Howard Stern Interview


Howard picked up the next line and heard a woman singing Happy Birthday to him. Howard couldn't place who it was right away, despite the clue she gave him by saying she is his west-coast girlfriend. It turned out to be Rebecca Romijn and after she wished him a happy birthday Howard started grilling her about why she was with actor Jerry O'Connell. Rebecca said she is dating him but denied the reports that she moved in with him. She also denied the reports that Jerry had been calling his ex-girlfriend trying to get her back. Howard wanted to know how she could leave a John Stamos for a Jerry O'Connell but Rebecca said that was not the case. She said she dated a few people before Jerry and now is with him in a serious relationship. She said that Jerry is great and Howard should stop down playing him. Howard kept telling her that she shouldn't get bogged down in a serious relationship and that she should be playing the field more. Rebecca said she didn't' want to play the field and was really happy in her relationship. Howard said that he thinks dating Rebecca is a great career move for Jerry but not so much for Rebecca. Rebecca sounded like she was getting upset by Howard's line of questioning and offered to put Jerry on the phone. Howard asked Jerry if Rebecca was the best sex he ever had but Jerry wouldn't answer. Howard then told him that he better keep Rebecca entertained because she gets bored easily. He told Jerry that if he plays his cards right he could probably get Rebecca to do chicks in front of him. Howard then started to go down a list of chicks Jerry supposedly has been with which included Sarah Michelle Gellar. Howard asked Jerry if Rebecca was a 10 in bed and Jerry joked that they're waiting for marriage to have sex. Howard asked if Jerry would marry Rebecca and he kind of made it sound like he would…if she wanted to.


Jerry O'Connell put Rebecca Romijn back on the phone and Howard told her how Jerry said he'd marry her. Rebecca said that she and Jerry weren't anywhere close to marriage. Howard said that was good because Rebecca wasn't a good wife. He said what he meant was that she was a free spirit and very into herself and doesn't give her man the type of attention he needs. Robin wondered why, just because you're married, you have to give your husband tons of attention. Howard said that a guy needs a girl to be subservient to him now and then, especially in marriage. Both Robin and Rebecca seemed to take offense to that. He asked Rebecca who was better in bed - Jerry or John Stamos? Rebecca wouldn't answer. Howard then said he bet Rebecca had sex with Jerry on their first date but Rebecca denied that. Howard said that he knows he wouldn't last two minutes in bed with Rebecca and he certainly knows he couldn't last in a relationship with her. He said that her life is a whirlwind and she is just too much to handle. She'd be great for a night but there is no way he could keep up with her any longer than that. Howard tried to get Rebecca to make out with Beth for his birthday but Rebecca said she wasn't into girls. She said she might consider it if she was in NY, but she's not so she can't.

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