

08-08-2004: Jennifer Klein Summer Party (L.A.)

08-06-2004: Jerry's Deli (Studio City, CA)

07-17-2004: Los Angeles International Airport

07-14-2004: VSDA Home Entertainment Trade Show (Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, NV) [Article]

06-19-2004: Picking up tickets to Blue Man Group (Las Vegas, NV)

06-12-2004: Maxim's Annual Hot 100 Party (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV) [Article] [Pictures]

06-11-2004: Simon Kitchen & Bar (Las Vegas, NV)

04-29-2004: Taping of Ellen DeGeneres (NBC Studios, Burbank, CA) [Pictures]

04-22-2004: Godsend L.A. Premiere (Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

04-20-2004: Hollywould (NYC) [Pictures]

04-18-2004: VH1 Divas (MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV)

04-16-2004: MTV Total Request Live (MTV Studios, NYC) [Pictures]

04-14-2004: "The Punisher" New York Premiere (Loews Astor Plaza One, NYC) [Article]

04-12-2004: "The Punisher" Premiere (ArcLight Theater, Hollywood, CA) [Article] [Pictures]

04-05-2004: Godsend Photocall (L.A.)

03-23-2004: Screening of "The Punisher" (Las Vegas, NV) [Pictures]

03-23-2004: Dining at Mon Ami Gabi (Las Vegas, NV)

03-21-2004: Wizard World: Los Angeles Marvel Movie Panel [Article] [Pictures]

03-14-2004: 2004 SXSW Festival - "Knots" Premiere (Austin, TX) [Pictures]

03-03-2004: Presentation of Christian Dior 04/05 Autumn/Winter Collection (Paris, France) [Pictures]

02-29-2004: 2004 Vanity Fair Oscar Party (Mortons, Beverly Hills, CA) [Pictures]

02-29-2004: Elton John's Oscar Night Gala (Pearl, West Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

02-06-2004: Patrick Whitesell birthday party (Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV)

02-04-2004: Elvis Costello Blue Jam Sessions (House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

02-01-2004: Lunch, shopping and watching the Superbowl (Santa Barbara, CA)

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