Time Interview


Time: You changed your name to Romijn-Stamos. Why? It's a beautiful name.
Rebecca: It is. I love the alliteration of it. But for me it's part of being a family, everyone having the same name.
Time: Is he John Romijn-Stamos?
Rebecca: No.
Time: Well, what's up with that?
Rebecca: Maybe I should talk to him about that.
Time: Aren't we as a society past the swimsuit issue? Doesn't it make sports seem like a stupid, male-only obsession?
Rebecca: Yeah. But what's the other male-only obsession?
Time: I spend so much time defending sports as a valid form of entertainment. Then this issue makes me come off as some dumb guy who likes sports.
Rebecca: As well you should. That's how I view guys who like sports anyway.
Time: You were in that Tommy Hilfiger ad where you were in the Oval Office. And the White House got Hilfiger to pull it. Did you feel censored?
Rebecca: Kind of.
Time: Were you wearing a thong?
Rebecca: I was wearing leather pants. I don't know what I was wearing underneath.
Time: Because Monica was, you know.
Rebecca: Oh, was she wearing a thong?
Time: Q: You thought I was just asking you because I wanted to know.

Original article: Time

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