04-27-2004: The Daily Show with John Stewart (Comedy Central)


Jon Stewart: We're back, my guest tonight, an actress whose films include “X-Men” and in current release “The Punisher”. Her latest is “Godsend”.


Jon Stewart: Please welcome Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. Rebecca.

Rebecca Romijn: What the hell is going on?

Jon Stewart: Let me tell you something.

Rebecca Romijn: What the hell is going on?

Jon Stewart: Nothing good ever happens in a dark room, I tell you that.

Rebecca Romijn: I know.

Jon Stewart: What did he find?

Rebecca Romijn: She shouldn't have gone in there.

Jon Stewart: She shouldn't have gone in there. What did the kid, what was he looking at?

Rebecca Romijn: He was..., he is..., the movie is about our child who gets cloned. We have a child in the movie, who dies in a car accident, Greg Kinnear and I, and then that is the cloned kid discovering..., Yes, exactly.

Jon Stewart: He gets cloned?

Rebecca Romijn: He gets cloned.

Jon Stewart: That is the cloned kid?

Rebecca Romijn: That is the cloned kid discovering photographs of the original version of himself.

Jon Stewart: How did he know?

Rebecca Romijn: He didn't, but he is a creepy kid.

Jon Stewart: The cloned kid?

Rebecca Romijn: It's so wrong with him.

Jon Stewart: Really?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah.

Jon Stewart: Did they..., Was the original creepy as well?

Rebecca Romijn: No, the original was just the sweetest can be and then he died.

Jon Stewart: Let me tell you about..., Did you ever see: “Boys from Brazil”?

Rebecca Romijn: What is that?

Jon Stewart: “Boys from Brazil”, they cloned Hitlers. A bunch of Hitlers.

Rebecca Romijn: What?

Jon Stewart: And they turned out to be creepy too.

Rebecca Romijn: What are you talking about?

Jon Stewart: You have never seen “Boys from Brazil”?

Rebecca Romijn: No, what are you talking about? Seriously.

Jon Stewart: I'm talking about getting you a Blockbuster membership.

Rebecca Romijn: All right.

Jon Stewart: And you gotta get “Boys from Brazil”, it's Gregory Peck and they cloned a bunch of Hitlers and everything goes crazy and they are super creepy.

Rebecca Romijn: Okay.

Jon Stewart: You really like that.

Rebecca Romijn: All right, I'm on my way. Next stop: “Blockbuster”.

Jon Stewart: Thank you. That were most of our guests go right after the program. Sadly, that is true. Now, what is going down with you? How is the folks doing? They are doing good?

Rebecca Romijn: Parents are good. I was..., My mom..., my parents are great, they are from Berkeley, California. My mom...,

Jon Stewart: If they are not, you can just say: “I think they are asses”..., I don't want you to...,

Rebecca Romijn: Parents can also be asses sometimes.

Jon Stewart: But you get along?

Rebecca Romijn: They are great. Now, I love my parents really. My mom is linguist and she..., she is part of this group called the “Simplified Speller Society” and they are all linguists and most of them are based in England and it is a bunch of linguists that kind of for the fun of it, but it is also their passion and their work is to update the spelling of the English language to make it more accessible to people who don't speak English, who need to learn English how to spell and also to children who are trying to learn how to spell.

Jon Stewart: Can I stop you?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah.

Jon Stewart: You lost me at my mother is a linguist.

Rebecca Romijn: Oh, really?

Jon Stewart: It just sounds so dirty, so she wants her English to – PEEP – to be so, that is right. She wants it to be simplified?

Rebecca Romijn: Well, it would be, basically there are so many complicated rules for learning how to spell in English and there are so many exceptions to the rules, like for example, any word that ends in “o-you-ge-aight” has like four different pronunciations. They discuss and they debate “double you aight” for example. Sometimes it is “double you”, sometimes it is “aight”.

Jon Stewart: I think we have all been there.

Rebecca Romijn: You know what I am talking about?

Jon Stewart: Let me ask you this. Her last name is Romijn – r-o-m-i-j-n, So I mean in matter of respects, I have to say, people who live in silent constant and houses shouldn't necessarily...,

Rebecca Romijn: You know what?

Jon Stewart: Isn't that? Don't you believe in...,

Rebecca Romijn: I haven't brought that up.

Jon Stewart: No, no, no. I'm going to tell her that.

Rebecca Romijn: My name is not English. First of all it is Dutch, but that was not the point, but what I wanna to tell you.

Jon Stewart: Romijn is Dutch?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes.

Jon Stewart: See, here is where I would have gone with Romijn, Romania. I would have thought..., I would have thought that you could say: “My people discovered Romania”.

Rebecca Romijn: That would be the obvious connection.

Jon Stewart: Don't you think?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, I think.

Jon Stewart: I think that, I'm retarded.

Rebecca Romijn: But here is the funniest. It is already weird. By the way, my mom and I talk about this all the time and it is hilarious. We e-mail each other, basically, phonetically, which is hilarious. My mom...,

Jon Stewart: Your mom...,

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, basically, she...,

Jon Stewart: I like that.

Rebecca Romijn: We are making fun of my mother now, because she and some other of the simplified spellers went and protested the “National Spelling Bee”.

Jon Stewart: Oh Jesus, all right.

Rebecca Romijn: And I was like, mom, I'm going to call “The Daily Show” and tell them to go cover this event.

Jon Stewart: Really us?

Rebecca Romijn: I think you guys should cover it.

Jon Stewart: Well you know we are fake.

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, I know.

Jon Stewart: We don't have that kind of budget.

Rebecca Romijn: Here is the worst part. She came back from this thing and I go, how did it go? She said, I think we got our point across, we've got some press. But how many were there? And she said, this is the worst part, there were five of them.

Jon Stewart: That was a protest.

Rebecca Romijn: There were five.

Jon Stewart: But they are up against eleven year-olds. Well I am delighted, tell her to keep up the good work. “Godsend” is in the theatres, when is it? On Friday?

Rebecca Romijn: Friday.

Jon Stewart: You got some other movie out there right now: “The Punisher”. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos everybody.

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