Sightings 2007


12-21-2007: Rebecca Romijn Sighting
We were let out on Friday (12-21-2007, RRF) and I promptly went to the coffee shop to grade found poems (based on All Quiet on the Western Front, chapter four). We've been on a movie kick of late so after grading, we headed off to see Juno. (Rebecca Romijn and her husband, Jerry O'Connell, were behind me at the concession stand and a few rows in front of us in the film. I had to text my friend, who suggested I yell "go banana slugs!" and see if she'd react... Romijn was a year behind me at UCSC, though she dropped out to pursue modeling.) Juno was delightful. A little teary for me, in parts, but delightful nonetheless. We don't have many pregnant girls at school, and watching the reaction of one of the staffers, I wondered what it would be like for a girl at my high school.

12-08-2007: Christmas Shopping (Home Depot, Calabasas, CA) [Pictures]

11-08-2007: Writers' Strike [Pictures]

11-07-2007: Juicy Couture Party (Beverly Hills, CA)

11-07-2007: L.A. Confidential Magazine (NINETHIRTY Restaurant, W Los Angeles, CA) [Pictures]

11-07-2007: Mr. Chow (L.A.) [Pictures]

11-06-2007: Rebecca's Birthday (Edendale Grill, Silverlake, CA) [Pictures]

10-18-2007: Live with Regis and Kelly (ABC Studios, NYC) [Pictures]

10-17-2007: The Late Show with David Letterman (Ed Sullivan Theater, NYC) [Pictures]

10-06-2007: The HRC 11th Annual National Dinner (Washington D.C. Convention Center) [Article]

09-30-2007: RTF Brunch (UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, C.A.) [Pictures]

09-23-2007: Judy Garland Tribute (Hollywood Bowl, L.A.)

09-16-2007: 59th Emmy Awards (Shrine Auditorium, L.A.) [Pictures]

09-08-2007: The Pink Party (Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica, CA) [Pictures]

08-27-2007: Petit Tresor (Brentwood, CA)

08-20-2007: Ugly Betty DVD Launch Party (Skybar Mondrian Hotel, Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

08-17-2007: Furniture Shopping (Topanga Canyon, CA) [Pictures]

07-26-2007: Disney-ABC Television Group's All-Star Event (Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA) [Pictures]

07-21-2007: Cycling in New York City (N.Y.C)

07-20-2007: Rebecca and Jerry to the Gym (Tarzana, CA) [Pictures]

07-18-2007: Fergie Concert (Wiltern Theater, L.A.) [Pictures]

07-16-2007: Ugly Betty Set (Pasadena, CA) [Pictures]

07-15-2007: Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell Honeymoon (Ojai, CA) [Pictures]

07-14-2007: Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell Marriage (Calabasas, CA) [Pictures]

07-13-2007: Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell Rehearsal dinner (Adagio Ristorante, Calabasas, CA) [Pictures]

07-07-2007: Rebecca and Jerry cycling (Calabasas) [Pictures]
It’s well known that Rebecca Romijn used to be a supermodel and Jerry O’Connell used to be a chubby child so it should come as no surprises that the two continued the uphill battle to stay fit this past weekend. This time, the active couple jumped on a tandem bike on Saturday (07-07-2007, RRF), cycling in matching tops around Calabasas, a wealthy town, not far from Malibu.

06-09-2007: Belmont Stakes (Belmont Park, NYC) [Pictures]

06-07-2007: New York City

05-16-2007: Maxim's 8th Annual Hot 100 Party (The Gansevoort Hotel, NYC) [Pictures]
When you’re ranked #30 on Maxim’s “Hot 100” list, people want to talk to you. And by “you” I mean Rebecca Romijn and when I say “people,” I’m referring to myself. At a swank party thrown by the men’s magazine, I caught up with the erstwhile “X-Men” star to ask whether she’s heard talk of her mutant alter-ego Mystique making an appearance in the franchise’s two planned spin-offs, “Magneto” and “Wolverine.” The answer to both films is no: “I hear the same rumors you hear,” she says, “but nobody has come to me.”

05-16-2007: Good Morning America (ABC Studios, NYC) [Pictures]

05-16-2007: Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NBC Studios, NYC)

05-15-2007: ABC Upfront (Lincoln Center, NYC) [Pictures]
Did Ugly Betty's Rebecca Romijn have a self-esteem issue at Tuesday night's PAMA Upfront Party at the Grand in Manhattan? When walking in with beau Jerry O'Connell, the two paused and engaged in a brief debate over whether or not to walk the red carpet. While Romijn was advocating skipping the plush altogether, O'Connell turned his head from her at one point to roll his eyes in annoyance, locking eyes with Radar.

Debate aside, the two did take to the carpet moments later for a few quick photos. Romijn jumped off quickly, though, skipping the print reporters and podunk TV crews stationed beyond the league of paps. Ever the publicity whore, O'Connell continued solo down the line, obliging all who stuck a mic in his face. The two left shortly after that, heading over to Juniors for some cheesecake dessert.

04-19-2007: Mr. Show (L.A.) [Pictures]

04-14-2007: 18th GLAAD Media Awards (Kodak Theatre, L.A.) [Pictures]

03-2007: Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn [Pictures]

03-19-2007: Hollywood Walk Of Fame (Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

03-18-2007: Collection Bebe Fall 2007 (Smashbox Studios, L.A.) [Pictures]

03-12-2007: 2007 William M Paley Television Festival (Museum of Television and Radio, L.A.) [Pictures]

02-17-2007: Shopping (Smart & Final, L.A.) [Pictures]

02-02-2007: 2007 Super Bowl Maxim Party (The Sagamoore Hotel, Miami Beach, FL)

01-31-2007: The Urth Cafe (Santa Monica, CA)

01-28-2007: L.A. Dream Keeper Awards (House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

01-21-2007: Cycling with Jerry O'Connell (Calabasas, CA) [Pictures]

01-17-2007: Shopping with Jerry O'Connell (L.A.) [Pictures]

01-17-2007: Ugly Betty Set [Pictures]

01-15-2007: Golden Globe Awards (The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA) [Pictures]

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