Sightings 2005


12-27-2005: El Dorado Kitchen (Sanoma Valley, CA)

11-20-2005: Yours, Mine and Ours Premiere (The Cinerama Dome, Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

11-08-2005: 7A (N.Y.C)
Sunday, mid-afternoon (11-08-2005, RRF) eating late brunch and drinking hair-of-the-dog Bloodies at the corner of 7th and A — yes, 7A is the place — and saw Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn. He was tall and really tan (not J. Simp orange but pretty damn dark) leading her down the sidewalk. They must be making some good love because she looked really thin. She was looking very East Village—one might even say "edgy" —in a big hat that you'd think held dreads, but I'm pretty sure she had Uncle Jessie stuffed up there!

10-2005: Sterling Nursery (Calabasas, CA) [Pictures]

10-30-2005: Bowwowween Pet Fair and Costume Contest (333 South Barrington, Westwood, CA)

10-23-2005: Ecstasy: In and About Altered States (Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, L.A.)

09-24-2005: "Road to Relief" (Van Nuys Airport, Van Nuys, CA) [Pictures]

09-19-2005: Los Angeles International Airport [Pictures]

09-10-2005: The Pink Party (Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica, CA) [Pictures]

09-09-2005: Tommy Hilfiger 20th Anniversary Party (NYC)

09-08-2005: 2005 Fashion Rocks (Radio City Music Hall, NYC) [Pictures]

09-07-2005: ELLE Magazine's 21st Birthday VIP Bash (Bloomingdale's - 59th Street, NYC) [Pictures]

08-2005: Television Critics Association summer press tour (Deadwood, CA)

08-25-2005: Stylish Summer Bash Cocktail party (Michael Kors, Beverly Hills, CA) [Pictures]

08-21-2005: Gymnasium (L.A.) [Article]

08-07-2005: Jen Klein's Day of Indulgence (L.A.) [Pictures]

08-03-2005: Shopping in Nolita (NYC)

07-2005: Planet Blue [Pictures]

07-22-2005: 2005 Summer TCA Tour for The WB (Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA)

07-04-2005: Montauket (Montauk, N.Y.)
Jerry O'Connell with Rebecca Romijn, looking tanned and glowing, at the Montauket in Montauk on Saturday of July 4th weekend (apparently his family lives out there - this I learned from the bachelor with his brother). They glowed in the sunset, drinking buds and talking to locals, looking very much in love. She was drinking and was definitely not pregnant, though also not as toned as you would think she would be yet stunning.

06-21-2005: "Four Inches": A Benefit For The Elton John Aids Foundation (Mortons, L.A.) [Article] [Pictures]

06-04-2005: Auction Napa Valley Charity Event (Napa Valley, CA) [Article] [Pictures]

05-2005: Los Angeles Dodgers game [Article]

05-2005: Hotel Gansevoort (NYC)

05-25-2005: Vacation with Jerry O'Connell (Hawaii) [Pictures]

05-20-2005: Cain (NYC)

05-19-2005: Rose of India (NYC)

05-18-2005: Level Vodka and 3 Arts Party (NYC)

05-17-2005: WB Upfronts 2005 & After Party (Madison Square Garden, NYC) [Pictures]

05-16-2005: William Morris Agency UpFront Party (Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC)

05-16-2005: In Style Magazine Party (632 Hudson, NYC)

05-08-2005: Le Zie, Chelsea (NYC)
Galker Stalker writes on

"I was having dinner with friends at Le Zie in Chelsea and sat next to Rebecca Romijn (formerly Stamos), Jerry O’Connell and Jerry’s parents enjoying a Mother’s Day pasta meal last Sunday night. Rebecca is radiantly beautiful in a very natural way and I am glad to say that she looks curvy and healthy like a real woman (not scary anorexic like so many actresses). Jerry is taller than I expected and actually much better looking in person - quite a handsome couple. For double bonus points, Michael Imperioli and his parents stopped by the table on the way out (do all celebrities know each other?) and Jerry and Michael introduced all of the parents - very cute.

05-07-2005: Kentucky Derby (Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY) [Pictures]

05-06-2005: Barnstable Brown Gala (Louisville, KY) [Pictures]

05-05-2005: Spring Fling (The Garden, NYC) [Pictures]

04-30-2005: Coachella Music Festival (Empire Polo Field, Indio, CA)

04-30-2005: DKNY Jeans and Jaguar Host "The Sanctuary" (Private Residence Rancho Mirage, CA) [Pictures]

04-23-2005: The Four Seasons Hotel (L.A.) [Pictures]

02-25-2005: Oscar Diamond Aquifer Holistic Retreat (Soho House, Hollywood Hills, CA)

02-06-2005: Luca Luca Show (Bryant Park, NYC) [Article] [Pictures]

02-06-2005: Yigal Azrouel Fall 2005 fashion show (Bryant Park, NYC)

02-05-2005: Shopping Manhattan (NYC) [Pictures]
Actress Rebecca Romijn and boyfriend Jerry O' Connell shop at Luca Luca before they carry shopping bags full of fashion down Madison Avenue in New York. After shopping and kissing for an hour at the upscale boutique, the couple are set to attend the Luca Luca fashion show at Bryant Park Jerry did however show a soft side when the photographer fell over and he quickly helped him to his feet, Jerry said: "You see, Hollywood actors do help the paparazzi sometimes!"

02-04-2005: Perry Ellis Menswear Fashion Show (Bryant Park, NYC) [Pictures]

02-02-2005: Shopping (Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA)

01-31-2005: Set of "Man About Town" (Beverly Hills, CA) [Pictures]

01-29-2005: Shopping (Malibu, CA)

01-23-2005: Pain Quotidien Restaurant (West Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

01-16-2005: Golden Globes Party (Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA) [Pictures]

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