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Mr. Showbiz: Did you go through that awkward teenage stage?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah. I grew really fast and was very gawky and really, really skinny, uncomfortably skinny. I looked like, oh God, a young colt trying to walk, or that's what I thought. My body always hurt from growing too fast, and I had terrible posture. I'd layer my clothes to make myself appear bigger. I wanted nothing below my neck to exist. I went through a very insecure stage.

Mr. Showbiz: Did you ever feel like an outcast?
Rebecca Romijn: No. I've always loved to have a good time and be with friends and laugh a lot.

Mr. Showbiz: Is it true your nickname in high school was "The Jolly Blond Giant"?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah. [Laughs]

Mr. Showbiz: Didn't it bother you?
Rebecca Romijn: No, I'm a good sport. I like to be poked fun at and teased. I think it's funny.

Mr. Showbiz: Right now, what are you proudest of about your body?
Rebecca Romijn: That it operates well. I've been doing Pilates for two years, and I've never felt better or more connected to my body in my life. Now I know how to hold myself properly. I felt I was a little knock-kneed before.

Mr. Showbiz: Do you feel the pressure to maintain a certain weight?
Rebecca Romijn: I don't diet. I just am what I am. I'm just Rebecca. I don't try. I just sort of came into my own.

Mr. Showbiz: What is your own personal fashion style?
Rebecca Romijn: Very eclectic. I dress in a mix of vintage, designer, and antique. I have a lot of antique dresses I wear with a great pair of shoes. I'm always very dressed down; I wear jeans and shirts a lot. I don't like anybody to look at what I'm wearing and figure out exactly where I got it.

Mr. Showbiz: What do you think of the GQ cover you did, where Dennis Rodman looked like he was holding your breasts?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, the notorious GQ cover. It was a silly idea. I'm not crazy about it now. They had his hands painted on my chest, so he wasn't touching me. I was wearing a bikini, but they actually airbrushed everything away. I kind of wish I hadn't done it. It wasn't the biggest mistake in the world, but it wasn't my favorite thing that I did.

Mr. Showbiz: Did it help your career?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes, it got a lot of attention, and I know people thought it was kind of funny. It had a sense of humor, which is why I did it. I'm not for gratuitous nudity, but if there's humor, I don't have a problem. I grew up with a European father who was rather loose about that sort of thing, and I was raised in Berkeley [Calif.], with a lot of hippies. So nudity was never an issue at our house. But it's a pretty big issue in our country. And because it's such a big deal, I try not to feed into it too much.

Mr. Showbiz: What has been the most embarrassing moment in your career?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm pretty unflappable. I don't mind being goofy or making a fool of myself because it keeps people from having too much on me. I don't like to take myself seriously, so I'm hard to embarrass.

Mr. Showbiz: What character trait has really helped you in life?
Rebecca Romijn: My ability to never take myself too seriously and buy into my own hype. I would absolutely hate myself if I did that. I have plenty of people around me ready to knock me on my ass if I ever do start believing in my own hype.

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Mr. Showbiz: What's your biggest quirk?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm very, very craft-oriented. All the women in my family are very crafty. They taught me how to sew at a young age. I like to make a lot of jewelry, and I also build dollhouses. Last year, I built a really elaborate one from scratch that's all electrified. It's got light fixtures and tiles in the bathrooms and hardwood floors, and it's fully decorated. I have so many eccentricities. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Mr. Showbiz: What else?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm a huge, huge fan of musical theater. I love show tunes. I listen to them in my car.

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