1997: Miller Lite Commercial


Miller Lite's latest campaign will put three beer drinkers on an exotic beach with supermodel Rebecca Romijn and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo crew.

Milwaukee-based Miller Brewing Co. and Sports Illustrated have teamed up for a national promotion set to start in mid-June to generate sales for Miller products, said Michael Johnson, Miller Lite brand director.

"Miller Lite is the first marketer to see how the huge appeal of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue could go beyond its pages and help generate sales for Miller products," said Michael Dukmajian, sales development director for Sports Illustrated.

The magazine has a readership of 23 million and is published by Time Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.

This is the first time in its 34-year history that Sports Illustrated has entered into a partnership with an
advertiser to use the swimsuit issue in a national consumer promotion.

The promotion features Romijn, (pronounced Ro-main) in television, print and radio advertising. Point-of-sale materials have a Forth of July theme and allow consumers to draw a swimsuit for Romijn as part of their entry form, Johnson said. The advertising was created by the Minneapolis-based Fallon McElligott.

In addition to the trip, Lite customers also will have the chance to win 1998 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Wall Calenders and SI's Swimsuit Videos.

Starting June 15, beer drinkers can look for entry forms wherever Miller Lite is sold. "This promotion is very involving and will help strengthen Miller Lite's relevancy and image with contemporary adults," Johnson said. "It, along with our other programs, will continue to define Miller Time for consumers and build sales both on- and off-premise."

Miller is spending $200 million on its Miller Time promotion with $120 million going on the Lite brand and roughly $80 million going to its Genuine Draft brand. Lite, Miller's bestselling product sold 16.1 million barrels of beer last year. The beer is the No. 3 beer in the U.S. overall and has an 8.5% U.S. market share.

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