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Starpulse: Tell us about your version of Roxie on the show.
Rebecca Romijn: It's based on the movie and the book. Roxie is a Bohemian artist with a 15-year-old daughter who lives just outside of town. She's the bohemian artist that lives outside of town and she's got a 15-year-old daughter. She starts having psychic visions, dreams that start coming true, dreams and nightmares that start coming true.

Starpulse: How do you think the town of Eastwick resonates today?
Rebecca Romijn: You know, it's a small town present day. It's a very sweet semi-sheltered place. It's as quaint as ever. It's a town where you see it, you see the images of it, it's the town you wished you lived in. It's beautiful, it's a beautiful place but everyone's all up in your business.

Starpulse: Are you more small town or a city girl?
Rebecca Romijn: I grew up in Berkeley which is a medium sized city, small city.

Starpulse: Have you tried your hand at any of the crafts Roxie does?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm a pretty crafty person so I've taken my fair share of pottery classes and painting. Yeah, I've definitely dabbled. I've dabbled.

Starpulse: Do you find the New England town spooky?
Rebecca Romijn: No, I have a love affair with them. I think they're charming and gorgeous and I think they make a fantastic backdrop for a show like Eastwick

Starpulse: A lot of movies start out in those New England towns.
Rebecca Romijn: They're very picaresque. They're beautiful.

Starpulse: Then something weird happens.
Rebecca Romijn: And then something weird happens, yeah. Because I think the dichotomy of such a beautiful, quaint, safe place where all of a sudden that safety is disrupted is everyone's worst nightmare.

Starpulse: Are you a sci-fi/fantasy fan? Do you usually read or watch fantasy?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, yup. Always have been.

Starpulse: How have you enjoyed working with all your female costars?
Rebecca Romijn: Great. Our dynamic is a dream come true. Lindsay and I actually, I'm lucky enough to have worked with her before. We played best friends on Pepper Dennis. So we were really happy to work together again. Then Jaime came along and it was like, 'Well, where have you been our whole lives?' She's just awesome. The three of us, the days that we get to spend together, we have so much fun. We have great, great chemistry.

Starpulse: You play a mom of a 15-year-old?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, she was kind of a slut. She was married before.

Starpulse: But you're so young.
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, she was married before. She's a widow and she apparently got pregnant when she was very, very young. She's referred to as the town slut.

Starpulse: Are you a cougar on the show?
Rebecca Romijn: I have a younger boyfriend. I would say I'm a complicated woman who is attracted to sexy men.

Starpulse: Nothing wrong with that.
Rebecca Romijn: No.

Starpulse: Is it weird to have little babies in real life but a teenager on the show?
Rebecca Romijn: You know, I have to say that now I've crossed over into mom territory, once you're a mom, you're a mom. I don't know how else to put it.

Starpulse: How are the babies doing?
Rebecca Romijn: It's fantastic. They're doing great.

Starpulse: What are they into right now?
Rebecca Romijn: They're both crawling. This weekend they're teething and of course Jerry's at home with them. Honestly, I was with them right up until they were six months which is when we started shooting, and I felt like they kind of took me for granted a little bit, like Jerry'd walk in, they'd be like, "Ahhh." But then they never even noticed that it was me with them the whole time. Now that I'm not there as many hours during the day, they're pretty clingy and I have to say I love it. It's the best feeling in the world.

Starpulse: Are you still nursing?
Rebecca Romijn: I finished nursing three weeks ago. And yes, I was a milk machine. I felt like that's all I was to them, just this walking milk machine.

Starpulse: Your twins are fraternal?
Rebecca Romijn: They are fraternal, yeah.

Starpulse: One looks like you and the other like Jerry?
Rebecca Romijn: One looks just like Jerry, one looks just like me. I mean, and our baby pictures, if we compare our baby pictures with each other, they're identical.

Starpulse: How is it having Jerry at home while you work?
Rebecca Romijn: Great, it's great. It's fantastic.

Starpulse: Do you feel sexier now that you're a mom?
Rebecca Romijn: Sexier? I feel more seasoned than ever. I feel like every day I'm more seasoned than I was the day before.

Starpulse: Would you have more?
Rebecca Romijn: No, I think I'm done. I think I'm done. Four feels like a perfect number to me. I feel like the world was made for four, a couple of pairs.

Starpulse: You do look great.
Rebecca Romijn: Thank you. I still have a little ways to go.

Starpulse: How did you get back in shape?
Rebecca Romijn: My own vanity made it difficult for me to watch myself in that pilot a little bit. I was like, "Oh my God, that looks like a lady who just had babies." Honestly, nursing did most of it. It requires so many calories per day to nurse two babies. That was the fastest, but I still have a little ways to go.

Starpulse: Does the pressure to lose it come from you or the business?
Rebecca Romijn: No, honestly the business. Definitely the business because if it was just me, I have a way more important job at home with these babies. The pressure of losing weight like that would not be there at all.

Starpulse: Is it a nightmare?
Rebecca Romijn: It's just part of my reality. So it's just something I have to deal with. It's not something I ever worried about. The weight that I gained when I was pregnant felt very natural. Losing it was very natural but I still have a ways to go. How I'll lose the rest of it, I don't know. Those last 10 pounds, man, they're a doozy.

Starpulse: Are you changing your career goals since you had kids?
Rebecca Romijn: It was actually a very conscious decision to start working in television a few years ago. When I met Jerry, he was working in television and I had been only doing movies and most of them were up in Canada. Once I met Jerry, I knew I wanted to stay put. I wanted a little bit more of a routine. I wanted to go home to my bed. When we figured out that we wanted to have a family together, working in television really was conducive to that as well.

Starpulse: What's the best advice you have for new mothers?
Rebecca Romijn: The best advice I have for new mothers is repeat this mantra. "It's only temporary." This too shall pass. That's gotten me through every single stage of every single day that I've had so far with these girls.

Starpulse: Has anyone given you the twin tips?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes, and now, it's amazing how you feel so compelled to pass those tips along to others.

Starpulse: What are the best ones?
Rebecca Romijn: Coconut water because you're so thirsty the whole time you're pregnant and when you're nursing you're completely dehydrated all the time. So lots of coconut water, has lots of natural electrolytes. The snoogle pillow for when you're trying to sleep, is like a big S shaped pillow that supports you in all the right places.

Starpulse: Were there any surprises?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes, but they're not even fit to print.

Starpulse: Are you taking a million pictures?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes, nonstop.

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