10-17-2007: Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)


David Letterman: Our first guest stars as an amnesiac transsexual on the critically acclaimed television series “Ugly Betty”. I wanna that part. Ladies and gentlemen. Here is the lovely Rebecca Romijn.


David Letterman: Oh, my God. Thank you so much. You look lovely as always.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you.

David Letterman: Welcome back to the program.

Rebecca Romijn: Nice to be back.

David Letterman: Good to have you with us. How are things in your life?

Paul: Hello Rebecca Romijn, it is nice to see you.

Rebecca Romijn: Nice to see you.

David Letterman: She looks beautiful Paul, doesn't she Paul? And, and, a newly wed. Am I correct?

Rebecca Romijn: That's correct.

David Letterman: How long have you been married?

Rebecca Romijn: Three months now.

David Letterman: Congratulations.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you so much.

David Letterman: You married to...

Rebecca Romijn: To Jerry O'Connell.

David Letterman: Jerry O'Connell, who is also on a television program now.

Rebecca Romijn: He is on a show called: “Carpoolers”.

David Letterman: Same network, different?

Rebecca Romijn: ABC.

David Letterman: Well, there you go.

Rebecca Romijn: Tuesday nights, 8.30.

David Letterman: Good for you. How was the wedding, a big wedding or a small?

Rebecca Romijn: No, it was a very intimate cozy wedding. We had it in our backyard and we did not sent out invitations. We telephoned all of our guests and we said it was going to be a special barbecue. We were trying to spell it out for people without really saying what it was. So, I even said, I will be wearing a white dress. We had people calling right up until the day off, saying, what do we wear? Like shorts and tank tops, cowboy hats. Honestly, if people show up with a getto blaster and cutoffs and a six pack of beer, it will make me laugh.

David Letterman: So, now, when they..., the wedding took place right, they must have been surprised and thrilled. Is that right?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes, no, I mean and everybody, people caught on, they knew what it was, but it was..., it was a lovely event and Jerry did something very sweet. He decided to sing a song called “Save the best for last” by Vanessa Williams, who happened to be one of our wedding guests.

David Letterman: Very nice.

Rebecca Romijn: Let me tell you. He butchered the song.

David Letterman: Yeah.

Rebecca Romijn: And, she came in at just the right moment and saved the day and finished the song and...

David Letterman: What a lovely moment.

Rebecca Romijn: And that is, it was a magical wedding moment. It was really, a really special moment. And I also learned that that's how you get famous people to sing at your wedding. You make a fool of yourself and butcher their song.

David Letterman: You ruin one of their songs and they jump on their feet.

Rebecca Romijn: They will, absolutely sing.

David Letterman: You have a georgeous face.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you.


David Letterman: Nice mouth, beautiful. It looks good. You know, oddly enough we were coincidentally talking about rattle snakes in Nebraska.

Rebecca Romijn: Yes.

David Letterman: And I know where you live up in the hills, some place in California. They have sometimes snakes.

Rebecca Romijn: I live in rattle snake country.

David Letterman: Is that right?

Rebecca Romijn: I do, and when it gets very hot, we have just gotten through the hottest part of the year where I live, which is just outside of Los Angeles. The rattle snakes come out and just last week I was... There is a mountain right next to our house and I was trying to get to the top of the mountain to look over the other side. I had never seen the other side of this mountain. And I have my three dogs with me and just as I got to the top, I heard the sound. Which is the tell tale, sounds like a deep shower and I looked down and it was the size of a boa constrictor. It's rattle was like the length of my hand and I and my three dogs and it was like ruuuuuuuun and I throw myself down this mountain grabbing every branch on the way and my dogs were behind me and a big cloud of dirt and I ran straight into the house, shaking and googled “life span of a rattle snake” cause for sure this is the oldest snake in existence and apparently they only live to be 30, but this was like...

David Letterman: Only thirty.

Rebecca Romijn: This snake must be like a hundred. I mean it was the biggest snake, I have ever...

David Letterman: You know the length of the snake?

Rebecca Romijn: I didn't see the entire snake. I could see that it was about this big around. It was enormous.

David Letterman: Yeah, frightening off course and..., what now that you know that your house is virtually infested. What will you do? Is there anything a person can do?

Rebecca Romijn: Well, what I have heard and we were lucky enough to have this actually happen to us that is.... If you have a... If a snake dies in your vicinity, other snakes can sense it and they stay away. And so we actually about three days later, had another snake coming through the chicken wire of our fence and it had digested something like a rat or something and it was trying to go out another hole in the chicken wire and had died there. And so we cut it... This is awful, but we cut it into two pieces and put one on this side of the yard and slung the other part upwards to an avocado tree were it got stuck hanging. Like a..., like a..., like a Christmas ornament or something. Halloween ornament.

David Letterman: Have you given any thought to move it in town? Honest, I'd be petrified.

Rebecca Romijn: It keeps us on our toes.

David Letterman: Yes, because where I was, they said that one time this horse got a bite on the snout and the venom didn't kill him, but it caused inflammation in his nose and I guess horses don't know you can also breath through your mouth and so he nearly died. And what you have to do if a horse gets it, is you have to cut off a section of garden hoes and put it up the horse's nose.

Rebecca Romijn: And breath into... Wow!

David Letterman: No, it is not drowning. It just can't breath. It is bad business. What..., Tell me the life of a newly wed now. Do you like cook and stuff? Do you and your husband stay at home?

Rebecca Romijn: No, I don't cook. I'm not very domestic like that. My last experience with food preparation was my very first job when I was still in high school which was at a gourmet poultry shop in Berkeley, California, which is where I am from.

David Letterman: Gourmet poultry?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes. Do we have some people from Berkeley here? Nice. Anyway, I had to cut up dead chickens in this poultry shop and it was very close quarters. There were about four of us working behind this counter.

David Letterman: So you were just cleaning them, butchering them, right?

Rebecca Romijn: Butchering them, boning the breasts and you know...

David Letterman: I've done that.


Rebecca Romijn: But it was a very popular place. There were a lot of people there, it was very crowded normally and the line would be down the street and we would have to work very quickly and the knives were sharp and I would cut myself a lot. And I would have to hand people these bloody packages, but it was awful and I hope that maybe they thought it was the chicken blood. And then I always justified, well they're gonna cook it anyway...

David Letterman: ... a little of my blood make any difference. Well there is a whole chat here, is a theme of...

Rebecca Romijn: I know.

David Letterman: Bloody remains of animals for God's sake.

Rebecca Romijn: It is awful. Let's change the theme.

David Letterman: All right, “Ugly Betty”, Thursday, Oh, and you play an amnesiac transsexual.

Rebecca Romijn: Tramnesia.

David Letterman: You've had the sexual altering surgery.

Rebecca Romijn: Yes.

David Letterman: And also now you can't remember it.

Rebecca Romijn: Right, I woke up this season with a..., from a coma with amnesia. Tramnesia.

David Letterman: Is that work in your favor? Or is that a problem?

Rebecca Romijn: Well, I woke up thrilled..., You know..., And..., We..., Off course went on to discover that I had breasts and in the whole episode I couldn't stop feeling my breasts and actually the director had to come out and say: “Rebecca, could you stop feeling your breasts”.

David Letterman: Really? Why would he say that?

Rebecca Romijn: I don't know. I said..., I said..., I said, hold on. True guys get around. If you woke up with boobs, could you keep your hands off them?

David Letterman: Is the matter with this gap. Anyway, Thursdays 8 P.M., ABC, “Ugly Betty”. Nice to see you again, congratulations.

Rebecca Romijn: Nice to see you, thank you.

David Letterman: The lovely Rebecca Romijn, ladies and gentlemen. We'll be right back with Jimmy Walker.

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