02-08-2007: Ellen DeGeneres (syndicated)


Ellen: Rebecca Romijn. You're taller.

Rebecca Romijn: I keep on growing.

Ellen: Yeah, I don't remember you being that tall.

Rebecca Romijn: Really?

Ellen: You just have high heels on.

Rebecca Romijn: I know, I wish I could take them off, they almost broke on my way down here. Congratulations on Episode #601.

Ellen: Yeah, this is #601 you're on.

Rebecca Romijn: I wrote a little something, I prepared a little something in honor of Episode #601.

Ellen: And you framed it too. Did you really write this?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes, I did.

Ellen: Oh, I like to hear.

Rebecca Romijn: Printed it out last night, mind if I stand up.

Ellen: No.

Rebecca Romijn: Okay. Well people here we are, having buckets and buckets of fun, who ever thought that Ellen would make it to Episode #601? Seriously show #601 everybody. That does deserve a party. But my I make a little request? Can we please invite Gladys Hardy? The first show was great, so was 2, 3 and 4. 5 was good too, 6 I don't remember anymore. There have been hundreds since then, filled with lots of laughter and dance. Sometimes I can just swear Ellen got ants in her pants. We get to watch your show every day and never do we get bored. And now we can't wait to watch you host the Academy Awards. Looking slim and trim while you boogie and shad at your job, but we can't give you all the credit. Did you get trained by Bob? And while you worked so hard with Bob, while you worked out so hard with Bob, now that you are looking all lean and mean, you're real work isn't only in the gym, it is for the people of New Orleans. So you keep on, you keep us rolling on the floor, happy 601st Episode everyone, may we get 601 more.


Ellen: Thank you. That's so sweet. Thank you so much.

Rebecca Romijn: You're so welcome.

Ellen: That's sweet. I'm gonna write you a thank you.

Rebecca Romijn: Okay.

Ellen: And I'm happy for all the success and you drafted it really? Oh Andy, somehow we made it to 601 even with Andy.

Rebecca Romijn: We need an anniversary about Andy.

Ellen: So “Ugly Betty”, one of my favorite shows. What a great character! Were you a fan before this happened?

Rebecca Romijn: Ellen, I felt madly in love with it, right from they get going. So happy to be a part of it. And initially I was, I played what was the masked woman, the mysterious masked woman. And initially that was like the most boring story line for me, like every time she came on, I was like, get over the masked woman stuff, get back to Betty and that stuff. Then I got the roll and I was like, she is very very interesting. So the masked woman we now have to come find out is the former brother of Daniel Meade who was Alex Meade. She's now come back as Alexis Meade.

Ellen: Yeah, so now, and did you look at that going, I have to play this a certain way. Did you look at research or you just playing it as a woman?

Rebecca Romijn: That's funny, because people keep saying to me, you know, how is it to play a man? And I'm not playing a man, I'm playing a woman. She is transgender. And the truth is, I have a couple friends who are transgenders. One who is a very..., both of them are women who became, men who became women. One who is a very very good friend and she is been a woman longer than she was ever a man, she is as feminin as any biological I have ever met, so I would never do her..., deserves by playing this character masculin.

Ellen: Right, right, and how do you..., do you feel like you can relate to..., you can't relate to Betty in any way, can you relate to Ugly Betty in any way?

Rebecca Romijn: You know, I think this show is about people who feel different from other people. I think that Betty obviously is working in this very superficial environment where she feels like she is not thin enough or not wealthy enough and my character for obvious reasons is felt very different from anyone and I think the show is about being honest with yourself and honoring yourself and when you do that you are a happier person.

Ellen: Have you ever had struggles? Have you always been just as beautiful...,

Rebecca Romijn: Everyone knows what it feels like to feel different from everyone else. When I was thirteen I was diagnosed with scoliosis and I shot up like six inches over the next four or five years and my body was just in so much pain and nobody told me that exercise would have helped that. I mean, I was like, in fact that was why I became a theatre geek, because I stayed away from sports all together, cause I was so self conscious and in so much physical pain from my body and now I do Pilates, which actually helped tremendously with scoliosis because scoliosis is something that is always there.

Ellen: So that, that must have been horrible. Guys at that age, they are shorter, they are scared of somebody that tall.

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, I know, I felt like and all my friends were so petite and cute and they all got shared clothes and I just felt like the big giant dork. That was like I felt coming out here.

Ellen: But I think that's important because people..., I like hearing stories like that because I think there are a lot of young kids at home and they are going through really hard, you know, period. That is a hard time, that age thirteen.

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, that is really hard.

Ellen: Look what happens, you know, that's..., It is good to be different, it is good to be...,

Rebecca Romijn: Absolutely, that is what makes the world a great place when everyone is different.

Ellen: Embrace that. All right, we have to take a break. We'll be back, we'll talk more with Rebecca.


Ellen: Rebecca Romijn and we were just talking during the break, you know, I love, I love games. I'm obsessed with pingpong, do you like pingpong?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes, I like pingpong.

Ellen: But you are obsessed with badminton?

Rebecca Romijn: I'm obsessed with badminton.

Ellen: I love badminton.

Rebecca Romijn: Obsessed.

Ellen: Everybody thinks I'm a geek because I like badminton, but it is so fun.

Rebecca Romijn: It's so fun.

Ellen: It's so fast, you can hit that thing so hard.

Rebecca Romijn: We have to play, we get very competitive.

Ellen: Yeah, it is a fun game. Do you have? It is in a grass yard or have you created a whole badminton court?

Rebecca Romijn: It is in a grass area, but we have like the court measurements and everything.

Ellen: Right.

Rebecca Romijn: And we get very competitive, we like play for four hours on a weekend. On a Saturday and then again on a Sunday, like we can't stop.

Ellen: I love it. I'll play..., next time I would love to play.

Rebecca Romijn: Okay.

Ellen: Yeah. And now so, it's a ranch you live on, right?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes?

Ellen: And so do you have animals?

Rebecca Romijn: We have four dogs and we have a pretty crazy deer problem right now. The last time I was here, Jerry, my fiancee, we put in 800 grape pines, cause we wanna start making wine. Down the road, that is gonna take a while, because we keep having problems with the deer. So we finally had to put up this fence, this very tall fence to keep the deer out and there were four of them in yesterday.

Ellen: How tall is the fence?

Rebecca Romijn: Like 6 feet.

Ellen: They can jump that.

Rebecca Romijn: They can.

Ellen: They spring..., they can jump...,

Rebecca Romijn: Well, do you have any deer that bice?

Ellen: Well dear, you know, higher than that, I would think. Six feet, I mean, I can jump that, that's not, you know...,

Rebecca Romijn: Really? Well, then after we play badminton we gotta do that.

Ellen: Now, seriously, you know what, whenever we mention something on the show, people actually write in, so when you have an idea, how to keep the deer away, go to our website and we'll help you out with that. “Ugly Betty” every Thursday night at 8 o'clock at ABC.

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