09-11-1998: Space Ghost Coast to Coast


Rebecca Romijn made an appearance in episode 63 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast on Cartoon Network. Here is the transcript of the part of the show in which Rebecca Romijn appeared:

Space Ghost: Please welcome my next guest, Rebecca Romijn.
(Monitor displays funny patterns, but no Rebecca)
Rebecca Romijn: (voice only) Hello, Space Ghost!
Space Ghost: Rebecca? Where are you?
(In control room, Rags lies on the floor)
Rebecca Romijn: (on monitor) Hello? Hello, hello, hello?
Space Ghost: Rebecca, turn off your inviso-power.
Rebecca Romijn: I'm here, I'm here, I'm right here.
Space Ghost: Oh no! Can it be? Have I lost the gift of sight in not one, but both eyes?
Zorak: Simmer down there, Sandra Dee.
Space Ghost: (looking up) Zorak? Is that you? My oldest and truest evil bandleader? (turns and looks to his left) Oh, Zorak, it is you! I can see! I can see! This is the happiest day of my life!
Zorak: (walks up to Space Ghost as he speaks) (belches, and blows it on Space Ghost)
Space Ghost: You probably think that's cool.
(In control room, Rags is chewing on a rug and growling)
Space Ghost: (invisos in) Miss Romijn?
Rebecca Romijn: Where am I? What's going on right now?
Space Ghost: This is Space Ghost here. Over.
Rebecca Romijn: Hello, Space Ghost.
Space Ghost: Sorry for the difficulty, Rebecca. Somebody seems to have slobbered on all the settings. Over.
Rags: (Bark! Bark!)
Rebecca Romijn: Who was that, what was that weird noise?
Space Ghost: Nothing. Hang tight for a sec. Over and out. (presses a console button, sends Rebecca to the studio monitor)
Rebecca Romijn: Oh, good, thank you.
Rags: (continues to growl and thrash the rug back and forth)
Space Ghost: You're worse than Moltar. (bounds back to his desk) Please welcome my next guest, super-model Rebecca Romijn.
Rebecca Romijn: Thank you, it's really exciting to be here, thanks.
Space Ghost: Yes, yes, enough about me, let's talk about you. Now, you do runway modeling occasionally, right?
Rebecca Romijn: That's right.
Space Ghost: Okay, when you're walking down the runway..
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah...
Space Ghost: Do ya ever get the urge to just run and take off like an XG series pulse-modulated Donovan craft?
Rebecca Romijn: Well, you know, sometimes when I'm walking down the runway, all I'm wearing are, are underpants.
Space Ghost: Uh, ahh.... (falls over at his desk, his feet stick up in the air)
Rebecca Romijn: Oh no... are you okay?
Space Ghost: (gets up) Were you just hitting on me?
Rebecca Romijn: You're kind of intimidating me, Space Ghost, that strong jaw, and those, those, those, those, those intense eyes.
Space Ghost: Yeah. And how about my generous biceps?
Rebecca Romijn: (laughs) Well, they're, they're intimidating too.
Space Ghost: You mean it? You're not just blowing smoke up my cape.
Rebecca Romijn: I, I do, I love you, Space -
(Credits roll prematurely again)
Space Ghost: Rebecca? NO! (invisos to control room)
Rags: (Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!)

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