07-14-2000: Tonight Show with Jay Lano


Jay Leno: My first guest is the supermodel who braced the cover of hundreds of magazines and now a big time movie star. Now she comes here for a couple of years. It's fun to watch people get bigger and bigger and more popular and now she has a number one movie in the country. X-Men. Please welcome the lovely Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

Jay Leno: Have a seat, have a seat, big time moviestar.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you Jay, you have been so nice to me. Thank you so much.

Jay Leno: Well you know something. I did a joke about, I wanna ask you about this.

Rebecca Romijn: I wanna ask you about the joke you did. A couple of weeks ago.

Jay Leno: Yeah, yeah. The one about the lesbian thing.

Rebecca Romijn: The lesbian thing!!!

Jay Leno: Yeah, the lesbian thing.

Rebecca Romijn: Can I bring everybody up-to-date a little bit. I did this interview for Maxim magazine and in the interview I said that I had a dream about Liv Tyler and I specifically said it was not a sex dream.

Jay Leno: No but seems, and I said, and the joke I said was, women can do that. In our society women can say: 'I had a dream about another woman' you see. As like Russell Quind can't say 'I dreamed, I was gentleman Mel Gibson, Oh it was great, you see, guys can't do that. That was the joke. Guys can't say, I dreamed about this other guy. Ho, Ho, you see. If women do it, oh, it's sexy.

Rebecca Romijn: I know, ohhh, tintalating.

Jay Leno: That was in like a tabloid. Right?

Rebecca Romijn: It was well, the Globe.

Jay Leno: The Globe.

Rebecca Romijn: You guys, the Globe

Jay Leno: Which checks, re-checks and double-checks the facts.

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, this is very legitimate here people. You guys wanna hear what the Globe has to say it.

Jay Leno: What did they say?

Rebecca Romijn: Okay, this is the title of the article: "Full House hunk", my husband John Stamos, "Full House hunk's lesbian nightmare", Okay.

Jay Leno: First of all, nothing lesbian is ever a nightmare, as far as guys are in concern. To men there is no such thing a lesbian nightmare. The only will be if they were home. Home now. That would be a nightmare, or if you mist it, that would be the lesbian nightmare. But go ahead.

Rebecca Romijn: So according to The Globe, an "insider".

Jay Leno: Oh, an insider.

Rebecca Romijn: An insider, a friend, a close gall-pall, or whoever.

Jay Leno: A gall-pall.

Rebecca Romijn: An insider reveals. He told Rebecca, you've made me a laughing stock. Lesbians? For God's sake!!! First of all, like John would ever talk like that, like those words would ever come out of his mouth.

Jay Leno: A laughing stock.

Rebecca Romijn: And second of all, anybody who knows John, any "insider" would know, that John would have three words to say about this: "Get her over"

Jay Leno: Well, I always, I always love the words, cause, like friends always whoe to another friend. You know that. We're soulmates, cute close friend.

Rebecca Romijn: Right, for God's sake.

Jay Leno: Now, what else, they said you had sex dreams about other people actually too.

Rebecca Romijn: Well, there was something about Steve Martin, which is true actually.

Jay Leno: You had sex dreams about Steve Martin?

Rebecca Romijn: And that is true. I did, I had a big crush on Steve Martin.

Jay Leno: That was a sex dream?

Rebecca Romijn: It was a sex dream.

Jay Leno: And what happened in the dream?

Rebecca Romijn: My first, I don't remember.

Jay Leno: Was he naked, with an arrow in the head? Was it one of those?

Rebecca Romijn: No, I was, it was about "Dead Men Don't Ware Plaid".

Jay Leno: Right.

Rebecca Romijn: You remember that movie?

Jay Leno: Yes I do.

Rebecca Romijn: I don't know, I had a mad...

Jay Leno: I saw it and did not have a sex dream about Steve Martin afterwards. So what happened?

Rebecca Romijn: Okay, so this goes on about talking Steve Martin. The source says, the angry sitcom star also pointed out, that he liked Steve Martin as a comic. The source reveals, that John told her, 'Well honey, I was on a sitcom that ran for years'. She beamed it him and answered, 'But that doesn't count honey, you have to be funny'. I know. John shot back: 'Yes, but I know ways to make a woman laugh, you haven't dreamed of' and flashed his thong. Is that funny?

Jay Leno: How do you flash your thong?

Rebecca Romijn: What does that mean? Jay show me!

Jay Leno: I don't know what that is. But I want to find out more about the sex dream with Steve Martin.

Rebecca Romijn: You know, I'm not gonna get in details.

Jay Leno: Was it a sex dream was, was it a little story like... Would you go out to dinner, to the movie, then autumn leaves fall and then you wake up. One of those kind?

Rebecca Romijn: It was a puppy love dream.

Jay Leno: A puppy love dream. Guys love that.

Rebecca Romijn: You're making it dirtier and dirtier.

Jay Leno: Guys love puppy dreams.

Rebecca Romijn: Anyway, so that was what the Globe had to say. Don't believe everything you read.

Jay Leno: No no, but it is funny. Now you see, you have a good attitude. A lot of stars, they wanna sue right away. I mean, I don't think, is anybody take this serious?

Rebecca Romijn: I think it's hilarious. Do you guys think it's funny?

Jay Leno: I think, it's silly. A full hunks lesbian nightmare. And now you're in X-Men, the number one movie?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes I'm so excited like, at the end...

Jay Leno: Now, I wanna ask you.


Jay Leno: You know what it is?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, you guys know what it is. And the movie made a lot of money and by Sunday night I was like fiftyseven million dollars, this is incredible. I don't get any of that.

Jay Leno: You get satisfaction of knowing the job well done. And that's important. You're playing Mystique and you're superpowers are? You...

Rebecca Romijn: I'm a cameleon, shapeshifter.

Jay Leno: You know, the original shape you have in the movie is great, why you would wanna change form that shape.

Rebecca Romijn: It's just my evil way. Tricky and manipulative.

Jay Leno: It looks like you're naked and they just put blue paint on you.

Rebecca Romijn: It does look like that, but I'm actually more than two-thirds of my body is covered in prosthetics, prostecis, prosthetics. What's the plural of prosthetics?

Jay Leno: It looks like skin...

Rebecca Romijn: It's all sillicon prosthetics and then whatever...

Jay Leno: No joke.

Rebecca Romijn: No joke, sorry.

Jay Leno: Is it plastic they spray on you?

Rebecca Romijn: It's, no no, it's sillicon prosthetics and whatever was not covered in sillicon was then painted blue.

Jay Leno: So, they just paint?

Rebecca Romijn: Well, no it was actually airbrushed.

Jay Leno: How does that work?

Rebecca Romijn: This whole thing took eight hours.

Jay Leno: It is eight hours?

Rebecca Romijn: It was a pain in the ass. Yes

Jay Leno: But you were there naked and two teams were just smoking cigars and were doing, here's my paint for her ass. What are you Bob. I mean, they were doing like that.

Rebecca Romijn: Sorry to disappoint you about that, but it was four women, that actually did it.

Jay Leno: That lesbian thing again. The lesbian nightmare!!! The nightmare of the set.

Rebecca Romijn: It just keeps wearing it's ugly hat.

Jay Leno: Wearing it's ugly hat. There you go. Now let me ask you... Seriously, you have to stand up?

Rebecca Romijn: No, the whole thing took so long and it was like, you know... I was just... The painting was... I'm trying to get to the whole lot of the painting along. They were painting me and the whole thing was completely violating and finally they go and bend over. It was awful.

Jay Leno: And then they, more paint?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah.

Jay Leno: Now, it is a dumb question, but I mean, even like non toxic obviously which it is, there must be... are there fumes, do they smell like...

Rebecca Romijn: It didn't smell good. The fumes gave me a headache, we're constantly lighting candles to get the trailor smell better and at one point the paint was very sticky. It was very uncomfortable. It was very sticky and I was looking for matches to light a candle and the make-up women were sitting there and laughing at me because the matches were actually stucked to my ass.

Jay Leno: So everytime you sat down everything would stick to your ass.

Rebecca Romijn: It became a running joke. I was constantly sticking things to my ass for the rest of the...

Jay Leno: How do you not... This is a delicate question, you're eight hours... I mean do you not eat or drink anything whole day. Way to go the the backroom and you took the whole thing off?

Rebecca Romijn: I did the old togus side.

Jay Leno: Okay.

Rebecca Romijn: The bathing suit togus side. Does that make sense? Girls that make sense. Right? Thank you, women understand.

Jay Leno: I think I heard a little more than I wanna to hear.

Rebecca Romijn: And I also left behind a lot of blue toilet seats.

Jay Leno: Okay, you would sit on the...

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah.

Jay Leno: So you... Did you get sick from the fumes.

Rebecca Romijn: Yes I did. Actually the last night we were on the set, I celebrated with some of the crew members with some shots of tequilla.

Jay Leno: Oh it seems a nightmare.

Rebecca Romijn: It was about three in the morning. It was my last night and I knew I was done and I did a couple of shots tequilla cause I'm a real professional actor. And the combination of the tequilla with the fumes and everything got me sick and I ended up puking blue.

Jay Leno: Oh.

Rebecca Romijn: you guys.

Jay Leno: Oh

Rebecca Romijn: Was kind of sick, isn't that gross?

Jay Leno: How did you get that stuff off, do they...?

Rebecca Romijn: It took two hours to remove everything. So I would work like 24 hour days, 24 hours on, 24 hours off

Jay Leno: You did a great job. Here's a scene from... What's a scene were going to see. Oh, this is the scene in the ...

Rebecca Romijn: It's on the helicopter. I'm kidnapping the senator.

Jay Leno: Okay, this is really you.

Rebecca Romijn: Yes.

Jay Leno: Here we go. Here we go, take a look.

[They show a small part of the X-Men movie]

Jay Leno: Here you go. A terrific job. Yeah. Some guys pay big money to get treated like that.

Rebecca Romijn: I know.

Jay Leno: You did a great job. I'm really happy for your success. You're a nice person. Thank you Rebecca.

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