11-13-2002: Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC)


Carson Daly: Please welcome Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. Rebecca?

[ Cheers and applause ] Rebecca's here, everybody. How are you, how are you, how are you?

Rebecca Romijn: I'm great.

Carson: I'm glad to have you on the show.

Rebecca: Thank you so much for having me on the show. May I?

Carson: Sure. We're ghetto like that.

Rebecca: We are. We come from the same place.

Carson: Yes.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: Our mothers' wombs.

Carson: That's right, we're brother and sister. Let's announce that tonight.

Rebecca: No, we both started on MTV. I think we started on MTV within, like, days of each other.

Carson: But you were doing "House of Style," which really wasn't a New York shoot. You guys were, like, kind of everywhere. I didn't see a tremendous amount of you in the studio.

Rebecca: Right, but we did a fair amount.

Carson: Right. Yeah, I know.

Rebecca: Seriously, I think we started within days of each other.

Carson: Do you remember "Fashionably Loud," down in Miami?

Rebecca: Yes.

Carson: That was a good time.

Rebecca: Remember how fun that was? No, actually, it's all a big blur. I think I was drunk.

Carson: Yeah, I don't remember anything. I was on drugs. I was drunk. Kid Rock was playing for, like, the first time. He was just blowing up.

Rebecca: It was his first time on tv, ever.

Carson: That was like his first time.

Rebecca: And orgy.

Carson: Yeah, yeah, that was fun, too. Oh, you mean the band. Yeah. Right.

[ Laughter and applause ]

Rebecca: Remember how crazy that was? We got wild that night. But everybody backstage is from MTV.

Carson: I know, I know, I know. Thanks for bringing that up. Yeah.

Rebecca: Apparently, it's better digs over here.

Carson: Well, you know, there was the "no poaching" rule. Don't worry about it.

Rebecca: I don't want to get anybody in trouble.

Carson: Don't worry about it. Happy birthday.

Rebecca: Thank you. It's my birthday.

[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. 30. 30 years old.

Carson: Doesn't she look good for 40?

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: Come on, bring it on.

Carson: You're 30.

Rebecca: How old are you?

Carson: I'm 29.

Rebecca: Well, let me tell you about 30.

Carson: Oh, yeah, please.

Rebecca: They said they were gonna bring beer out. This is water.

Carson: Yeah. Can we get her a beer, please? Our guest is thirsty.

Rebecca: It's my birthday, damn it.

Carson: What have you done today? Just press, I guess?

Rebecca: Just press. I feel like I've done so much publicity for my 30th birthday. And honestly, I didn't do any of the work. My mom did.

Carson: Right. Oh, for your birthday, right. Mothers should really celebrate.

Rebecca: Seriously. My mom should be celebrating.

Carson: Right. My mom had a c-section. She should be, like, on my birthday partying hard. That was probably painful.

Rebecca: Totally. I hope she is ripped out of her mind.

Carson: She is grossed out right now. Sorry, mom. Go back to sleep.

Rebecca: Thanks a lot. She didn't see this.

Carson: In the paper today, you know how it has the horoscopes. For you, for today on your birthday, they actually had a picture of you. It says "former 'Sports Illustrated' model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos has all the celestial placements to be a top movie star," et cetera. "She will soon turn down the part of a lifetime so she can spend more time with her husband, actor John Stamos." In the paper today.

Rebecca: Wow.

[ Audience aws ]

Carson: This is your horoscope. You are going to turn down some, like, scorsese potential oscar-winning role to hang out with john.

Rebecca: I am?

Carson: I don't know. That's what it says.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: When's that gonna happen?

Carson: Let's hurry up on the beer. I think that might help. But you don't seem to be freaking out that you're 30.

Rebecca: No. For some reason, I've always looked forward to 30.

Carson: Why? That doesn't make sense.

Rebecca: I don't know. My whole life, it's always been like that benchmark, like, I'm gonna be a grown-up at 30, and that's so sophisticated and cool. I don't have that thing about age.

Carson: You're not sort of hung up on it?

Rebecca: Well,now, a lot ls have this thing about age. I don't have that. I think it's -- whatever. I mean, I don't have anything to be ashamed of."

Carson: Right. Let's talk about your husband on this show. Did you see John's appearance?

Rebecca: I have not seen it. All I've heard is that this is his favorite show to do.

Carson: Well, that was nice.

Rebecca: 'Cause he got to drink.

[ Laughter ]
Rebecca: Carso yeah, exactly. John was on the show. I think he was nursing one from the night before, or, like --

Rebecca: As I am today.

Carson: You guys are quite the couple.

Rebecca: It's a birthday. What do you mean?

Carson: I don't know. He showed me his glittery nipples.

Rebecca: He did?

Carson: Yeah, from "Cabaret." He still had sort of like residue from the makeup on.

Rebecca: Can I show you mine? Just kidding.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: John's gonna run out here any second. He's here.

Rebecca: He's backstage.

Carson: He is here, right?

Rebecca: There's no more glitter.

Carson: He was here, though, and he was talking about the show that he wanted to produce, or he was producing. He was doing the pilot, "The Virgin Chronicles."

Rebecca: Yeah, right.

Carson: And he explained it to --

Rebecca: It's such a great idea. The premise of the show is taking a celebrity home to meet the first person that they ever had sex with. And then it expanded to, you know --

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Is this really a good idea, "a," and "b," it's her husband. He's like, "I'm the producer. I'm gonna shoot the pilot. My pilot's gonna be my wife."

Rebecca: So we ended up doing the pilot, and John was the one that had to go and interview this poor guy that I hadn't seen since I was 16, and had to like ask hiall these --

Carson: You were 16 when you first had sex?

Rebecca: Well, how old were you?

Carson: I'm not answering that. I'm asking the questions.

Rebecca: Answer me!

[ Laughter ]

Carson: When you have your show, you can ask me.

Rebecca: Answer me.

Carson: If you could go back and change it, would you push it back a couple of years?

Rebecca: How old were you?

Carson: I'm not answering that.

Rebecca: Please answer me.

Carson: It's nobody's business.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: Get him to answer me, please.

Carson: All right. I was 11. Just kidding. She was a French foreign exchange student.

Rebecca: But John's hope was that the guy would be, like, some, you know, grease monkey working on cars, some big, fat, dumb, inarticulate -- and the guy was actually, like -- you know, he was still really good-looking, and he feeds the homeless in Oakland, California. This is a really good guy. But I felt sorry for the guy, because it was my husband interviewing him.

Carson: But what was he asking him?

Rebecca: Like, what went down.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: I think this is a genius idea for a show 'cause I want to watch it. I just don't understand. That takes pretty big balls that your husband was, like, "I'm the producer. I'm gonna go." What did he learn from this guy? Anything? Who was this guy? Let's bring him out!

Rebecca: Is he here? "Rebecca, this is your life."

Carson: Happy birthday.

[ Laughter ] I have him out there. All right, we're gonna get you a beer. Take a quick break. We'll be right back. More with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos right after this. And the music of the wallflowers coming up.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Hey, good morning. It's our middle of the night chat with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, who is obsessed with this tv show that I just find intriguing that you are. Tell everybody -- first of all, you're a tv junkie, but what show that you love so much.

Rebecca: "Trading spaces." Anybody?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: You guys seen the show? Explain it out there for those who don't know.

Rebecca: Okay. So you get two designers. You get two couples. They switch houses for two nights. They get $1,000, and they can decorate one room in each other's houses.

Carson: Boring!

Rebecca: No. No, because I found out that you like it, too.

Carson: I watch it because it's just so, you know, boring.

Rebecca: You like it.

Carson: Why don't you try and go on the show?

Rebecca: Why do you watch it if it's so boring?

Carson: Well, because it's late.

Rebecca: No, they have marathons on Saturdays and Sundays, and I watch all of it.

Carson: I'm sure you do. Why don't you get on the show?

Rebecca: I've been trying to get on the show. It's a really tough nut to crack. I've been trying so hard to get on that show.

Carson: Any other celebrities been on?

Rebecca: One of the girls from the Dixie Chicks, Natalie Mains was on there.

Carson: Has any other celebrity been on?

[ Laughter ]

[ Audience ohs ] Oh, what, like you can't take a joke. Please. It's 2:00 A.M. So you're obsessed with the show. I don't think I would allow somebody to come into my place and just entrust them to completely redecorate. That would freak me out.

Rebecca: I don't think I'd let them come into my place, either, but I want with one of my friends. I want to do one of their houses. 'Cause they do crazy stuff on there.

Carson: Right.

Rebecca: Right? They put, like, hay on the walls.

Carson: It's crazy.

Rebecca: You've watched it.

Carson: I've watched it. There's one designer who's a chick. Who's the designer? She's the chick. She's always hitting on the other chick.

Rebecca: What?

Carson: Always.

Rebecca: I haven't picked up on that.

Carson: Oh, come on.

Rebecca: What show did you watch?

Carson: "Femme Fatale."

Rebecca: You watched a clip from my movie.

Carson: We're gonna show it in a second.

Rebecca: And confused it with "Trading Spaces"

Carson: Explain to everybody -- I love you're hugging your cup now. It's great.

Rebecca: It tastes like baey and hops.

Carson: What exactly is a Femme Fatale, and where can I get one?

Rebecca: A Femme Fatale?

Carson: Yeah.

Rebecca: I don't know. A woman who uses sexual prowess and manipulation to get what she wants.

Carson: Very well said.

Rebecca: Right?

[ Applause ]

Carson: Yes. This must have been a lot of pressure for you. This is a Brian De Palma film, who, you know, used to do just incredible erotic thrillers, well, a blockbuster like "Mission Impossible." But he did "Untouchables," "Scarface," usually sh -- I think this was very much sort of back to this sort of --

Rebecca: Yeah, he's very legendary school of people. Scorsese and the Polanskis, and he worked with De Niro in film school and Harvey Keitel. He's legendary, and I think it's been a long time since -- he did "Mission Impossible." He did "Snake Eyes." He was trying new things that I don't think quite hit with a lot of people, and he's gone now back to what he does best. And I'm really proud of this movie. And I think he did a really beautiful job with it. He's a magnificent storyteller, and for people who love movies, it's different. It's not your typical, formulaic, hollywood, three-act, you know. It's a really beautiful movie.

Carson: How excited were you to land the lead role for that?

Rebecca: I was more terrified than anything else. I was very intimidated by him because I'd heard stories about him for so many years that he's mean and scary. He couldn't have been nicer. He needed to be nice to me because I was there with him every day, every second of every day, but he was great. He was very, very, very sweet.

Carson: And for anybody, I guess for any skeptic or anybody who might want to poke at you at all, being a model, getting into acting, this would just pretty much shut everybody up, you doing well in a Brian De Palma film.

Rebecca: Yeah. I mean, you know, I hate the whole label thing. The whole model-turned-actress thing.

Carson: It's out there.

Rebecca: It's out there, of course, exactly. But, you know, all I can do -- this is my first chance to step up to the plate and see if I could carry the movie.

Carson: Don't get mad.

[ Laughter ] Relax. Easy, Rebecca. Let me go ahead and show everybody this clip. And enjoy it. We should watch it in slow motion, actually.

Rebecca: I'm not going to need this in the bath.

Carson: Wait, wait, wait, hold it.

Rebecca: Definitely not going anywhere without them.

Carson: Are you flirting with me?

Rebecca: Was I?

Carson: I believe so, yeah.

Rebecca: I didn't mean to. All your boyhood stories make you so damn lovable.

Carson: Yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ] A pretty long striptease in it. There's just a super, well done lesbian love scene in the film.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: But there's so much more to it, too.

Carson: Obviously, but let's focus on these two right now.

Rebecca: Oh, my good god almighty.

Carson: Don't you really have to entrust Brian De Palma not to make these things after post seem gratuitous?

Rebecca: Right. Well, you know, I justify it. I felt like it added a lot of artistic value to the story and who the character is, and she does what she does to get what she wants. And the lesbian scene, for example, is not that she's necessarily in love with the girl, she just needs to get the jewels. And so she's, you know, kissing on her in the bathroom to get them.

Carson: And what's the story with that girl, Reese?

Rebecca: Reese? She's a friend of mine. The part called for a top model, and Brian De Palma kept bringing in all these girls who were very beautiful and very sweet, and she needed to wear this serpentine gold and diamond-encrusted bra. 'S like, "no, she's gotta have big boobs. She's gotta have big [ Bleep ] I'm like, "top models don't have

[ Bleep ] At all."

Carson: At all.

Rebecca: You look at any magazine.

Carson: And they chain smoke.

Rebecca: Right, they don't have

[ Bleep ]. You ought to get, you know, a real top model in here.

Carson: If you say [ Bleep ] One more time, I'm taking this away.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: I'm sorry. I thought this was 2:00 A.M. We're allowed to talk like that, aren't we?

Carson: I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Six times in a row. But --

Rebecca: She also needed to have some edge, and so this friend of mine, I've known her since she was 15 years old, and I knew she was perfect for it. I begged him to audition her, and she did great.

Carson: Is it easier to have lesbian sex with a friend?

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: I thought it might be easier. I thought I'd rather do it with somebody I knew, rather than with a perfect stranger. It was funny, and Brian forgot to yell cut several times. It was a good time had by all.

Carson: God love you. Quickly, you didn't like shooting in Paris. I think, was that --

Rebecca: No, I love shooting in Paris. I used to live in paris.

Carson: I thought you didn't like Paris at all, though.

Rebecca: Ten years ago when I lived there as a model, it was a totally different story. I hated it.

Carson: Now, as an actress, it was great.

Rebecca: As an actress, starring in a De Palma movie, it was totally different. No, it was great.

Carson: What was it with you and Mick Jagger dancing at a hip-hop club? What's up with that?

Rebecca: What's up with that? I don't know. No, he was there. He was at a hip-hop club one night, and I danced with him.

Carson: Right, all right. Geez. Slow down.

Rebecca: Honestly, it was so awesome, and I couldn't wait to get out of there just to call my husband to tell him.

Carson: Right, no, I think it was cool.

Rebecca: No, I couldn't wait to brag about it to john.

Carson: You danced to hip-hop music, the chicken dance?

Rebecca: Totally hip-hop dancing, but like Mick Jagger style. It was Mick Jagger dancing hip-hop.

Carson: It was frightening.

Rebecca: It was hilarious. He's a great dancer, though.

Carson: Oh, I'm sure he is.

Rebecca: He's a great dancer, but the whole time, I was, like, "I can't wait to tell John." So I got on the phone. I get in the cab, and I call John. It's like, you know, nine hours earlier in California. I'm like, "guess what just happened? You're not gonna believe who I just danced with. Who's the one person you totally wouldn't care if I was just dancing with all night long?" He's like, "no one. I can't think of --"

[ Laughter ] I go, "okay, Mick Jagger." He's like, "he's the worst. Out of anybody I can imagine, he's the worst person I can imagine."

Carson: "Come home now, wife."

Rebecca: Right, exactly.

Carson: Did he say that?

Rebecca: Yes, and I was on a plane the next day.

Carson: We're out of time. I'm glad you're here. You know, she's going to Toronto tomorrow to shoot De Niro now, and this young lady is on her way up. Thank you for sharing time with us.

Rebecca: Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, everybody. Check out "Femme Fatale." It's in theaters now.

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