07-2000 Maxim


Maxim: In real life you're a total morning person, right?
Rebecca: Yeah, I wake up at 6 A.M. and jump right into my day. Like, the last time I was in Vegas, I woke up, went downstairs, started playing slot machines, and won a $2,750 jackpot - 11,000 quarters - at 7 A.M. I'm screaming like crazy and the lights are going off, but I was about the only person in the entire casino. I'm like, Why can't there be anyone here to see this?

Maxim: You grew up in hippie haven Berkeley, California. Did you smoke your first joint with your parents?
Rebecca: Actually it was with friends of my parents. I think I was, like, 10 or something, but that sort of thing was totally common in Berkeley back then. And I really didn't like it. I've never been a pothead. It's funny, but my parents were antiestablishment, so I had nothing to rebel against. Kids at my school became preppies just to rebel against their hippie parents.

Maxim: Were they laid-back about your boyfriends too?
Rebecca: Sometimes. I started later than most of my friends in that respect. My first make-out session was when I was 13, with this goth-rocker guy. He had the white makeup, spiky black hair, everything. We took a bus to a coffeehouse in San Francisco, where he read me his poems, which were all about existential angst, cigarette smoke, and himself. I think I ended up with paint all over me then too.

Maxim: What about men remains a mystery to you?
Rebecca: Probably the whole not-closing-doors-and-cupboards thing. Men just refuse to close things: the cap on the toothpaste, the toilet seat, whatever. What is it with not finishing things?

Maxim: Have you ever had a dream about another celebrity?
Rebecca: My first sex dream was about Steve Martin. It was right after I saw "Deas Men Don't Wear Plaid" and I was really smitten with him. And I just had one the other night, about Liv Tyler. It wasn't a sex dream, but we were, like, really in love, living together in San Francisco. Then one morning she was gone and I was devastated. And I've never even met Liv Tyler.

Maxim 7/2000

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