12-02-2006: Hollygrove Orphanage Holiday Party


Defamer.com: On Saturday night 12/2 I attended the Hollygrove Orphanage Holiday Party. It was a starstudded event at an under the radar restaurant in Santa Monica on PCH called the Brass Cap. Reese Witherspoon looked beautifully single all in black with slick straight hair and spent the evening talking to many and I distinctly heard her commenting multiple times on the benefits of the organization. Also there, was Catherine O'Hara with her husband who was chatting up Cuba Gooding Jr., Kevin Nealon, Jerry O'Connell introducing very loudly his fiance Rebecca Romijn, Tom Arnold and David Spade who both seem to have the same drinking problem (addiction to Diet Cokes), Breckin Meyer and a pretty woman I assume to be his wife who spent a lot of time with Reese. Greg Kinnear was flying solo and making the rounds around the room with the jam packed countless number of Hollywood players. Catherine and Cuba seemed a bit tipsy at the end but they also seemed like they were having the best time. Cuba must be one of the nicest guys in the Hollywood, talking to everyone equally including the bartender and hot staff, commenting on his being the only brother in the room as well as the fact that he was a happily married man with three kids. While almost everyone was silent during the speech about the kids at the orphanage there were some exceptions namely: Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca, and Tom Arnold who hanging at the bar got some nasty looks from everyone else in the room trying to get them to shut up.

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