05-28-2002: Femme Fatale Special


On Tuesday May 28, a couple of days after the Cannes Film Festival, Entertainment Tonight ran a feature on Femme Fatale, featuring clips from the film and interviews with Rebecca Romijn and Antonio Banderas in Cannes. Amidst repeated clips of Rebecca stripping and getting intimate with Rie, host Mary Hart explained that "Femme Fatale comes from director Brian De Palma, who pushed the sexual envelope in Dressed To Kill and Body Double, which starred Antonio's wife Melanie Griffith . Along with Rebecca, they promoted the film on the red carpet at Cannes..." As clips were shown from the shooting of the film's opening scenes, Hart continued, "Part of Femme Fatale was filmed at last year's festival. Before its U.S. release, it must face the motion picture ratings board. The movie's steamy scenes could face a battle."

In the Entertainment Tonight interview, Rebecca says that her character in Femme Fatale is "a total bitch. A character who is just unapologetically bad, who never has to really redeem herself." (Gee, tell that to Judith Prescott, who complained in her Hollywood Reporter review that "It's incredible how many times the audience is asked to sympathize with this deeply unsavory, manipulative character. A better actress could at least have hinted at some redeemable qualities.") Rebecca described what it was like to play such a character: "You get to investigate darker sides of yourself. The parts of yourself that you don't like to admit exist, but they do."

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