04-10-2006: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)


Jimmy Kimmel: Our first guest tonight is an extremely attractive and talented actress, who is still having blue make-up out of her ears from her role as “Mystique” in the new “X-Men” movie. It comes out later, next month I think. You can currently see her bumping into things and falling over as an accident pro newswoman in love on a new show “Pepper Dennis”, Tuesdays at 9 on the WB. Please welcome Rebecca Romijn.


Rebecca Romijn: Hi guys.

Jimmy Kimmel: It is great to see you. Congratulations on the show.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you.

Jimmy Kimmel: And on the engagement and on the baby too.

Rebecca Romijn: The baby?

Jimmy Kimmel: I just made that up. I thought, I start somewhere.

Rebecca Romijn: What! You know something I don't know.

Jimmy Kimmel: No, no, I figured that, I throw that in there and see if it took.

Rebecca Romijn: Did you take a pregnancy test for me?

Jimmy Kimmel: I did, I did. Don't worry It came...

Rebecca Romijn: Was it positive?

Jimmy Kimmel: It came out positive. Yeah. Don't worry, I'm gonna carry it to term.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you. Is it Jerry O'Connell?

Jimmy Kimmel: I don't know whos it is. We'll see, I guess. We'll do a DNA. It might be his brother, the bachelor, Charlie's. Yeah. His brother Jerry O'Connell.

Rebecca Romijn: I know. Was it?

Jimmy Kimmel: No, we'll never know. He was on the show and he was attractive and he may have impregnated me. I'm not positive. That's a..., You, didn't you have something..., I remember you tell me something about...

Rebecca Romijn: Yes, I did have a part of with Charlie getting on “The Bachelor”. One of my best friends is the producer..., One of the producers on “The Bachelor” and so I had an important part of getting Charlie on “The Bachelor”, which in retrospect... You know, listen..., Most..., Some..., Maybe some of you out there want to be on a reality show. I think almost everyone out there wants to know someone on a reality show, so when this came up, it was like: “Charlie, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it” until the first episode and Charlie's wasted and dirty dancing with fifteen girls and Jerry and I are going: “Wow, maybe we should have put some thought into this”.

Jimmy Kimmel: Yeah, because he constantly had like a super big golf cup and it was filled with, like..., of everything.

Rebecca Romijn: Just everything.

Jimmy Kimmel: And he was sipping on it the whole time. Did he..., You were hoping that he would embarrass himself to a certain degree?

Rebecca Romijn: Well listen, We all want good television. We all wanna be entertained, but you know, when it is family it is like maybe we should have discussed this a little bit. But you know what. And then watching the show, I realized, I had sort of a vested interest. Cause it is like, wow, one of these girls he is gonna pick and this might somebody that I end up spending time with. Like when we all go out to dinner, we may go to the ladies room together.

Jimmy Kimmel: Oh, yeah.

Rebecca Romijn: But anyway, short of he is with Sarah Brice and they are still together.

Jimmy Kimmel: The're still..., Wait a minute, that is against the rules. The're supposed to...

Rebecca Romijn: There is an exception to every rule.

Jimmy Kimmel: Really? Cause they are supposed to quietly split up exactly three weeks after the show.

Rebecca Romijn: Charlie and Sarah, they are a great couple.

Jimmy Kimmel: Really?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes.

Jimmy Kimmel: Are they gonna get married do you think?

Rebecca Romijn: I don't know. You never know, they are taking things slowly.

Jimmy Kimmel: Wow.

Rebecca Romijn: Yes, she moved down here, she is a delivery room nurse and they are very happy and just a few weeks ago, I went over with everyone to Charlie's house and she and I went hung out in the other room because they're watching some ball game, which I wasn't interested in.

Jimmy Kimmel: Now, Charlie and Jerry, they had this filthy apartment they were living in together, I remember.

Rebecca Romijn: They had two. One on top of the other.

Jimmy Kimmel: Right, one on top of the other.

Rebecca Romijn: Just bachelor pad on top of bachelor pad.

Jimmy Kimmel: And didn't Oprah come in and change their wallpaper.

Rebecca Romijn: Oprah came in and re-did Jerry's apartment.

Jimmy Kimmel: Why, is he picking up that....

Rebecca Romijn: That was a bachelor pad? I don't know. Listen, Oprah did something were she was once a year she was redoing a celebrity's apartment, like celebrities...

Jimmy Kimmel: Oh, that is so good of her to do, because, yeah it is about time that someone helps celebrities. It is always with the homeless.

Rebecca Romijn: It was the redecorating for the rich.

Jimmy Kimmel: Did he like it, after Oprah was done with it?

Rebecca Romijn: It's beautiful. It's stunning. Honestly, there was..., It was a ping..., All it was when I first went in there was a ping pong table. There was nowhere to put your cocktail down, that's for sure.

Jimmy Kimmel: Well, you put in on the ping pong table?

Rebecca Romijn: That was it. There was no way to sit.

Jimmy Kimmel: Yeah, and then you couldn't play ping pong?

Rebecca Romijn: Right!

Jimmy Kimmel: Oprah came in and got them furniture and all that stuff?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah.

Jimmy Kimmel: Did she pay for it, or did she make Jerry pay for the...?

Rebecca Romijn: This show paid for it.

Jimmy Kimmel: Really? Wow, that's something else. Wow. Kind of horrible when you think about it. Oprah came and bought Jerry furniture. That's crazy.

Rebecca Romijn: Jerry wasn't gonna do it.

Jimmy Kimmel: But now are you guys living together?

Rebecca Romijn: We do live together.

Jimmy Kimmel: Will Oprah come in and remake your home?

Rebecca Romijn: My home, I'm very happy with the state of my home.

Jimmy Kimmel: Okay. But what if Oprah says, guess what.

Rebecca Romijn: It's not good enough.

Jimmy Kimmel: What would you do? Would you relent to her?

Rebecca Romijn: I might not even let them in the door.

Jimmy Kimmel: Oh, really.

Rebecca Romijn: What about that.

Jimmy Kimmel: Well, you could be hit by lightning if you really leave your doors open.

Rebecca Romijn: Really?

Jimmy Kimmel: You have to be really careful with Oprah.

Rebecca Romijn: Listen. It's true. You're right.

Jimmy Kimmel: I went to a cupcake place this weekend, that Oprah apparently talked about it on her show.

Rebecca Romijn: Which cupcake place?

Jimmy Kimmel: Called “Sprinkels”. And there was a line of 45 minutes, I waited in this line for cupcakes.

Rebecca Romijn: Since when should cupcakes get so hip? And by the way, did you stand in a 45 minute line for cupcakes?

Jimmy Kimmel: Yeah I did.

Rebecca Romijn: Why didn't you have baken some cupcakes in 20 minutes?

Jimmy Kimmel: Because I am fat, when I see a line outside of a food place, I can't go away. What the hell are these people waiting for?

Rebecca Romijn: Are you..., Are you that easily suckered in to cupcakes?

Jimmy Kimmel: Yes, I am absolutely. I spent almost 80 dollars on cupcakes.

Rebecca Romijn: You can't just buy cupcakes at the supermarket like normal persons?

Jimmy Kimmel: No, Oprah sat by these cupcakes and I bought them and you're very concerned of that. Now you have the new show “Pepper Dentist”. You're a dentist on the show? You're a local news woman?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes.

Jimmy Kimmel: Did you actually do any research with local news people?

Rebecca Romijn: No, I watch local news.

Jimmy Kimmel: That's enough. It seems like they don't even do that actually.

Rebecca Romijn: Honestly, local news is amazing. A couple of weeks ago they had a news reporter doing her report from a moving rollar coaster. And she couldn't handle herself. And I literally could the writers, I was like, “Pepper, do a report from a moving rollar coaster, because that is the stupiest thing I ever saw.” And then the other day..., And the other day, they had a woman doing her report during an electric slider thong. She was like: “We're just gonna be doing the electric slide eight hours, making money. I was like, Pepper should do an electric slider thong.

Jimmy Kimmel: And are you going to do that?

Rebecca Romijn: I want to, but I'm not gonna do the electric slide.

Jimmy Kimmel: Well you could learn for the show. It seems like something you could figure out.

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, sure.

Jimmy Kimmel: Now, cause the thing about the local news is, and God bless them, they have to put in on, regardless if whether there is news or not.

Rebecca Romijn: Right.

Jimmy Kimmel: And it is still gotta be a half hour regardless...

Rebecca Romijn: No matter what.

Jimmy Kimmel: ... what is going on in the world. So then you gotta do the electric slide for half an hour.

Rebecca Romijn: Sometimes, that is what you guys do.

Jimmy Kimmel: And that is sometimes what you do. You're also in the “X-Men” movie simultaneously.

Rebecca Romijn: Well, we shot it. It's done.

Jimmy Kimmel: You were shooting it?

Rebecca Romijn: We were shooting it.

Jimmy Kimmel: So you're covered with blue make up all the time and I understand there is a little bit, maybe a little kind of a shout out the “X-Men” in this series.

Rebecca Romijn: Oh, well, we actually shot a pilot of “Pepper Dennis” well over a year ago and then we had to put the whole show on hold, because I went and did “X-Men 3”and so the writers for our show, because they were all sitting around and waiting, wrote the opening teaser for the show that airs tomorrow night. The opening teaser has “Pepper” covering a bank robbery and she ends up with a bag of cash with the ... pack that hasn't been detonated and she ends up getting covered in blue ink, which I think we might have a clip of.

Jimmy Kimmel: We do have a clip, yes. We should just look at it. Here we go.

Rebecca Romijn, “Pepper Dennis”, Tuesday nights at 9 on the WB.


Jimmy Kimmel: You're in a beautiful jacket there.

Rebecca Romijn: Oh Pepper.

Jimmy Kimmel: You're constantly covered with paint.

Rebecca Romijn: Oh Pepper and then the next shot is Pepper washing all the paint off and it's all going down the drain.

Jimmy Kimmel: Poor little Pepper.

Rebecca Romijn: Just letting go all the blue things.

Jimmy Kimmel: I liked the reviews. “Pepper worth it's salt”, “Romijn, she is a Pepper too”, “Pepper, nothing to sneeze at”, “Romijn wants spicy dish in Pepper”, “Pepper Dennis adds dash of comic seasoning to WB”, “Can I get some more Pepper on my meat?” Rebecca Romijn, Pepper Dennis on the WB and “X-Men, The Last Stand” at the end of May.'

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