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Sexy actress Rebecca Romijn is hoping to land a new job following her split from husband Jihn Stamos - she wants to choreograph a Las Vegas hotel's fountain display.

The X-Men beauty - who announced her split from Stamos on Monday (04-12-2004, RRF) dreams of co-ordinating the plush Bellagio hotel and casino's popular fountain display.

She says, "My friend and I have been making these CDs. We've become obsessed with songs that build, like crescendo. Songs that lift you.

"So now we have what we call build-offs, where we'll have a night where we sit in a room and go, 'You think that builds? Well listen to this.'

"During one of our build-offs, we got the idea to choreograph the Bellagio fountain show. We started talking about it and we started becoming obsessed with it and made all these calls and no one's taking us seriously.

"First of all, what can be better than listening to your very favourite songs with dancing fountains? I mean, we're gonna wear diapers if we see it happen!"

She told Jay Leno on his Tuesday night show, "We can't get the meeting with the right guy and so I'm here to beg this guy, Mark Fuller - who's the guy who's in charge of designing the fountain show - we wanna guest.

"We're been trying to take the proper channels and they don't take us seriously. So I need your help. He's actually here in LA. We wanna go and pitch our songs. Its very exciting for us."

Original article: TeenHollywood.com

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