Ladies Home Journal Interview


Hardest job I've had...
Rebecca: Breastfeeding. Nursing two babies for six months has been awesome but exhausting. I'm looking forward to getting rid of my big boobs! I want to fit into my clothes again.

My American Idol...
Rebecca: Dolly Parton. When I was five months pregnant I got to meet her. She asked me if I had any ideas for baby names and I told her I was toying with Dolly. She said, "It would be such a thrill I never had children of my own." That night I saw her perform and she dedicated "Little Sparrow" to her friend Rebecca and her girls. I was just a puddle on the floor, so of course we named one of our daughters Dolly.

Who makes me laugh...
Rebecca: My husband actor Jerry O'Connell. You know when annoying telemarketers call your home? Jerry will pick up the phone and pretend to be an old man. People will try selling him car insurance and he'll say, "What did I win? What did I win?" We call it reverse prank calling.

Secret to her marriage...
Rebecca: Respect, common courtesy and keeping up a good sex life. Not necessarily in that order.

What's surprising about me...
Rebecca: We have a costume closet in our house with wigs, hats and ugly Christmas sweaters.

In my purse you'll find...
Rebecca: Rescue Remedy, an herbal stress relief solution. I put a couple drops under my tongue when I'm upset, like the other night when my babies cried for four hours straight. It takes the edge off.

If I could have a special power...
Rebecca: I'd want to become invisible so I could snoop.

Original article: Ladies Home Journal October 2009

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