05-09-2003: Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC)


Rebecca Romijn was the cover girl for the 1999 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, and is a star in the hit film X-Men 2. With the program Last Call With Carson Daly filming at the Joint, a nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Romijn was the first guest to appear on the show. Mayor Oscar Goodman served as the guest emcee, and the crowd was thrilled when the supermodel agreed to stay on for the second guest. She had no idea what she was in for.

Moments later, a lanky Texan, dressed in his best suit, alligator-skin boots, and emerald buttons courtesy of Pablo Escobar, walked on stage and was greeted by Carson Daly. It wasn't long before he set his sights on the beautiful model and actress. When Slim shook her hand, he wasn't quick to let go as he whispered to her, "You're as pretty as a speckled pup under a red wagon."

When the interview began, Slim was his usual self, speaking in his colorful language. It wasn't long before he rattled off a couple of his famous lines: "That boy couldn't track an elephant in four feet of snow." And, "That's warmer than a widow woman's love."

Carson Daly was so dumbfounded that he said he felt like he was watching the movie Airplane, and Slim was speaking jive. At that point, Romijn said, "You ought to write a book with just all your Slim-isms."

Not such a bad idea, I thought, and while that might take me some time, I figured I'd get started by writing a column with some of Slim's best lines.

Original article: Cardplayer.com

Transcript of the show

Carson Daly: Are you a big gambler?
Rebecca Romijn: No, I'm not a gambler.
Carson Daly: Oh, come on.
Rebecca Romijn: You know what? I gamble on stupid stuff. Like, we gamble like $10 on whether or not that guy will pick his nose again in the next ten minutes.
Carson Daly: Who is this?
Rebecca Romijn: You know, my husband and I or my friends and I. Tonight, we have $10 on which hour will find you passed out at the club paradise tonight.
Carson Daly: Who me?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah.
Carson Daly: Go late.
Rebecca Romijn: What time is it right now?
Carson Daly: I have no idea. You know, we're taping the show.
Rebecca Romijn: Let me see. I'm going to go 3:00.
Carson Daly: You might be right. You know, I ran into Rebecca in Paris, France.
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, last time we hung out was in Paris.
Carson Daly: She was absolutely wasted at a bar.
Rebecca Romijn: Wait a minute.
Carson Daly: And I could hear her voice.
Rebecca Romijn: I was? No.
Carson Daly: And I was like, "that must be Rebecca."
Rebecca Romijn: We had a great time. But it was your first time in Paris.
Carson Daly: Yes, it was.
Rebecca Romijn: And it was fashion week.
Carson Daly: Yes, it was.
Rebecca Romijn: Funny, you made it there for fashion week. I never knew you were such a fashionista.
Carson Daly: Clearly I'm not.
Rebecca Romijn: You're totally into clothes.
Carson Daly: It was a great time. What 29-year-old guy wouldn't want to go to Paris for fashion week given an opportunity?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah. All the models, it was great.
Carson Daly: What were you doing there?
Rebecca Romijn: I was there just hanging out with friends.
Carson Daly: Yeah?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah.
Carson Daly: Did you have any -- I hated Paris because it was just before the war. And me and my buddy got denied at a restaurant. Did you have any problems with the French?
Rebecca Romijn: Nope.


Carson Daly: It's that damn hot thing.
Rebecca Romijn: You should have stuck with us. Hey, when did you get that done?
Carson Daly: What?
Rebecca Romijn: You have a little diamond in your nose?
Carson Daly: Yeah, you like that?
Rebecca Romijn: I like it.
Carson Daly: That's what happens when you make it big time at 2:00 A.M. On NBC. You can afford the two karat diamond.


Rebecca Romijn: Two karat.
Carson Daly: I actually poked it through myself, and it started to...
Rebecca Romijn: You did not.
Carson Daly: And then I went and had a guy do it.
Rebecca Romijn: Did you?
Carson Daly: Yeah.
Rebecca Romijn: I poked a hole in my ear with a safety pin when I was in high school. But I let it close up because it got infected. True story.
Carson Daly: That's fantastic. Did you meet the mayor? Mayor, do you have a key for Rebecca to anything like Chippendale's or something?
Rebecca Romijn: Absolutely not.


Carson: You know, she doesn't gamble. Is there anything you'd like to complete Las Vegas to the mayor? He might be able to help T.
Rebecca Romijn: No, I like it the -- you know, I think there should be more guys handing out hooker pamphlets.

[Cheers and applause]

Rebecca Romijn: I don't know.
Carson Daly: It's crazy how much press you guys have done for "X-2."
Rebecca Romijn: I know, it's so crazy. It's -- you know, it's a little -- it's a true story.
Carson Daly: It's a comic book.
Rebecca Romijn: It's an art house movie about eight outcasts.
Carson Daly: No, it's not.
Rebecca Romijn: No, it's not.
Carson Daly: Are you sick of just doing everything?
Rebecca Romijn: This is my last one. I've done a lot then.
Carson Daly: Right. Oh, this piece -- this piece of lame press you're doing right now?
Rebecca Romijn: No! This is totally -- are you kidding? It's Vegas and it's you, my old friend. Of course I'm --
Carson Daly: I'm a fool.
Rebecca Romijn: You're a fool. Fool booty.
Carson Daly: We'll talk about "X-Men 2." Let's take a quick break. We've got plenty more show coming up. I've got the key. We can all go out after, if you want. Rebecca Romijn. We'll talk about "X-2" when we get back right after this.

[Cheers and applause]

Carson Daly: Welcome back. Rebecca Romijn is here. Okay, wait, I got to get through this before we continue to chat. We've been very excited to come to Las Vegas. So in one of our New York --
Rebecca Romijn: I love it here.
Carson Daly: Oh, it's great here
Rebecca Romijn: Love it.
Carson Daly: You don't even gamble. What do you mean you like it here?
Rebecca Romijn: I like going to shows.
Carson Daly: You like betting on guys that pick their nose. What shows do you go to here?
Rebecca Romijn: You know what? I saw this terrible ventriloquist show today. I walked out of it.
Carson Daly: Is that a sign of getting old when you come to Las Vegas and you don't gamble and you go see a ventriloquist show?
Rebecca Romijn: It was fun.
Carson Daly: Yeah, good times. We shot a show back in New York and we flew -- we just wanted to stoke out a couple kids. We gave them some airfare and what not on Jet Blue to be down here to hang out with us in Vegas to watch the show. They won. And they're here. And they're having dinner right now as we're taping this, apparently, at a restaurant here at the Hard Rock called Simon. Can we find Amy and her friend Halle?


Carson Daly: Rebecca, "X-2" -- this film is unbelievable. And I was thinking you must be exhausted from doing all the press. And it's hard -- people don't understand when you come and do press for shows, all these losers like myself ask you the same dumb questions over and over again.
Rebecca Romijn: Oh.
Carson Daly: What has, like, been the worst thing you've had to deal with? 'Cause this is a huge movie, and it requires huge press.
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah. Well, we had like this eight-day press junket. You basically have to do 80 interviews a day. And they paired us up, because there was ten of us in the cast. So they paired us up, and so I was with Alan Cumming, who plays the other blue person in the movie. I don't know if anybody here has seen it, but --
Carson Daly: Yes, of course they have. It's over like $100 million by now.

[Cheers and applause]

Rebecca Romijn: The one that I get the most -- the one that everybody asks is -- if you could morph into anyone in real life, who would you morph into? I just never got my answer down pat. But Alan Cumming, who's Scottish and so sweet and hilarious, he goes -- [Imitating Alan Cumming] "Well, I guess I would morph into Rebecca." And I was like, "oh, how sweet." And he goes -- [Imitating Alan Cumming ] "So's I could shag her husband." And I'm like -- "Oh, my God." And then they're like, "and, Rebecca, who would you morph into?" I have no comeback, because he's taken the greatest line in history. I'm like, "I -- Alan's hand?"
Carson Daly: You should have said -- Alan's hand? That's nice. What is the blue? Is that -- that's just paint, right?
Rebecca Romijn: No, it's --
Carson Daly: You're basically naked throughout this --
Rebecca Romijn: Who's naked?
Carson Daly: You are. I mean, it's just paint over --
Rebecca Romijn: I'm not naked. I'm in such denial about the nakedness.
Carson Daly: Why?
Rebecca Romijn: 'Cause I have to, like, play mind tricks. I've done two of these now, and it's like I'm in denial about it.
Carson Daly: But you show up to the set and they put -- what do they do? They just paint you?
Rebecca Romijn: It's prosthetics. No, it's actually 100 silicone prosthetics that they glue all over my body. And then they paint everything else blue. It's like a big, gloried -- a silicone glorified bikini.
Carson Daly: Is it a pain in the ass when you were shooting?
Rebecca Romijn: Pain in the ass. You have no idea. Like, it's constantly -- it's sticky, it's getting off on everything. You're leaving little blue butt marks on toilet seats. And they're constantly retouching everything.


Carson Daly: That's a nice visual there, too.
Rebecca Romijn: And maintenance it took six hours every day. I'd have to get there at 2:00 in the morning.
Carson Daly: Right. Oh, woe is you. Over a $100 million film --
Rebecca Romijn: Boo-hoo, I'm in a huge movie.
Carson Daly: Let's go ahead and take a look. If you haven't seen it, I'm sure many of you have. Here's a clip from "X-2: X-Men United." Here's Rebecca Romijn.

[Cheers and applause]

Carson Daly: That's great. Rebecca Romijn in "X-Men 2." So obviously, there'll be an "X-3," right? When do you guys start shooting that?
Rebecca Romijn: Probably. I have no idea.
Carson Daly: If this film had bombed --
Rebecca Romijn: I'm sure it's written already.
Carson Daly: If "X-2" had bombed, would there not have been one? Is that how Hollywood works?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, roughly.
Carson Daly: Basically? But you guys killed it.
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, it's pretty simple.
Carson Daly: What was it, like the fourth biggest opening weekend in history?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah.
Carson Daly: Or something like that?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, that's what they tell us. It's so funny, because the studio head called me on Sunday. And he goes, "Rebecca, congratulations, you have a huge opening."
Carson Daly: That's great.


Rebecca Romijn: Your opening was enormous.
Carson Daly: That's great, the studio executive was, apparently, Larry Flynt. That's nice. So you get some time off now? You've just been going nuts with this thing.
Rebecca Romijn: Now I have some time off, yeah.
Carson Daly: What are you doing to do? What do you like to do? You don't gamble, you like to --
Rebecca Romijn: You know, go hang out with my dogs, just be home for a little while.
Carson Daly: Right, all right. Exciting. No way I can get you to stay? You're exhausted?
Rebecca Romijn: No, you know what? We're going out tonight.
Carson Daly: No, I mean stay for the next segment of this show.
Rebecca Romijn: Oh, I'll stay.
Carson Daly: Will you stay?
Rebecca Romijn: I have nothing scheduled.
Carson Daly: I'm not kidding you. Amarillo Slim. This is a legend here in Vegas. He, like, gambles on everything. He once beat Minnesota fats in a pool game using a broomstick. Like, he's crazy. He's a real-life gambler. I can't imagine you want to stay. But I'm going to make you.
Rebecca Romijn: I think I just --
Carson Daly: We'll be right back with more of Rebecca Romijn and Amarillo Slim.

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