10-30-2007: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)


Jimmy Kimmel: First guest tonight is a beautiful and talented woman who is fluent in three languages, including English which is very good for us here. You can see her play transgendered amnesiac Alexis Maede on the big hit show “Ugly Betty” here on ABC every Thursday night at 8. Please say hello to Rebecca Romijn.


Jimmy Kimmel: Wow, you look fantastic as always.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you so much.

Jimmy Kimmel: How are you?

Rebecca Romijn: I’m very good. I’m not recovering from Sabrina from the “Cheetah Girls” being kicked off from “Dancing with the Stars”.

Jimmy Kimmel: You watch “Dancing with the Stars” pretty closely?

Rebecca Romijn: I do, yeah.

Jimmy Kimmel: It was surprising.

Rebecca Romijn: I was shocked.

Jimmy Kimmel: Did you vote for her?

Rebecca Romijn: No, because I was working last night. I was working very late.

Jimmy Kimmel: Have you ever voted? Have you ever really voted?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes.

Jimmy Kimmel: You have?

Rebecca Romijn: Always for Sabrina, yes.

Jimmy Kimmel: Oh? And always for Sabrina?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes.

Jimmy Kimmel: So you must be devastated? Maybe if it wasn’t for you working, she would have continued on it.

Rebecca Romijn: Yes. We should call production at “Ugly Betty” and blame them.

Jimmy Kimmel: Yeah, you should blame them. I want to congratulate you and Christina Applegate now. Two amnesiacs on network television and it is, I would say… I’m so glad to see make amnesiac making a huge comeback on network television.

Rebecca Romijn: I’m a tramnesiac.

Jimmy Kimmel: You’re a tramnesiac. All right. And how is that different from a regular amnesiac?

Rebecca Romijn: Well, Christina Applegate’s character was always a woman.

Jimmy Kimmel: No, no, no, she was a man first.

Rebecca Romijn: Oh, really?

Jimmy Kimmel: You didn’t know that?

Rebecca Romijn: Oh, she is a tramnesiac.

Jimmy Kimmel: Yes, she is also a man. No, because I like to see that. Because in the old days there were coconuts dropping on heads. It was, people were getting hit by handrails and stuff, Gilligan was, and now it was starting to come back. The old stuff. I like it. Anyway, but you got married since the last time you were here. Once, only once.

Rebecca Romijn: Just once.

Jimmy Kimmel: To Jerry O’Connell, who is gonna be here later this week, who is a really delightful man.

Rebecca Romijn: I like him.

Jimmy Kimmel: Yes, I would think so. You guys are still getting along?

Rebecca Romijn: Pretty well.

Jimmy Kimmel: How long has it been?

Rebecca Romijn: Since we’ve been married or since we’re getting along?

Jimmy Kimmel: Either one, maybe both.

Rebecca Romijn: Three and a half years since we are getting along.

Jimmy Kimmel: Right.

Rebecca Romijn: And, three months since we have been married.

Jimmy Kimmel: Three months since you have been married. You and Jerry are both on ABC shows which is kind of an unusual thing and you work very closely…Your studios are close to each other?

Rebecca Romijn: He works at Universal and I work at a studio called Ralley and they are about three or four freeway accesses apart from each other. Sometimes if we have time off in the middle of the day, we can visit each other.

Jimmy Kimmel: Who’s schedule is more grueling?

Rebecca Romijn: It is hard to say at this point. I would say that his, because there are 14 principal cast members in “Ugly Betty”, and his is a little more grueling than mine.

Jimmy Kimmel: Right.

Rebecca Romijn: But they are both pretty grueling.

Jimmy Kimmel: They are both well, yours is an hour long and his is only a half hour load, so that probably evens it up. That is the great thing, if you guys continue working all the time and rarely see each other, you could be married for a hundred years.

Rebecca Romijn: And never see each other, and never have any problems.

Jimmy Kimmel: You see each other twenty minutes every couple of days, who’s really ever gonna have a complaint about the other one.

Rebecca Romijn: Never.

Jimmy Kimmel: Oh, I am so happy to see you. Back to work.

Rebecca Romijn: Maybe that’s the secret.

Jimmy Kimmel: The secret is not to communicate, not to spend any time with each other.

Rebecca Romijn: And to never stop working.

Jimmy Kimmel: And to never ever stop working. Do you think about that? You think, I wish Jerry’s show would get cancelled so he could spent more time hanging around with me on the set. No secret thoughts like that?

Rebecca Romijn: No, not one. No, I actually, I guest starred on Jerry’s show. It is airing next week.

Jimmy Kimmel: That’s right, we have a clip of that I want to show.

Rebecca Romijn: Good, I’m glad, it is called “Carpoolers”. It’s on Tuesday night, 8:30 on ABC and it is a fantastic show.

Jimmy Kimmel: It is funny show.

Rebecca Romijn: If everyone has ever watched “Kids in the Hall” Bruce McCulloch from “Kids in the Hall” created this show and it is so good and people need to be watching this show.

Jimmy Kimmel: And you play an amnesiac on this show?

Rebecca Romijn: No, I don’t. I play Jerry’s crazy ex-wife Joannifer.

Jimmy Kimmel: Okay. Joannifer, I like that. His ex-wife on the show? All right, okay. We have a clip. We need to set this up at anyway?

Rebecca Romijn: Just that I’m his…

Jimmy Kimmel: Here is Jerry and Joannifer from “Carpoolers” which is not the show Rebecca is regularly on, but she will be on next week.


Jimmy Kimmel: Well, again that is “Carpoolers” and that is that Tuesday night, right?

Rebecca Romijn: Tuesday night on 8.30 on ABC.

Jimmy Kimmel: You’ll be on next Tuesday night?

Rebecca Romijn: Next Tuesday, which is my birthday.

Jimmy Kimmel: Oh, really? Wow.


Jimmy Kimmel: Rebecca, the last time you were here, you told me about a game that you guys play. You have a lot of these parties and you play… And we thought it would be fun to play the game here on the show. Explain just briefly how the game works.

Rebecca Romijn: It’s called “Headphones” and it is very embarrassing, especially for the people playing it. We will humiliate ourselves if we play this game. Anyway, traditionally you surprise the other person with a song and only you can hear in the headphones, but you have to sell it to everyone who is watching.

Jimmy Kimmel: So you have to sing with headphones?

Rebecca Romijn: You have to sing with headphones on, which means you can’t hear yourself, but everyone else can hear you. The way we play it, we videotape each other and then you have to watch yourself afterwards.

Jimmy Kimmel: Oh, but we’re on tv’s.

Rebecca Romijn: but we’re on tv, so we can bypass that.

Jimmy Kimmel: All right, so what we play is called what again?

Rebecca Romijn: Headphones.

Jimmy Kimmel: Headphones. When we come back, Rebecca Romijn is here and James Lipton. We’ll be right back.


Jimmy Kimmel: Rebecca Romijn is here and James Lipton will be here momentarily. Again we’re talking about this game “Headphones” in which you put headphones on and we’re gonna do, I guess a duet here.

Rebecca Romijn: Yes, by the way, normally we don’t play duet style, but I like the twist.

Jimmy Kimmel: You guys probably don’t have any of these splitters, which you should invest in, they are really nice. So…, now…, we…, How does this work? Do we know this song or does the audience have to guess what song we’re playing?

Rebecca Romijn: It is not a song I know.

Jimmy Kimmel: You don’t know this song?

Rebecca Romijn: No, they told me the name of this song backstage and I heard it once.

Jimmy Kimmel: Let me see what it is. Oh yeah I know this song.

Rebecca Romijn: Off course you know.

Jimmy Kimmel: I know every song. All right. I don’t know who starts now?

Rebecca Romijn: I heard… Okay?

Jimmy Kimmel: Are you ready? All right, again. Here is headphones. I usually only sing at Regis so this is big. Do you hear anything?

Rebecca Romijn: I can. You can?

Jimmy Kimmel: Yeah I hear it. Here we go.

Jimmy Kimmel (singing): You and I…

Jimmy Kimmel: Oh, thank you.

Jimmy Kimmel (singing): Sharing our love together. And I know in time. We’ll build the dreams we treasure and we’ll be all right, just you and I.

Jimmy Kimmel: Does it ring a bell, yet at all. Oh it is me again.

Rebecca Romijn and Jimmy Kimmel (singing): Just you and I. Sharing our love together. And I know in time. We’ll build the dreams we treasure and we’ll be al right, just you and I.

Jimmy Kimmel: Does this sound hard? Here comes the …

Rebecca Romijn and Jimmy Kimmel (singing): And I remember our first embrace, that smile that was on your face, the promises that we made.

Jimmy Kimmel: You do know this song?

Rebecca Romijn and Jimmy Kimmel (singing): And now your love is my reward, and I love you even more, than I ever did before.


Jimmy Kimmel: We’ll be right back with James Lipton.

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