07-1999 Cosmopolitan


Cosmo: What's your summer beauty routine like?
Rebecca Romijn: Minimal makeup, and I skip moisturizer on my face - my skin is really sensitive so I'm letting it find its natural moisture balance.

Cosmo: Have you discovered any great new products lately?
Rebecca Romijn: I've been on an endless hunt for the perfect lip balm, and I finally found it - Lip Saver by Molton Brown. Lara Flynn Boyle told me about it after Michelle Pfeiffer told her about it. It keeps lips soft without being sticky, so my husband doesn't mind kissing me when I wear it.

Cosmo: Are you a good girl about sunscreen?
Rebecca Romijn: I wear SPF 30 if I know I'll be out for a long time, but I don't stress about it too much. I believe nothing's too bad in moderation.

Cosmo: How do you survive all that time on planes?
Rebecca Romijn: I wear stretchy clothes and cashmere socks and I wrap myself in a pashmina shawl. I spritz on vitamin-E mist from The Body Shop.

Cosmo: What are the summer styles you've been wearing a lot?
Rebecca Romijn: I love this season's clam-diggers, and my favorite top right now is an Indian-style purple gauzy cotton shirt from Fred Segal. I generally prefer to be barefoot, but if I have to wear something on my feet, they're superbare sandals.

Cosmo: Have your going-out style changed since you've been hosting House of Style?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes I've started to dress a lot more rock 'n 'roll. I used to have a typical model look - all-black clothes, traight, pulled-back hair - but now I'll experiment with colorful, fun clother and bigger hair.

Original article: Cosmopolitan 7/1999

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