11-1997: GQ Magazine


GQ: In a better world, which of the gifts you're modeling in this spread would you most like to find under your Christmas tree?
Rebecca Romijn: The Cigarette boat. That thing went ninety miles per hour. I was driving it by myself. Afterward they asked me how I felt, and I said, "I feel like I have a penis now."
GQ: And in your stocking
Rebecca Romijn: The earrings.
GQ: Do you ever receive gifts from distant admirers swept off their feet by the Victoria's Secret catalog or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue?
Rebecca Romijn: I get a lot of photographs.
GQ: From guys in prison?
Rebecca Romijn: And military academies. I get a lot of cards, but I don't think I've ever received any gifts.
GQ: What's the most extravagant gift you've ever received from your boyfriend, John Stamos?
Rebecca Romijn: I like simple gifts. I like thoughtfulness. My boyfriend has come through with some really creative gifts that I treasure. Our first Valentine's together - we're both crazy for Grease - he gave me the original poster signed by John Travolta. He already had the poster, and then he tracked down Travolta through his manager.
GQ: And what did you give him?
Rebecca Romijn: Shoes. That was probably the most unromantic thing I've ever done. It did not go over well. I had to compensate for it that night.
GQ: What tops the list of gifts guys should shy away from?
Rebecca Romijn: Some guys think that the more they spend on their women the better. I just think that's so wrong. A man who has to buy really, really extravagant gifts is trying to make up for a lack of devotion or attention.
GQ: What was the best present you remember getting as a child growing up in Berkeley, California?
Rebecca Romijn: We didn't have a lot of money, but my dad was a woodworker. He made toys and sold them on the street in San Francisco. One year he made me a beautiful dollhouse. Another year it was a minisupermarket. My mom spent all year collecting miniature cereal boxes and laundry detergents to put in it. To this day, she'll still find stuff that she thinks belongs in that market.
GQ: What's the most extravagant present you've given yourself recently?
Rebecca Romijn: A beautiful turn of the century ruby ring a couple of weeks ago in New York.
GQ: What do you have trouble buying for yourself?
Rebecca Romijn: I find it hard to buy lingerie. It's too extravagant to buy for yourself. I think men should buy what they want to see their women in.
GQ: What could your boyfriend buy you to best show off your assets?
Rebecca Romijn: I actually feel sexiest when I wear his underwear.
GQ: Boxers or briefs?
Rebecca Romijn: Those long Calvin Klein ones. They're kind of like briefs with legs. I don't know what they're called. I like to wear just his underwear and nothing else.
GQ: What do you get for the girl who has everything?
Rebecca Romijn: I don't know. It's so weird. We're in such a materialistic way now; it's hard to find something original that you've never seen before. You really have to put a lot of thought into things.
GQ:Give me an example.
Rebecca Romijn: It was John's birthday last week, and I sent him on a treasure hunt to find his present. I'm having his office redone, so I made a little model of what it will look like and hid it. I had a whole series of rhyming clues. We make each other a lot of things. I've made him funny collages and paintings.
GQ: Your father is Dutch, and you spend holidays in the Netherlands. Have you noticed a difference between European and American gift giving traditions?
Rebecca Romijn: It's much more understated over there and a much more materialistic thing in the States. That really pinpoints the differences in the cultures. In Holland it's carriage rides through the woods, singing songs and drinking hot chocolate. I remember my mom brought huge sacks full of gifts for everybody, and they thought it was so strange. I think they were a little bit embarrassed.
GQ: If you could get a gift certificate from any store, which would it be?
Rebecca Romijn: Tiffany. Why not shoot for the stars?
GQ: Diamonds are still a girl's best friend?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm so embarrassed that I've been sucked into this whole diamond thing. I really used to consider myself so low maintenance, you know, and I'm not. I love diamonds; I do.
GQ: What is the most expensive gift you've bought for someone else?
Rebecca Romijn: I bought my sister a little classic BMW 2002.
GQ: What gift from a man is a can't miss?
Rebecca Romijn: Flowers. I think every woman melts for flowers.
GQ: What gift is always wrong?
Rebecca Romijn: Something another girlfriend gave back to him.
GQ: What's the most dangerous gift he can give?
Rebecca Romijn: Herpes. Gonorrhea. The gift that keeps on giving.
GQ: Can a gift win a woman's heart?
Rebecca Romijn: The most important thing is to think about what makes her heart melt. If there's something she really, really loves, but you can't get it for her, think of a way to make it partly accessible. I love cats, but John hates them. He's deathly allergic. So a couple of Easters ago, he bought me a baby bunny, and I acted like it was my cat. Litter box trained it. Let it run around the house. It came when I called it.
GQ: Are you easy or hard to buy gifts for? Easy. Do you spend more time shopping, eating or having sex?
Rebecca Romijn: I kind of do all three at the same time.
GQ: Favorite place to be touched?
Rebecca Romijn: In Paris.
GQ: What gift says, "I love you"?
Rebecca Romijn: Anything with any thought behind it. Anything that's really personal that you haven't bought for five other people. Like an engagement ring.
GQ: What three things can't you live without?
Rebecca Romijn: My lip gloss, my credit cards and my telephone. I mean, my boyfriend, yeah. No, my telephone.
GQ: Last gift you had to return?
Rebecca Romijn: I never return anything? I hoard everything, and then I give it to somebody else.

Original article: GQ 11/1997

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