04-28-2003: The Early Show (CBS)


Interviewer: In the eagerly anticipated new film: “X-2, X-Men United” actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos returns as the evil blue mutant “Mystique”.


Interviewer: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is with us. I would never…,

Rebecca Romijn: … impression there.

Interviewer: That was so good. You need to explain to people what…, for people who have not seen an X-Men film, that there is a second one. What your character does?

Rebecca Romijn: I play Mystique, who is the metamorph and she is…, There are two sides: there is the X-Men and there is the brotherhood of evil.

Interviewer: Right.

Rebecca Romijn: So and I am part of the brotherhood and we’re sort of…, We’re all fighting, we’re all fighting our fight for different reasons and we’re sort of the angry side. The bad, we’re the baddies.

Interviewer: Right. This metamorph, what is this…, this metamorph?

Rebecca Romijn: She is a cameleon. She can morph into anyone and you don‘t, you know, the great thing about X-2 is, it really is a stand-alone film. You don’t have to see the first one in order to understand who the characters are in this one and what the relationships are.

Interviewer: Gotcha.

Rebecca Romijn: And they don’t rehash anything from the first movie.

Interviewer: And as it turns out there is somebody else blue in the movie, so...

Rebecca Romijn: There is another blue person played by Alan Cumming, which was so nice because I was very alone on the first one. I was really..., I mean, it was like..., First of all my character didn't really have any interaction with the other characters in the first one. So it was like, I was making a completely different movie than everyone else. On this one I had..., because X-Men united we all working together in this one.

Interviewer: In this one.

Rebecca Romijn: And I had this other blue person to commiserate with and we had our little blue support group.

Interviewer: How long, how long, cause in the first movie how long did it take to get you blue?

Rebecca Romijn: The first one it took eight to nine hours every morning to get blue, so I would have like midnight call time, you know, and this one we got it down to five or six hours which was a lot better.

Interviewer: Right.

Rebecca Romijn: But still, we had 2 AM call times and you know the rest of the cast comes in at nine in the morning like...

Interviewer: We're so tired.

Rebecca Romijn: Come on, I have been here for...

Interviewer: Can you sleep when you are being turned blue.

Rebecca Romijn: No, you have to help them. You have to be like actively, you know, stand up, arms out.

Interviewer: How do I say this? You're pretty much blue all over.

Rebecca Romijn: I'm blue all over. You're referring to the crack, aren't you? What it is in the movie. Secret's out.

Interviewer: You're blue all over. Right.

Rebecca Romijn: No it's about, it's like a 140 prosthetics, like very strategically placed silicone prosthetics, like a big glorified bikini and then..., they are actually very thick and then everything else is painted. I have been in denial about the nudity factor.

Interviewer: Okay. So, I think the other thing about this movie that is also good, we get to find out a little bit more about you.

Rebecca Romijn: My character has a little more dimension this time.

Interviewer: There is a little more there this time.

Rebecca Romijn: Right, that is nice.

Interviewer: Right.

Rebecca Romijn: It is a huge cast, you know, and there is like ten of us and I think they did..., Brian Singer did a great job of giving us all, you know, action kick-ass stuff to do, but also chunks of meaningful stuff to do also.

Interviewer: Well, lets take a look at a clip, so people can see you blue, but also sort of the passionate blue you. Lets take a look.


Interviewer: Did you have to wear contacts too?

Rebecca Romijn: I had to wear contacts on the first one. In this one they did it in post production which was much better.

Interviewer: By the time you make the next one.., Will you make the next one?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes, I will be making the next one.

Interviewer: You'll be blue?

Rebecca Romijn: I'm hoping they can do it all digitally. I was actually in my naive, you know, I was hoping they would do that this time.

Interviewer: Now, you're in a new movie with Robert DeNiro and Greg Kinnear called Godsend.

Rebecca Romijn: That will come out in the fall. And that is about a couple who's eight year old son dies at the beginning of the movie and this doctor played by DeNiro comes and clones our son for them. And it is scary.

Interviewer: Wow.

Rebecca Romijn: I hope.

Interviewer: Wow. It was awfully nice to meet you.

Rebecca Romijn: Nice to meet you too.

Interviewer: Cause you came in the building and people were all..., she is so good looking.

Rebecca Romijn: Oh, wow.

Interviewer: You know, because, maybe you spent a little less time being blue and more time being you.

Rebecca Romijn: Well I have also spent a little time in the make up chair this morning. I mean, lets just...,

Interviewer: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos thanks so much.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you.

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