12-1997: TV Guide


TV Guide: Were you a General Hospital fan when John Stamos played Blackie Parrish back in 1982?
Rebecca Romijn: I was too young. He started on GH when he was 18, so I was 9. I wasn't that aware of him until Full House, and then I didn't watch the show that much, but I remember seeing a couple of episodes and thinking, "That John Stamos is looking fine!"
TVG: How did you and John get together?
RR: We met in New York in 1994, and we just started spending a lot of time on the phone. Then I came out to L.A. to work, and we'd talked about Disneyland a lot because we're both fanatical about going there, so we had our first date there. And it was kind of love at first sight, very electric.
TVG: On the professional front, how will your House be different from Cindy Crawford's or Shalom Harlow and Amber Valetta's?
RR: I don't want to feel like people are watching the most popular girl in school gossip together and like they're being left out. I want to make it more accessible and down-to-earth.
TVG: In your first episode you had a segment with Tyra Banks. Are you really friends?
RR: We're very close. She and I have known each other for seven years. We were on one of our very first trips together when we both started modeling. They put us in this villa in the Bahamas, we just had a ball. She was doing a lot of runway, and I was doing a lot of Elle magazine natural pictures, and so she would teach me how to walk, and I would teach her how to "sip tea naturally in a chair." How to look carefully careless.
TVG: Do you ever get confused with other models?
RR: Oh, yeah! I remember the second Sports Illustrated party I went to. An executive came over to me and started talking. After 20 minutes, somebody else came over and he said, "I'd like you to meet Vendela."
TVG: Growing up, were you a tomboy or into Barbies?
RR: I was the girl who carried all the Barbie Dolls while she rode her Big Wheel all over the place.
TVG: All models say the were ugly ducklings growing up. How about you?
RR: I was gawky and so self-conscious of how lanky I was that I would wear long johns under my pants just to make everything look bulkier. I was a great swimmer, but I was too embarrassed to put on a swimsuit in front of people to be on the swim team.
TVG: And now you're modeling swimsuits.
RR: I know! Now I'm Swimsuit Mama.
TVG: Define your personal style.
RR: Day-to-day I'm very jeans-and-T-shirt kind of girl. I'm actually really into thrift-store shopping, and I buy a lot of vintage clothes.
TVG: You recently did a GQ cover with Dennis Rodman, and there were painted hands on your breasts. Did you have any reservations about doing it?
RR: Well, I don't do nudes, and I don't want to sound like a hypocrite, but I'm not too into the whole T&A thing.
TVG: Would you change your policy for a film?
RR: No, I don't think so. I'm not trying to get into acting; it's never been a passion of mine. That Friends thing was a fluke. They told me what the story was, and it sounded kind of funny.
TVG: When you played Ross's girlfriend, you had to kiss David Schwimmer a few times. How was that?
RR: Fine.
TVG: How did he stack up to John?
RR: C'mon, let's not play that game. Everyone pales in comparison to John.

Original article: TV Guide December 1997

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