02-12-1999: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Jay Leno: Good to see you buddy.

Rebecca Romijn: It's great to be back, again.

Jay Leno: Thank you for hosting our New Years Eve Party. You were wonderful.

Rebecca Romijn: I had so much fun. It was great.

Jay Leno: It was very cold there, wasn't it?

Rebecca Romijn: It was so cold, I'm warm now. I was just playing basketball out on the parking lot with Magic Johnson.

Jay Leno: Oh, really, really?

Rebecca Romijn: Looked his ass.

Jay Leno: Really? Really.

Rebecca Romijn: I did.

Jay Leno: Well figures, who's an ass a Sports Illustrated cover story this is. You wore a metal bathing suit. You wore?

Rebecca Romijn: It is a chain metal bathing suit.

Jay Leno: Now you need wire clippers too. Oh God. Now what did you... This is a huge secret, isn't it?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah.

Jay Leno: They won't even tell us. This was brought in like a lock box.

Rebecca Romijn: Right, I know, they told me a week and a half before they unveiled it which was on Monday and I wasn't supposed to tell anybody. I was actually out shopping by myself and my model booker called me and she got wicked news for me: “You got the cover, you got the cover” and I was like wow, so I raised home and I called the senior fashion editor. She said: “It is so exciting, it is so great, but you can't tell anybody. It is the biggest secret. If you tell anybody we're gonna pull the cover.

Jay Leno: Hold it. That is serious?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, yeah, so I was freaked out, but off course I told my husband and my sister and my parents..., and my husband is terrible in secrets and he wants to tell the world.

Jay Leno: But you can't. You have just to wait till it comes out.

Rebecca Romijn: And now, ever since it was found out, they're like..., John, you must be so excited. You're married to the Sports Illustrated cover girl Wow.., He was like..., It is terrible, I never see her, I don't get any action, I can't even...., cause I have been like crazy.

Jay Leno: I don't get any action. Now there is number two here. Let's go to number two. Now this one, you're completely naked.

Rebecca Romijn: So what that that is?

Jay Leno: Now what happened to you....

Rebecca Romijn: You got the sneary thing on the rear end of it.

Jay Leno: That is actually your ass.

Rebecca Romijn: No it is not, they made my ass twice a size.

Jay Leno: It is a beautiful picture and there is nothing... Our dopy sensors said we had to put that across. I don't know why it is.

Rebecca Romijn: Do you have a credit of bikinis in here?

Jay Leno: The bikinis are in here.

Rebecca Romijn: They should have credited your parents in here.

Jay Leno: You know, you're parents did a hell of a job.

Rebecca Romijn: Swimsuit by Elizabeth and Jacob Romijn.

Jay Leno: You look like you are covered with oil here.

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, lot a oil. Very slippery.

Jay Leno: Some Italian, I like that.

Rebecca Romijn: Just the suit, slipped right... Suit has slipped right off of me.

Jay Leno: Really? Now, this looks like a beautiful idealic island.

Rebecca Romijn: It is gorgeous.

Jay Leno: Mosquitoes? Are there bugs?

Rebecca Romijn: Tons of mosquitoes, actually, they don't bother me mosquitoes. I'm not sweet enough apparently. But they were bugging everybody else. And we went through cans and cans of mosquitoes...

Jay Leno: There is another one I wanna ask you about. Where is that third picture? Here.

Rebecca Romijn: Lotta geckos on the island.

Jay Leno: Now this is painted on.

Rebecca Romijn: Oh, the painted one, you want to talk about that one?

Jay Leno: Yes, this is..., Look at that, here we go. That's painted on. You're completely naked there, but that is painted on.

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That took 15 hours actually.

Jay Leno: Really?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, I was up at 1 a.m. in the morning.

Jay Leno: Are they getting paid by the hour, when it takes so long?

Rebecca Romijn: I don't know.

Jay Leno: I know why it take so long. Was it a guy, who painted it on?

Rebecca Romijn: No, it was a woman and two assistants and we weren't ready to shoot till 4 p.m. the next afternoon.

Jay Leno: Really?

Rebecca Romijn: And it was like. The first three hours, I was kind of able to sleep, but I kept, it was a very restless, self conscious, uncomfortable sleep and I kept..., I would drift off and then I would go: “Oh, my God, I'm butt naked and there are three people painting me”.

Jay Leno: It looks like you are painted in, in, in particular areas. I mean, I'm just..., I mean, I know how you paint a window. I mean, how do you do anything?

Rebecca Romijn: Well, I wasn't painted on the back actually. I run around the beach and they were cuffing my behind.

Jay Leno: Like a baboon? She'd paint it red. Very romantic. Now here is a silly question, but I think it is a good question. Does it tickle, when they use that little brush when they are painting?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, actually it tickles a lot on my belly button. That is all I am saying. It tickles around my belly button. It did.

Jay Leno: Now, what do you do for 15 hours? Do you read a book?

Rebecca Romijn: I ate, people would bring me tea and Sports Illustrated.

Jay Leno: Did you really eat and go to the bathroom when they were painting you?

Rebecca Romijn: I did, you know, you gotta perform.

Jay Leno: This is getting less and less romantic now. I'm going out of this.

Rebecca Romijn: You know what, it was very clinical, it wasn't sexy, it wasn't romantic.

Jay Leno: Now I'll be the judge of that. It was sexy.

Rebecca Romijn: It wasn't.

Jay Leno: No, I'm not buying that.

Rebecca Romijn: It was like being with the doctor, you know. It was.

Jay Leno: Like being with the doctor?

Rebecca Romijn: In a way.

Jay Leno: I've played doctor many times.

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